Saturday, 24 April 2021

Vaccine Shot After Effects


Went to my vaccine shot yesterday.


I've underestimated the side effects.

This morning woke up with arm sore until... Lucky I don't have to do heavy lifting in my weekend sales gig.

Head is burning. 

Hands and feet cold.

Feels like getting sick with a bit of nausea. (Is this how pregnant women feels?)

I shouldn't have booked on a Friday. But if you guys have weekends off, then Fridays would be best. Can rest 2 days at home to recover.

Lucky my 2nd appointment 4 weeks later is on a Monday. Got 4 days for rest!

Now I have to drag myself to work soon.

I guess I'll be a zombie today. Don't have energy to do my usual song and dance routine to entertain myself and the customers!

Just sharing my data point of 1: 

Feedback from a 54 years young uncle. 

Those if you haven't got your shots, plan accordingly,


  1. Actually, "Head is burning" should take panadol and rest at home. That's the instructions I received when I brought my loved ones to take vaccine.

    Perhaps you should take MC tomorrow if body conditions don't improve. Take care.

    1. hyom,

      Took panadol. Feels better. On the way to work now.

      My weekend workplace has lost 50% staff strength... Once big daddy subsidy gone...

      Body wants to rest, brain says must support my remaining colleagues. Solidarity.

      Now the retailer pushing a lot more work to "free" promoters not on their payroll...

  2. Wow... it varies with individual, and indeed, I heard from friends that they have sore and body weakness but some said no problem.

    A friend said his doctor said, eat panadol and antihistamine prior to jab on the same day.

    1. Rolf,

      Yesterday I was so full of myself. No side effects!

      Then this morning woke up feels like skipping work ...

      Lucky sales floor quiet. I dead man walking. Man, I feel old!

  3. Hi Smol
    U took prizer or moderns.
    I had sore arm only, for both shots, more sore for second shot.
    My friend who took moderna in the mid 40 s got sysmmtons like yours

    Jiayou for your work. Rest when back.

    That day I went marina sq, certain floors like a dead town at 8 p.m. used to bustling. The gain city area is also horrible.

    Solidary with u too.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I got the moderna one.

      I just choose the CC nearest to my place. The one at Holland Village.

      The nurse laughed when I told her I no clue or care what brand of vaccine they using.

      Blur blur, booked; blur, blur come. Lol!

      Retail like that lor. It's a bit like SPH.

      Old fogeys will prefer brick and mortar. Youths prefer to shop online.

      Our days are numbered...

  4. Replies
    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Thank you.

      Nothing a little rest cannot cure.

      Now to get through the day...

  5. Soreness and fever are common SE for vaccine. Take your panadol 3 to 4 times a day till symptoms go away ya.

    I have had only sore arm from the Pfizer one. Went back to work after shot.

    1. Rainbowcoin,

      It's not serious. Just that I should not have booked on a Friday...

      Take jab when we can rest 1 to 2 days afterwards is the way to go!

  6. Smol,

    Feedback few months ago from people in US is that younger people generally experience stronger side effects as their immune system haven't "eaten more salt than rice".

    Oldies often don't feel anything. My 80s++ mum & dad both went marketing & carried groceries immediately after having their jabs.

    My buddies in healthcare told me to take 1 paracetamol beforehand as prophylaxis before my shot, but I didn't as I wanted to see what would happen LOL.

    Basically I just experienced a slight soreness over my deltoid for 1.5 days, and that's it. Boring but good.

    Profile: 52 yo & Moderna vaccine.

    PS: Both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are oil-based (lipids) ... hence it's usual to experience at least a bit of arm soreness.

    Shots that are water or saline based are less painful.

    1. Spur,

      You and your parents put my "weak" constitution to shame...

      I think my immune system is on "try hard" mode. In denial I no longer spring chicken like youths...

      The cold rainy weather not helping either. But both my hands and feet super cold the whole day.

      Immune system presuming its shut-down mode? Sacrificing heat to my digits and preserving heat to the vital organs?

      Woah, don't over react! I need my fingers and toes!

      This is so funny.

      Came back home quickly took a hot shower. Now covering myself like a cocoon. I think I very drama.

      I'll sleep early tonight. Hope tomorrow will feel better!

      Night, night everyone!

  7. They say its a good sign if one shows side effects. That means the antibodies are working hard.

    My wife and I had our second jab last Friday. Other than soreness at the injected point on the arm, we do not experience any other side effects. My younger daughter who had her two jabs much earlier because she works in a hospital also had no side effects.

    On my first jab 3 weeks ago at the CC, we witnessed a younger man exhibiting adverse reaction and was immediately despatched to the hospital. Dont know if that was his first or second jab.

    It was a bit unsettling for me to see that. I was thinking to myself, luckily I already had my jab before I witnessed that incident, otherwise I might change my mind about taking the jab.

    Anyway, take care SMOL. It should be fine. The vast majority (world wide) have emerged the better for it.

    1. mysecretinvestment,

      Hee, hee.

      Like a butterfly, I've woken up completely fine!

      No more feverish and nausea feeling.

      Sleep is indeed the best medicine ;)

    2. Yes!

      Smol is still strong! 😁

      Ok, I shan't tempt fate next time. Gonna take a panadol b4 my 2nd jab.

      Oh and have plenty of sleep in the 2-3 days before and 2-3 days after the jab! Helps strengthen your immune system to acclimatise to the alien invaders.

    3. Spur,

      Yup. Glad my 2nd jab 4 weeks later is on a Monday ;)

      I'll take 2 panadol before my jab, and another 2 before I sleep - don't care got after effects or not!

      I tell you, the 1 day kick-in after effects on Saturday was murder to me...

      I know its bad when got pretty, pretty jie-jie customer I also no mood to "flirt" :(

      Now that definitely not healthy to a man of leisure!



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