Friday, 27 September 2019



  1. Hi SMOL,


    That reminds me of one post you wrote on why area of armoring protection should not be based on the wounded parts of survivors from battlefield but instead on the fatal wounds of those who did not survive.

    We often neglect looking at the losers or the ones who K.O because the limelight always shines on the winners and their glamorous success stories.

    1. Rainbowgirl,

      The lecturer and me use the same technique - we are storytellers ;)

      Survivorship Bias.

      Most read but don't quite understand how snake oils use this survivorship bias to influence and manipulate us...

      Typicial of most bei kambing: can parrot the ABC definition; don't know the practical application.

      Most self-help writers or motivational speakers are not "successful" themselves.

      They only achieved some "success" by writing or talking about OTHER successful people ;)

      Notice their materials or spin is all about Survivorship Bias?

      But motivational talks and books are not without merit. Their only purpose is to get us to overcome inertia and take the first step.

      After that, its 修行看个人。

      Everyone knows we don't become successful by copying others; yet we often fall into this trap laid out by snake oils ;)

    2. Now we don't see Snake oils on the street as they have evolved from selling Oils to selling training, inspirations and motivations to become rich or FIRE.

      Quote : "Their only purpose is to get us to overcome inertia and take the first step."

      It is OK to pay some money for Mastery as someone commented in earlier post. :-)

    3. CW,

      I'm conscious not to be "trapped" by words, yet at the same time I'm quite particular with words...

      We don't pay money for Mastery. That's like buying a degree from a degree mill.

      Those who don't have internal combustion engines to warm their blood may need to pay money to others to "movitate", "inspire", and "cheerlead" them.

      But like the cold-blooded lizard, the moment the sun sets...

      That's why some attend multiple workshops and seminars like attending prosperity churches...

      The best business model is when your customers can't survive without you weekly heroine fix ;)


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