Thursday, 5 November 2020

Attracting New Blood Is Important!


Last month, if you're waiting for your MRT train, you may see the advertisements for this new Genshin Impact game from China plastered all over.

Its the latest "hot" game. It reportedly took $300 million USD to develop. And in it's first week of launch, it took in $300 million USD!?

Now that's success!

There were some in our community playing Epic 7 that were worried Genshin Impact's success may impact the game we are currently playing.

Whales (players who spend thousands) will only whale on a game that's hot. What's the point of flexing when most people don't care for the game you playing?

When whales leave, once upon a time popular game will die a slow death... All the legions of free-to-play players won't help since they are not paying customers... They are freeloaders!!!

I'm one such freeloader. Wink.

I used to collect stamps. 

Got "whale" (buy from stamp shops) in the beginning, then switched to "free-to-play". Meaning I'll make friends with receptionists and ask them to give me those discarded envelops with postage stamps on them. 

Now this "lobang" is long gone. 

When was the last time you saw stamps on an envelop?

I hate this franking thing...

Out of sight; out of mind.

As a result, I believe less youths would collect stamps as a hobby. Which in turn may mean there could be a lot less enthusiasts who will grow up able to appreciate stamps as an "investment"...

Yes, its a bit like cryptos, art, comic books, and Hello Kitty toys.

When a lot of people are hyped up about something, that something will appreciate in price.

Have you noticed something in our community of money chasers recently?

More and more youths are moving over to the US or HK markets. There's a lot of excitement over there! 

In comparison, our STI this year a bit boring and range bound, isn't it?

Of course a swallow does not make a summer.

But if we don't come up with another flavour of the year theme/hype like REITs, Oil and Gas, Myanmar play, etc; those who own the STI ETF or SGX individual stocks may start to sweat a bit...

The logic is similar to property.

If foreigners are not coming to Singapore, and our population is not growing, who we think we are offloading our properties to?

If there's no new blood?



  1. Hi Smol

    if you have time, can walk along the link from circle line to purple line in serangoon mrt. The advertisement and the soothing music playing along the link makes you feel like you're inside the game through the rite of passage. Really good marketing.

    1. Thanks Small Time Investor!

      I'll check it out.

      Long time never visit Nex liao. Will take the opportunity to check out too!

      Its nice to know we have gamers out there in the investing/trading community too :)

  2. Clever marketing on property investment course playing on 99 leasehold HDB expiring worthless. Come to my investment FIRE course or you work till 80 age old. Your choice! LOL! Not sure are ads on investment courses come under fair advertisement rules?

    1. CW,

      There's a big grey area here.

      Over regulate, innovation and creativity stifle....

      Too lax, a lot of people kenna conned...

      What makes us think big daddy knows best anyway?

      For eg, most beauty products and health supplements at best do no harm; most of it is just marketing spin...

      Cryptos are not recommended by big daddy for retail. If Bitcoin goes to $100K, would retail investors sue big daddy for causing them to miss the opportunity of the decade?

      Then again, if we invest using CPFIS and lost big time, do we turn around and blame big daddy for giving us the freedom to do harm to ourselves?

      Anyone who does not know the meaning of 99 year leasehold is walking around with a "I'm easy" bullseye sign over their heads.

      Of course snake oils will target them as low hanging fruits first!

  3. Hi Uncle8888,

    Training courses & "education" are legally much more relaxed than offering investment products or investing services, which will involve securities & futures act or financial advisers act, plus a bunch of MAS codes or regulations.

    Trainers will only get into trouble for mis-selling or misrepresentation or contractual breach if they start promising or guaranteeing certain results or performance. Which no trainer is dumb enough or desperate enough to do in Singapore lol.

    And they put lots of fine print along the lines of for educational purposes only, results shown are not typical or representative, past results are no guarantee of future results, individual results may vary significantly, at your own risk and that you fully understand the risks, indemnify the trainers & company for any & all loses, blah blah blah LOL!

  4. Hence i worry when people dun want 10 Mio.

    And the one our leaders explained is there are a "buffer" they are first to go, when things happen, Singapore core is retained.

    Dun get me wrong, of course Singaporean must be well taken care.of ..

    But the Comms ... I hope they can be more snake oil some times

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Yup, we see what we want to see.

      Those people who got all upset with 10 million are probably the same people who are quite blase and complacent there will always be MORE people joining the CPF pool AFTER them...

      They definitely don't share big daddy's worries about our declining birth rates...


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