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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Another role? - Be there as a father or mother?

What coincidence!  This was what I was thinking when I posted Jiang Hui's youtube below.  About the changing roles we took as we progress through our life cycle.

In today's Straits Times (05 Feb 2011) on page A2, there's an interesting article from this journalist who shared his views on having babies.

He "quit" a job he liked to be a free-lance writer to take care of his first born.  His role as father takes precedence over his role as a tech journalist.

And his wife took a "slower" career path by taking 4 years off to take care of their 2nd child.  Being a teacher is a noble profession; but at the expense of our own kids?  Respect!  

Imagine this teacher telling other parents they should spend more time to with their children to create the "right" home environment to support learning; and this teacher instead focus on her own fast track route to be principal; and "outsource" the child care of her own children to maids, creches, and day care centres?

On a similar vein, I've decided to "drop out" next year.  My new role will be to be a "child" again.  It's 100% self-centred, selfish, self-indulgent, irresponsible, and narcissist.  Nothing noble like the couple above.  I've no goals or ambition to search for meaning in life.  Just hungry eat; tired sleep :) 

My reasoning is simple.  If I am happy, then people around me that I cared and love will be happy too.  No? 

Are you happy?  What's stopping you?  (You may want to read my previous post on "when a man gets tied up to the ground":



  1. Hi SMOL,

    Haha, my aim is also to be more selfish and self indulgent. That is not necessary a bad thing, considering where you are before this.

    Good luck in re-discovering yourself!

  2. La Papillion,

    Ha ha! I think my morality "teachers" are now shaking their heads at me.

    But I would like to believe my family and soul-mates will be happy for me.

    Like the caterpillar, before we can become a butterfly, we have to go through the cocoon stage where we don't "share" our cocoon space with other caterpillars.


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