Saturday, 5 June 2021

Italian Artist Sells "Invisible" Sculpture For £12,000!?


I kid you not!

Italian Artist Sells "Invisible Sculpture

Its a sign of the times, isn't it?

Is this the Emperor's clothes?

Would you dare to call it out as bullshit?

Or would you be afraid others may mock you for not understanding "Art"....

Willing buyer; willing seller.

All we need is a good storyteller (promoter).

And someone to swallow hook, line, and sinker.

Don't laugh.

Saw the news last night there's this urban myth spreading around drinking coconut water will lessen the side effects of Wuhan virus vaccinations...

If you uneducated got excuse. 

Even the Chinese medicine sinseh has to come out to say there's no scientific evidence for it.

But if you...

Ever wonder what's you edge in investing/trading?

Well, there's your clue!


  1. LOL Smol!

    And I tot the previous US$120,000 banana taped to the wall was the funniest.

    Damn, my childhood bubblegum "decorations" under school desks & chairs oughta be worth millions by now! 🤣

    1. Spur,

      It feels like 2000 all over again.

      Pet rock anyone?

      Who needs profits when evaluating listed companies?

      Got eyeballs can oredi!

      In the Arts and "fashion" circles, the bullshit spin can put a crypto pump and dump promoter to shame....

    2. Quote : "Saw the news last night there's this urban myth spreading around drinking coconut water will lessen the side effects of Wuhan virus vaccinations..."

      Side effect of Vaccine is acidity so need Alkaline like coconut water to balance body PH? LOL!

      More coconut water shops seen in SG. It may be the next bubble tea.

    3. CW,

      Your alkaline urban myth benefit is a great example of sometimes knowing a little can do more harm than not knowing...

      Coconut water is nature's own natural isotonic drink.

      Has lots of health benefits.

      But to those with kidney problems, or doctor say avoid potassium rich diets, drinking coconut water will do MORE HARM than good!

      Black and white from vaccine medical advice say take panadol can dull the pain and fever.

      I can vouch for it!

      First time I blur blur too complacent.

      2nd jab I fully prepared. Took panadol BEFORE and AFTER jab. Side effects much milder than first time.

      If don't believe modern medicine can save a lot of money in skipping all those hospital and medishield insurance plans.

      Sick? Just drink "holy" water and we'll be cured!

  2. Buying fame? Or rather, buying attention?

    Does not matter if is bad publicity, it is still publicity at 12K ???

    Trying money into sea will get u trouble with the law, that's the way to get publicity without trouble.

    Maybe just like our local influencer who tip 2k for our delivery man. Although that delivery man did hit toto, and some value is created.

    The value create in the painting case is just thin air

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Talk about buying publicity...

      There's this funny young scam artist in UK giving money to strangers in the street. Of course it's him buying publicity!

      He is selling his Forex course. See? I made so much money I can give it away to strangers!

      After milking his bei kambings, he disappeared.

      He recently popped up again now touting his master course in how to make millions from drop-shipping?

      Talk about wash, rinse, repeat!

      There's no value creation.

      Only transfer of dumb money to smart charlatans...


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