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Thursday, 9 August 2012

What have you done versus what have you got

This is my first National Day after being away for 7 years…

How sweet it is!

Somehow, my mind can’t help but drift back to (oh my goodness!) 30 years back…  

It was the same National Day parade but in 1982.

I was one of the participants from Gan Eng Seng School performing in the Mass Display!

Yup, I was the yellow alien bug or something… 

Without false modesty, I believe our display were one of the more popular ones – judging from the screams and applause from the girls in the stands! Or am I adding oil and vinegar (exaggerating) to my memory? (Hey! My recollection; my rules!)

I think we were popular because we were the early pioneers in Singapore Mass Display to use 2 colours on our uniforms. So when we turn, we created a colour changing effect together with changing pattern formations.

I was especially proud to be the rocket tip in one of the formations. But during one of the rehearsals, I went to the “wrong” marker, and it’s not so funny to have a “bent” rocket… LOL!

Due to our popularity, we were asked to perform next year for the 1983 SEA games.

A fellow blogger and I were exchanging comments on collecting stuffs versus experiential moments recently.

When you look back at your blessings this 2012 National Day, do you count the blessings of the physical things you’ve owned (car, house, luxury watches, etc); or do you look back and smile at the memories of what you have done during your yesteryear's?  

Hey! Whichever makes you happy!


  1. Hey! I think I'd smile back at both. I think it's important to cherish the memories, as well as cherish the ownership of key physical components of reality for practical reasons. For me, the key physical component is owning my home. It's my most important physical asset, and it's something to really look after.

    Happy National Day, Jarred!

    1. Happy National Day Ronian!

      I remember saving for weeks and months to buy that coveted stylo watch, die die must own pair of sneakers, and to impress designer spectacles...

      They are now gone or discarded; but the fond memories of a silly me happy like bird and on cloud 9 still lingers on. (Never mind the sniggers behind my back of course!)

      Some people prefer not to wear that nice shirt (owning it in the cupboard feels nice enough already); while some like me have 1 nice shirt wear all the time!


  2. As for me & wife,
    We believe we would not have anything if not for GOD's Blessings.
    Especially measured or judged by this World's standard, we should not have so many things.
    Who are we?
    We only managed to scrap through our GCE.
    So we are grateful for everything we have.

    1. Temperament,

      We sama sama.

      I am contented too ;)

      Wo Mi Tuo Fuo.

  3. Hi SMOL,

    I think your blog will also one day be a memorable collection. As bloggers, our writings will be around forever. If it is good, people will read them even after we are dead. We can remain influential even after we are dead :)

    Keep writing. Your blog is a good one.

    1. hyom,

      You are too kind! But thank you very much. I appreciate it a lot :)

      I'm not sure about the "forever" part, but I am having fun! And I guess that's the most important!

      (I am a bit old school; anything digital to me seems ephemeral... I need a hard copy to feel and touch!)

  4. I have developed a morning routine...send kids to school, read BT, check SGX index, read ST, water my plant, read SMOL's blog...

    You are part of my daily routine! keep on writting :)

    1. Thanks YJ72!

      Wow! You guys are so nice!!!

      It's not so bad being a "rojak" blogger afterall ;)

  5. what so good about luxury watches? never ever buy luxury watches!!

    they are not only expensive, usually no resale value, worst of all high maintenance cost!

    1. don't be a fool like me haha.

    2. but there is one that i bought for my wife, a dunhill lady watch, that one i guess worth more than i bought cos its solid gold.

      the rest can "kee chia" (RIP).

    3. coconut,

      By stylo watch I meant a Seiko.

      I never say "luxury" leh...

      If I buy "luxury" watches, it would be a Rolax, Dunbill, or Omego branded one!


  6. oh, i broke the most important rules in trading smol, i went to both our casinos and i actually place some bets and won a few thousand dollars (did they call it beginner luck?)

    thats the worst kind of trades that were making money you can call it. but deep inside i knew i was just entertaining my old friend. this guy can gamble in any wheather and in any conditions and i keep wondering where the hell does his money comes from haha knn.

    1. the first day me and the "tanker" visited the MBS. it was eve of national day. we decided to pool our "resources", with each contribute 1,000. it was my idea cos i want him to feel i'm part of his game.

      guess what? from begining losing of 1,000, he (who do most of the playing) managed to pull up to almost 10,000, no joke. in the end we still managed to win a total of about 6,000. we spend about 5 hours inside MBS.

      the other day which is saturday, we hop into RWS. initially we pool again with each contribute 2,000. again we won about another 2,000 each before some of our other friends are joining us so we decided to split. i ended up losing the 2,000 i won that day haha.

      we spend more than 14 hours there and i must confess its hell lots of fun. its a trader's sin i commit haha.

    2. accidently came across this beauty in its true original form.


      this was in 1936, where were the english songs?

    3. Well,

      I do believe in beginner's luck too!

      I remember fondly my first foray into equities. Making money was so easy!?

      Then upgrade to margin account and the rest is history during the dot-com crash :)

      Money easy come; easy go.

      Glad you had fun! Even happier you still remember your trading rules!

    4. really? its not my first time gambling with casinos but i hope its my last. my mentality is to go there and contribute (limited) money. in fact my friend was a little "upset" and surprise when i show no interest, far from what we used to do.

      ya, its easy to remember the rules when you are in the casino. but its difficult to remember them when you constantly trading.

    5. one more note, now i know why genting shares had been going down and down. its pretty "empty" even on weekends.

      MBS not too good either.


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