Friday, 18 June 2021

Never Lie To Yourself



  1. Is positive thinking also lie to ourselves?

    1. CW,

      Positive thinking is ownself cheer ownself.

      When I look into the mirror, I always tell myself, "You sexy thing!"

      But I know how I really looked, hence the positive thinking!

      If I don't love myself first, how will others?

      Lying to ourselves is when we KNOW we are penguins, yet we still pretend we can soar in the air like the eagles.

      A bit like putting 1K into Bitcoins at CURRENT prices and dreaming you can be a millionaire.

      Look, if Bitcoins 10X to $400K, its only $10K profit...

      Let's say it moon shot 100X to $4 million, its still "only" $100K profit...

      I mean its good enough to buy a car or put 20% deposit to a HDB flat and all... But still...

      This $1K trick only works if we bought Bitcoins at $100 or below ;)

      I like the truth you always say at your blog - SIZE matters!!!

      Many tell little lies to themselves when comparing which asset class is "better"...

      When we know those who CAN will be in properties.

      Then comes stocks for those with spare change and some.

      CFDs better than stocks?

      Of course they are! For those with only a few thousands to speculate ;)

      I started with CFDs before I grew big enough for futures. I know ;)

  2. "Never Lie To Yourself" is a good rule to follow. It's a good habit to adopt in life.

    For the sake of discussion, does this apply to success in all endeavors?

    For a snake-oil, can he be a successful snake-oil if he doesn't believe in his own lies? Of course, there's a heavy price to pay for his success.

    1. hyom,

      A snake oil is successful only when he doesn't believe his own bullshit.

      If he does, then he is merely a downline of another snake oil higher on the pyramid...

      That's why drug dealers have strict rules against their underlings taking drugs.

      In this risky business, you don't want to surround yourself with idiots!

  3. Never lying to oneself is harder than it seems.

    In order not to lie, u need first "self-awareness".

    Maybe that's why some people rather gong gong Jia tian gong.

    No, I didn't lie, I don't even know how I get so lucky hahahaha

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Yes, it's hard.

      Better to catch ourselves doing it than to keep living a lie...

      I too count myself lucky!

      As an atheist, I am fortunate to know a thing or two about "self-awareness" from the Buddhism.


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