Sunday, 11 October 2020

I've Capitulated


The first time I've ordered anything online was in Shanghai.

It was for a book that I can't find in Shanghai. So I got it from Amazon.

Quite amazing.

From a warehouse somewhere in US to my doorstep at Shanghai?

I was impressed.

As an old school brick and mortar IT dinosaur, that "virgin" experience stopped until I came back to Singapore. I still prefer the actual shopping experience of a proper store.

Anyways, 2 years back, mom damaged her "ancient" kopi pot. Searched everywhere can't find a replacement. 

There's a shop in Chinatown that sells those canteen metal plates and coffee cups I remembered so well during my primary school days. Hopes up; hoped dashed.

Nope. They don't carry the kind my mom wanted...

So no choice have to search online. 

Found something similar. Not the same but close enough!

Then beginning of this year, I shared I bought a cheapo shower water heater online to last me  at least 1 year until I moved out to my new flat early next year.

Its so "cheap" that brick and mortar shops don't carry it. LOL!

Guess what?

Dad's 32 inch TV broke down Friday.

Just ordered one online. Its selling even cheaper than the staff price from my weekend sales gig.

OK, there's a catch.

If buy from authorised retailers, the warranty is 3 years.

This one only has 1 year warranty from the local seller.

Which is code or another way of saying this TV is parallel import.

Hey, for this price, I'll take the risk.

Its a good reminder nothing is "FREE"!

A lot of customers are easily "manipulated" by what they thought is "FREE"...

Its all in the price. (Sounds familiar? Maciam like trading and investing right?)

I've capitulated.

I think I'm moving to the dark side...


  1. E commerce makes the world business surrender!

    1. Rolf,

      With the Wuhan virus lockdowns, I believe there will be more "capitulations" by old fogeys like me.

      For someone who started at 16 on the selling floor of Metro, my capitulation mirrors the once upon a time, Metro is Singapore.

      Older Singaporeans may remember there's a Metro every few steps you stroll on the whole stretch of Orchard Road.

      Today there's only one left at Paragon.

      The valiant expansion to Centrepoint didn't last long...

      I surrender!

    2. Metro was too high end for me, I was the Emporium type of guy. When Emporium closed down, I was lost until NTUC came around. Now I am happy again.

      I have never bought anything on line till this very day. And only because the wife is doing it for me. :-)

      I managed the investment, she managed the expenses. We are a team.

    3. mysecretinvesment,

      Ah! Fond memories of me buying simple groceries for mom during my primary school days at the Emporium located at Queensway Shopping Centre.

      I'll use the time there to play the arcade games like space invaders, breakout, and Pacman ;)

      That's the best partnership - one in charge of cashflow in; the other responsible for cash flow out.

      Thanks for making my day!

      Its good to know there's someone more IT dinosaur than me!


      (Joking, joking only. Don't hit the face!)

  2. Smol,

    Welcome to the dark!

    You know you need it! Your soul calls out for it! LOL!

    Time to do live streaming retail gigs??

    1. Spur,

      Wang Lei got sell fish online with live streaming!?

      From mobile gaming, found one Singaporean that's famous worldwide doing live streaming of his gaming through Twitch and Youtube videos!!!

      Can earn enough to do it fulltime and afford a SOHO private apartment!

      Now that's super cool!!!

      Gaming for a living!

      Its a natural progression. Once no one watches TV, TV shopping will move to live streaming of retail gigs.

      Too bad I look like a toad. That gig is out for me :(

      Lucky I still have my online trading to fall back on :)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Do you want a Shopee referral from me? Free $10!

    Other online shopping portals I also have... Lol

    1. Rainbow girl,

      I dipping my toes into the lake of Lazada.

      Baby steps.

      For small inconsequential purchases, I am telling myself to give online shopping a try.

      But for bigger ticket purchases - like aircon, fridge, washing machine, etc; I still prefer to pay a bit more to enjoy the human touch.

      I'm trying to stay away from those "royalty" reward schemes. Don't tempt me!

      I was on the other side once upon a time. That's how we "hook" customers to keep coming back to buy "stuffs" they don't really need ;)

  4. Online shopping will be useful for people who are not so mobile but don't want to burden their younger family members. I will do more online shopping if I am in that situation when I grow old and/or suffer health ailments. I hope both of us can stay in good health as long as possible.

    With online shopping;
    - goods are delivered to the doorstep
    - Can do due diligence online on the products, thanks to the feedback from the online community. Customer feedback are more trustable than snake-oil recommendations. Although online customer reviews can be faked, there are techniques to detect these fake reviews. All can be done from comfort of home for the physically challenged.

    1. hyom,

      All things being equal, I would much prefer the human interactions from a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

      Especially if the salespersons are female ;)

      But I've capitulated.

      I'm now more open to explore and shop online for inconsequential purchases.

      Just have to watch that I don't become "addicted" to online shopping to fill the holes in my heart ;)


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