Sunday, 22 May 2022

Its OK to Sleep Late - you are more Creative, Smarter, and Beautiful!


Not I say one!

Love to sleep in? Science says its because you're creative

Creative people sleep more, later, and less well

Good news from science: night owls are smarter and more creative


Early risers, hope you've a sense of humour and can take a poke. You belong to the horde, school, flock, and pride. So don't go "triggered" on me!

Just like there are left-brained people, there are also right brained people.

Sometimes in our "enthusiasm", we often make the mistake of assuming there's only one way to Rome - what works for me must automatically work for others!

Long, long time ago, during my early days of story telling, I wrote this Grasshopper and Ant story that set the tone for this watering hole - its OK to be different.

If you're a penguin, stop listening to people telling for you to succeed, you need to soar up high in the skies...

Fish friend, yes you! Why do you set goals and plans to climb trees? I know that's what monkeys do, but have you looked into the mirror lately?

Little swan, don't feel awkward and self-conscious just because you look different from your duck friends. Embrace yourself. You're beautiful in your own way.

Oh! I've left out beautiful, haven't I?

This one no need "experts" to tell us. 

I can tell all the beautiful ladies out there are smiling...

And guys lucky enough to wake up to the company of pretty women, you know I know right?

They sleep like pigs in the mornings, but boy! They sure are scintillating in the night!


  1. Sleep whenever we feel like sleeping and get out of the bed whenever we want to and no need for alarm clock to wake us up. :-)

    1. CW,

      That's how we know we've reach the mountain peak, isn't it?

      And if we can also do like that during vacation overseas, double confirmed we're there liao ;)

      If during vacations we need to "stress" over itineraries, timings, or checklists... That's hint we have some ways to go before hitting "chill"...

      Financially free (external) is just one mountain peak.

      There's spiritual and philosophical "free" peaks (internal) awaiting us ;)

  2. Smol,

    Ehh, I need to sleep earlier & wake up earlier!

    Used to work 3 shifts & no weekends & no public holidays ... that really messed up my sense of time.

    For most people constrained by "normal hours" jobs, many successful ones wake up extra early to have that 2-hour window of uninterrupted quiet time for stuff like exercise, meditation, deep thinking, focused work, whatever that gets them into the "zone" for the day ahead.

    Tim Cook wakes up at 3:45am everyday. Nuts!

    Maybe 1 small reason why Buffett keeps investing in Apple lol.

    1. Spur,

      When we "have to", its different.

      The best test is what we do on our off days ;)

      Those who wake up early make good shepherds. Land owners would pay top dollars; I would too if I own Apple!

      I rather Tim Cook wakes up at 3.45am so that I can sleep until naturally wake up ;)


      I don't own Apple shares....

      Idiot me!

      You think why so many in our community seek FIRE?

      I don't think its because they want to wake up 1 hour earlier every day, or to burn their evenings and weekends helping others get rich!


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