Friday 4 May 2012

繁華攏是夢 - 江惠 VS 音樂磁場 (Little trading lies we tell ourselves)

Getting "married" to a dead stock or a losing trading position is a big no no if we want to play "speculation" game.

Oh! We are not speculating or gambling... Yeah right! 

Fundamental "investors" that tell me that I can understand; but if "traders" tell me they are not speculating... I put a distance between them and me. 

Cannot let people who tell lies to themselves "poison" my mind and money management. 

If I believe there's a "system" - I will let my guard down.
It's the same with being married or loving the "wrong" person. In our hearts we know it.

But then we continue to tell little lies to ourselves....

For Hokkien song lovers, hope you will like this song sung by 江惠 and 音樂磁場.


  1. To me, all investments are "speculating" in it's own terms. Buying an investment is buying a "risk" not a buying a "return" because no one can guarantee it's outcome. i think as simple as this because basically i like to be clear and transparent. Then i can be "open heart' ma. No?

    1. Ha ha Temperament,

      You got the seniority to say it!

      I dare to poke fun at fellow traders since a true blue trader is not afraid of taking risks.

      I merely hinted I "understand" if fundamental investors refuse to call it a speculation. Does that mean they never lose money since they are good at buying at the "right" price - especially after using fundamental "weighing" techniques?

      If like that, finance professors should be the best investors? No?

  2. Fully agree with both SMOL and Temperament. Fuly agree.

    But I don't understand Hokien leh...

    1. No worries Ronian!

      I got play England and American songs one.

      Sometimes China and Cantonese songs too ;)

      Still trying to find a suitable Teochew song... I cringe every time I hear a Teochew song. Sounds so horrible...

      And I am Teochew!?



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