Friday 25 September 2020

88 Trillion World Economy (2019)


It feels good that our little red dot has a place on the chart. 

Imagine how would you feel if our country is lumped together with "rest of the world"?

Very interesting Singapore and Hong Kong are same same. We play similar roles. One is gateway to South East Asia, while the other is gateway to Greater China.

Look! We are "sama, sama" with Malaysia too!  

Glad most of our Asean neighbours have their spots too. Indonesia power! 

Population size matters huh?




  1. Potential is in size?

    Actual results is unity ?

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Ah! As a teacher teaching Chinese, you know your history and literature!

      Its definitely not about precision in 2 decimal places ;)

      When a nation is cohesive, the solidarity between its leader and people can create miracles.

      Just look at Singapore in the 70s and 80s. Of course success is what we have to sacrifice to achieve it. Hence, what press freedom?

      I like Taiwan a lot whenever I visit the suppliers there. People are so friendly.

      Westerners would also love their democracy and press freedom there. Everything goes! A thousand flowers blooms! Can even fight and swear in their parliament!

      Governments swing from blue to green every few years. How very "democratic"! (OK, who's doing the long term planning?)

      But their economy? Just ask how much a fresh Taiwan graduate earns today. You'll get a shock!

      America is the giant magnet attracting talents from all over the world. Especially for those who are confident competing at the Olympics level, not local local national level ;)

      Looking at the current division in their society, don't say future overseas talents may think twice moving to US, I would think some of the brighter and more adventurous Americans may want to move out to where the action is for the 21 century...

      And where the action will be for the 21 century?


  2. Smol,

    Hmm, Russia is Asian? :P

    A couple of days ago 179-year old Sberbank was saying "we are a technology company" who just happens to have a banking licence.

    As you say, go where the action is ... if you can't go there, at least pretend that you're there! Lol!

    1. Spur,


      During the 2000 internet boom, just name anything with .com and you can enjoy the halo effect!


      Just "attach" fintech with everything you do and we're good to go!

      Although Wirecard did blow up quite spectacularly...

      Maybe I'm a dinosaur, but why is everyone so disgusted with cash?

      I mean I find it quite cool to take out a wad of cash pay up like gangsters do in the movies ;)

      Can't imagine gangsters doing the tap thing...

      And tipping is a lot cooler in hard physical cash :)

    2. Beyond the reasons touted about the benefits of digital cash, the one real incentive I can think of is tax...

      Curry puff uncle, maybe even tutors etc... Can't run away...

      Benefits are mainly supply side. Demand side, I not sure we can do a Alibaba in our 7 hour hinterland

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      Some years back, during one of our class reunion, one of my classmate offered to pay the restaurant bill in cash.

      I thought that's odd.

      Because most would do what the save more try-hards in our community do - squeeze out as much miles or credit card points, "Look! I smart or what? Save more by spending more!" (Really? Are these people serious?)

      I suspected it was for tax avoidance.

      Turned out I was right. It was more serious though. Ahem.

      He got dunked by big daddy for tax EVASION. My classmate is a business owner. The real kind; not own a few shares kind ;)

      Of course in the cut-and-thrust of the business world, he got betrayed by his disgruntled business partner...

      And on that note, that's why most people read Rich Dad Poor Dad "wrong". It was never about passive income or being an investor.

      The whole point of the book is as a business owner, we can play with a lot more "magic"!

      As Chinese, if we need Rich Dad Poor Dad to teach us about it, then the person must be a "banana".

      Every Chinese know in their DNA 工子不出头。Or there's a ceiling when you work for others...


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