Monday 18 April 2011

A letter to myself

A chance encounter while walking the streets of Athens. The yellow pole is just a metal railing by the side of the road. Taken Nov 2010

Dear Jared,

I’ve written this letter to you at a time of plenty and smooth sailing. When all the stars are seem to be aligned.

But as the days can’t be dark and bleak all the time, so goes that the days of sun and harvest may not last forever.

All things in nature have a balance; and do expect the reversion to mean to counter balance the pendulum swings in life’s fortune.

When the darkest of days do appear and all seems lost, I do hope you still have the presence of mind to re-read the words I am about to say – for you can distrust everyone; but how can you trust me not? I am you. 

Get a grip on yourself

What’s the worst that can happen?

1)   Material possession lost? It can be regained. Remember how you came to this world? And you can’t bring it along in your next voyage. Travel light.

2)   Relationships lost? Yes, this is even more painful than possessions lost. Give time the chance to heal your heart. Lots of time…..  Let go.

3)   Dreams lost? Indeed this may be the biggest pain and fear I have for you. For a man without dreams is like the walking dead….. I shudder to think such a day may come!

I have no solution for you as I don’t know what I don’t know….. But I do hope the below suggestion will be of use.


Yes, take one breath at a time. For where there is life, there is hope! You may give up on material possessions and relationships, but never ever give up hope on me!

I know you are hurting. And the world around you seems so very dark and cold. You are alone. But don’t you dare give up on me!

Breathe! Yes, take another breath. That’s it!

Rest, hibernate, and hide yourself. It’s OK. But keep on breathing.

I know not how long it will take; but I do know that if the wild flower can bloom in the most inhospitable desert, so can you! Wait for the summer rain. It will come. Be patient. You have all the time in the world.

From the ashes of despair, the phoenix will arise.

I wish you well,
Jared Seah

P.S.  No, I have not forgotten it. I know you will ask what if I received news my days are numbered and cut short….

If I am living the life of my dreams, with fulfilling relationships, and have enough – what’s there to regret? You have lived a full life. Move on with a smile you silly man! You should be so lucky!


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I love the photo :)

    I thought about writing a letter to myself when I first started my career. It wasn't easy and there are many times that I was getting depressed. I didn't get to write it eventually, and I think the reason is that I started the blog. Somehow writing is quite therapeutic to me, and I'm sure it does that to you too.

    "From the ashes of despair, the phoenix will arise."

    I like that line. I remind myself a lot of times when I'm feeling the heat. "This too, shall pass" :)

    Thanks for the lovely post again!

  2. Hello LP,

    I've never kept a diary, but I now understand how therapeutic it is - to talk and listen to onseself.

    Thanks for keeping me company!

  3. Smol,

    This post is an example of your diary.

    Well-inspiring thought.



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