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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Early Winter For The Bear

The brown bear looked back and sniffed at the late autumn air as he slumbered into his den.

Winter has come early.

While waiting for sleep to take over, the bear smiles as he recalls the irrational exuberance of his youth.

Fighting with other male bears to establish his place in the hierarchy of bear society during the blossom of spring; chasing the female bears in the heat of summer; and fishing with his mates down by the creek soaking in the autumn breeze.

All fun and games while forgetting about the cold and dark of winter.

That winter, the bear recalled waking up from his hibernation as he had not prepared for hibernation well by fattening himself fully during the months of plenty. 

Distracted by play and lust…

Hungry and cold, he was lucky to have found carrion that winter to sustain him till spring finally arrives.

Now older and wiser, the bear makes sure he fattens himself before pursuing other extra-curricular activities…

Even though winter has come early this year, and it has surprised some of the younger bears, this bear knows it will sleep soundly this winter.

We can make mistakes; but it’s never good to repeat the same mistake twice.

North American Brown Bear And Your Investing/Trading Styles

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