Thursday 24 May 2012

Marina Bay Sands - A day in reflections

From the depths of hell to the heights of heaven all in 4 days!?

Yesterday, another family member invited me to their staycation in Marina Bay Sands to cheer me up.

Here are some philosophical reflections:

That's the "wow" view that hits you as you enter the front entrance of Marina Bay Sands.

Is it a chicken coop? Or is it a cloud? 

Hmm... Looks to me like a fengshui net to trap the monies from all the gamblers. 


How's this for geometric art? 

I can't decide to call it "Railway To Heaven" or "Stairway To Heaven"?

Why heaven? I don't tell you! You figure it out ;)

In our pursuit of what's "right", we sometimes see things in black and white.

And we forget the most important ingredient - the human element.

Can you see when we add the human element, it gets "brighter"?

Ah! Shades of grey. That's better! 

A life that's dull and grey can better appreciate the accents of colour when they appear in our lives.

Similarly, a life that's a riot of colours may long for the simplicity of black and white.

A tunnel vision is great for the single-mindedness needed in pursuing our "SMART" goal. 

But what if an opportunity appears in our peripheral vision?  

 I've always found curve lines pleasing. 

Then I realised why.

Here's looking at you girls!

The lotus flower. Untainted by the mud from where it has sprouted. 

Judge a person for who he is today; not from his birth place.

Least we discover our roots are joined to the same ancestry and motherland.

I've found a lovely spot to meditate on a lazy afternoon. How nice! Reflections under and beside the lotus :)

Spent 2 hours dipping in the waters and bathing in the sunlight. 

Bukit Timah hill is in the distance and it's fun picking out the buildings below.

So this is what's like to "live" on top of the world!?

Wait, something's not right in this picture!

Can you spot it?


Now you know why property developers always use the same technique when advertising in newspapers. Boys will be boys...

We need more power women executives in the boardroom and in the advertising circles. 

It would be interesting to let men see from women's eyes for a change. 

"Woman, you have worked hard and played hard (buy this condo). Look! Here's a toy boy with a mean six pack (buy this condo). What are you waiting for (buy this condo)? You deserve it (buy this condo)! 

The subliminal message is that if you flaunt your wealth and status, bimbo men will come!



  1. Did you miss out something there? Throwing some coins into Fountain of Wealth?? LOL

    1. CW8888,

      No, I did not. I rather drop the coins to students on flag day :)

      The fountain of wealth is for the owner.

      Another fengshui element to "suck" the good fortune out of visitors. Now why would I want to do that?

      You'll be surprised that now many Ang Mohs are very into fengshui!

      Most people forget fengshui is to benefit the one who designed and placed the "artifacts".


  2. Funny post, dude :-)

    1. Ronian,

      I'm the class clown. I don't think my teachers find me funny though.


  3. i enjoy your photos and the way it fires up your imagination.
    Great post. Yes there is no "ending" for people who patronise seriously MBS or RWS. It is very strange not only the RICHY take gambling as entertainment, but the working class also seems too. What's really happening to the working class? They can not really afford this "entertainment" of the RICHY.

    1. Thanks Temperament!

      To the rich, it's entertainment.

      To the working class, it's hope.

      No different from punters in the stock markets. Just different vehicles ;)

  4. From the depths of hell to the heights of heaven all in 4 days!?

    What happened to make life a hell for you? I hope your mother's health is well.

    1. I guess I know the reason after reading the post.

      Your blog is open to public. The relative whom you offended can read it too. I am sure he is touched by your self-reflection and the admission of your weakness.

      By the way, it is a common weakness. I too share this failing in the past as well as now. Sad but true that we treat the people whom we love worse than strangers. Taking our family for granted afflicts all of us. Got to thank you for that post because you remind me of myself. Thanks.

    2. hyom,

      Thanks! My mom is much better.

      It started with 2 hospital visits a week, then improved to 1 hospital visit a week, and now we are down to 1 hospital visit every 2 weeks. Phew!

      Looking back, I think it's like the commercial about dementia on TV where the "unintended" question and words of the younger brother "hurt" the older sister who is the full-time care giver.

      I was the one with the foot in my mouth although I am the care giver...

      Thankfully, another family member saw I needed a break and hence my day of "getaway" in MBS :)

      I'm not religious; but now I understand men must rest on Sunday.

    3. Being a care giver to a parent is a tough job. I foresee that it will be a big social problem in future when more Singaporean couples decide to have only 1 child.

      I think it is a big sacrifice on the part of the care-giver child to look after the sick parent. The other siblings who reap the benefit from the sacrifice made by the caregiver will surely appreciate it. I am pretty certain things will get well soon.

      By the way, does your family members know about your wonderful blog and the great writings you have made?

    4. hyom,

      My family and facebook friends know I have a blog.

      But most are not into reading my blog ;) (It makes sense if you think about it)

      You are right about the looming social challenge for Singapore.

      In China, a young married couple who are single child both of them, have to "support" 4 parents. If you add 1 grandparent from each side, it's 6 immediate family members altogether.

      That's part of the reason the more financially able and mobile Chinese have emigrated. They saw; they acted.

      Our govt acted too. But it has to spend more winning the hearts of our citizens; and not just the cold logical equations of the minds.


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