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Thursday, 28 April 2011

The road less travelled

Taken during the recent Easter holidays in Heraklion, Crete 2011.
Did I follow the paved path, or did I went into the rocks and have some fun with the water? Sure, it's easier to look silly when no one knows me. But would I dare to do it in Singapore? Hmm.... why the difference?

A railway track makes travelling fun!
Just sit back at the window and bask in the sun

On the highway is not so bad too
Just need to stop once in a while for the loo

A dirt track is not really my cup of tea
All the bruises from the bumps are not what I want to see!

But ask me to braze a trail of my own......
I tend to freeze as my past experiences have shown. 

Ah! The road less travelled is better when others take the lead
I guess it's my fears and inhibitions that I have to beat! 

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  1. Jared I'm with you, sit back and enjoy the ride. The world is crazy enough for me, a little down time relaxing on a train - and what was that old phrase 'leave the driving to us' - is perfect. Thanks for sharing :)

    Marcia Schechinger

    Comment from: http://www.voicesnet.com/


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