Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Life as IT Dinosaur


Just the other day, my sales colleague was shocked I don't have "PayLah!"

He helped me with a purchase on a weekday; saved me a 2 hour trip to-and-fro back to the store.

When he said I can pay him back with "PayLah!", eh...

Lucky he was kind (and liquid) enough to wait till the weekend for me to pay him the few hundreds I owed in CASH.

I'm definitely not an Early Adopter when it comes to new technology.

Although I'm a laggard, I do find it cool to see youths making payments with their watches and mobile phones.

But nah... 

I'll stick with cash, and continue to read books and newspapers in the hardcopy mode.

But I know I'll have to change one day. That's a given.

Especially when they start shaming me for not being environment friendly with my penchant for paper...

Well, don't be smug.

Try swiping your ass with your mobile next time you ran out of paper in the toilet!

Ding! Ding!


  1. I still like newspaper, and while reading news online is fine with me. I super hate to read ebook

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      That's the beauty of options or choices ;)

      The day will come when every reading material will be online...

      Hardcopies will be "relegated" to third world undeveloped countries status...

      Hope when it happens, I'll be so old that I can't be bothered with reading anymore!

  2. Hi SMOL,

    I always smile to myself when I see the medium through which these environmentalists communicate their disapproval. The irony is lost on them......

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      I'm for taking care of the environment, but some of the hyperbole used by these tree huggers can be even more "eyes roll" than the global warming denials...

      After their song and dance speeches, they drive home ALONE in their private cars, back to their airconditioned apartments, and turn on their 65 inch TVs ;)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Be sure to check out any referral or "first use" rewards if one day you should decide to adopt any new app! :)

    Got money must "take lah!".

    1. Rainbowgirl,

      I don't like mobile apps ;)

      Like to keep my phone "lean".

      Prefer to do my online shopping/banking on my trusty notebook PC.

      It seems many companies are trying to "seduce" me to download their apps to my mobile when I'm perfectly happy with their PC platforms.

      Yes its "free" money.

      But then nothing is "free"; I'll have to jump through hoops.

      Meow! I refuse to bite.


  4. I was like you before but now I have accepted e-book and online music streaming not long ago

    1. Daniel,

      Wait. What?

      A man that is man enough to wear RED in public is SEXY. And he knows it!

      You have an interesting blog.

      Can write in Ch 5 and in Ch 8.

      Writes about everything under the stars (sounds nicer than rojak hor?)

      And has music in your soul...

      Hey! That would make you a man of leisure too!

      Investing wise, you're my kohai - only 3 years young...

      But blogging wise, you're my senpai! You started in 2005!?


      I see you have no problem transitioning to the Apple ecosystem.

      I cannot accept e-books yet. I'm with the Resistance ;)

      But for music, I now "listen" to music using Youtube!!!

      All my legacy CDs thrown away liao... I've capitulated... LOL!


  5. My wife (50) refuses to give up paper subscription. Even free Samsung TAB with preloaded VIU cant entice her; even though she is currently using old TAB to watch china drama :-(

    1. I'm like your wife; we cherry pick ;)

      We'll stick with the tried and tested unless something better comes along... And paper is hard to beat!

      I don't watch movies on my mobile, but I do play mobile games during the long MRT train rides to-and-fro during the weekends.

      I'm dinosaur, but I can switch to 21th century when I want to ;)

  6. Smol,

    Lucky your colleague can wait.

    There's still GenX tech like internet banking transfer on laptop.

    Or boomer tech like the good old ATM transfer.

    See? Faceless virtual money was already around before iphone! LOL.

    1. Spur,

      Yes, I do find internet banking on notebook PC super convenient!

      Pay my bills, transfer funds, etc.

      But to do it on my mobile? I not ready yet...

      Oh! Just a few months back, I made my virgin cash deposit into a ATM!

      The counter queue was a bit long due to Wuhan virus thingy, saw some ATM machines INSIDE the branch, so decide maybe its time I lose my ATM deposit chastity there and then...

      As I walked out, saw queues at the ATM machines OUTSIDE the branch.

      I maybe IT dinosaur, but I still have some street smarts on how to find "loop holes"...

      Although I must say I do find it strange we have ATMs INSIDE the branch...

      I guess like McDonalds, the constant quest for productivity (save more) meant replacing humans with machines bit by bit...

  7. Hmm .. you still look younger and not approach by Digital Ambassadors for nation-wide Seniors Go Digital programme. Soon they will realize the smaller pool will be those in their 50s after reading this pot. Clue to spot this pool? Cashier counters?

    1. CW,

      Seng Siong cashiers who don't recognise me (I regular leh) are the ones who like to ask whether I got senior citizen card for discount?

      Obviously there were "coached" to do so.

      No other supermarkets do so to me.

      IF I were to own a supermarket or am a shepherd working for a supermarket, I would just put a senior citizen discount sign at the cashiers, and tell my cashiers STOP reminding paying customers how old they are!!!



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