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Monday, 20 August 2012

Singlish and Technical Analysis

Let's have a bit of fun!

Remember when you first started to learn Technical analysis?

It looks so simple right?

This line cross that line; a bounce off (imaginary) support; a breakout through resistance (yes, it's imaginary again); and we are off to the races!

But once we commit real money, eh!? Why are we still losing money?

The answer lies in Singlish!

It's a bit like explaining to our Ang-Moh friends the nuances and different shades of meaning when we speak like we do in Singapore:

Singlish                                What we meant
Can lah                                    Yes.
Can leh                                      Yes. Of course.
Can lor                                         Yes. I think so.
Can hah?                                       Are you sure?
Can meh?                                        Are you certain?
Can can                                             Confirm.
Can gua                                               Maybe.
Can liao                                                  Already can.
Can wor                                                    Yea.
Can liao la                                                  OK, enough.

Can or not?                                                    Tell me the answer quick!
Can your head!                                                 Not possible you idiot!
Sure can                                                              Confirm. (If you believe me)
Sure can?                                                                Are you sure?

Happy can                                                                  Whatever you fancy      

We think we knew Technical analysis after reading a few books or attending a few courses. 

Like Singlish, we have to immerse ourselves into the culture before we see see the context and see the shades of grey.

To a newbie, all  we see is the word "can" in our charts (black and white).

But to a battle-hardened Technical trader, it's Singlish (shades of grey)! 


  1. there are more..

    can or not?
    can your head!
    sure can?
    can! oh i mean my cat food la stupid!

    1. Thanks coconut!

      I've added them to my blog now :)

    2. "Sure can Confirm.
      Sure can? Are you sure?"

      haha, like that also can ah!

    3. why not scrape everything, like

      can? can! can? can! can? cannnn!!!! @$%$&^$%^

    4. More can can your wife may think you talking about the Cancan dance in Paris!

      Pull your ear!

    5. no no, i don't use can? can!, i use ok? ok!.

  2. Hi SMOL,

    I also say. Singlish is not so easy one lor.

    Foreigners add a "lah" at the end of every single sentence and think they can speak Singlish liao. Broken Singlish maybe lor.

    1. Good one AK!

      It's defintely not just adding "lah" and you say you can speak Singlish :)

  3. "i'm buying at 1.20, its cheap already!"


    "sure can! already bot!"

    "damn, i bot too but the price now crash to 1.10, i'm losing money!"

    "what? you mean you don't have a short position?"


  4. SMOL
    hahaha thanks for handy reference list of singlish for explaining to foreign friends ;)

    i love our singlish ~ minimalist, economical & yet versatile!


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