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Thursday, 11 July 2019

I'm still alive and well!

And no, I did not bust my trading account.


What I thought was a 1 month break turned into  3.5 months!?

Now that's how we know we are having fun!

When we totally lost tracked of time...



  1. Replies
    1. Small Time Investor,

      Thanks! I got my early summer break ;)

  2. Replies
    1. LP,

      Still doing it on the side ;)

      I've grinded out enough heroes and materials so now can relax a bit :)

      Came back to this watering hole to say hello!

  3. Hey SMOL

    Quite a long holiday eh, hoho!

    Sometimes just need to focus on other things for a while. Too much of one thing is not ideal ;)

    1. Spur,

      Yalor! Work and study that time also never had such a long break!

      I never had those 3 months of summer vacations like in US schools; this is the closest I guess ;)

      Ah! You observant!

  4. Good to have you back! I thought you had left to wander the world haha.

    Many of us seem to lead some form of virtual lives :P

    1. Kevin,

      I wandered off to another ecosystem where some of the inhabitants play mobile gatcha games for 16 hours a day! Or spend hundreds to thousands of dollars just to summon their favourite heroes/characters!?

      Free I think I'll write about the interesting people (and weirdos) I met there... There's a lot of similarities to our echo chamber over here :)

  5. Hi SMOL,

    Welcome back!

    I see that you are into Stratovarius lately. =P

    You ah! Same as the bleeding heart. Now got dividend income in game. Like that also can!

    1. Unitelligent Nerd,

      I'm into slow rock; not heavy metal. That's noise! LOL!

      Hello, he's into the old school PC gaming; I more update - I'm now into mobile gatcha gaming ;)

      Isn't the purpose of freedom is to do what we want?

      Its defintely not writing up more goals or plans on how to live till 75!


  6. Hi smol

    Good that u having fun!
    Thanks for coming back continue sharing story here :)


    1. Hello Sy,


      I can only talk "male-chicken"; say 3, say 4 :)

      Telling stories is my only contribution to the community ;)

  7. Hey Grasshopper, thought you have been gobbled up by a bird! Lol.

    Welcome back!

    1. Endrene,

      Hee hee.

      Well, if the bird is a rich but bored tai tai... Baby you can light my fire!

      Got money; got honey!


  8. Hi SMOL,
    Welcome back to earth! Seems like fun to immerse in another world. ;)

    1. Rainbow girl,

      Its fun to be in another community where some of the "religious fanatics" there behave like our "open mouth money, close mouth money" zealots here too ;)

      I was pleasantly surprised that some gamers take their gaming so seriously!

      Maybe its the same "escape" from the real world like the FIRE community?

      Maybe I'll share some interesting parallels I discovered ;)

  9. Good to know you're still alive and kicking. That means you're in good health.

    As one of the "open mouth money, close mouth money" zealot here, I warmly welcome you back to this community. Over here, we make real money, not virtual money. LOL.

    I try my best to steer clear from games because they are highly addictive. Still, I try to be open-minded. I long to hear from you what's so good about the other world if you're keen to write about it.

    1. hyom,

      Yup, there are "hardcore" gamers that behave like zealots in our community ;)

      The biggest difference over there, they SPEND real money; definitely not "giam siap guis" who agonise over paying a cup of "attas" coffee! LOL!

      Imagine spending over $200,000 just to buy "pixels" on a mobile phone!?

      These zealots are known as "whales" in the gaming community.

      Be careful what you ask for ;)

      My stories are full of satires, pokes, and parodies!

    2. SMOL,

      You've got my attention. If they're willing to spend over $200k on the game, does it mean they're able to make lots of money on the game? When people put so much money into something, it is reasonable to expect that something can offer good returns.

      Do you know the company who makes this game? If it is a listed company, I want to do some investigation.

      Pokes are just words. They may cause some emotional discomfort but ultimately, it doesn't matter, especially when the poker has no ill intention. Words can't hurt physically and financially. Please poke. I'm not petty.

      By the way, I never agonize over whether or not to pay a cup of "attas" coffee. Given a choice between Starbucks and Ikea tea, I will choose Ikea EVERY SINGLE TIME! However, most of the time, I choose to drink water with no hesitation. When giam siap gui like me buy attas coffee, it is only because I'm treating a friend who has higher class taste than me. LOL.

    3. hyom,

      Its spending money as in flushing money down the toilet for the sake of cheap thrills ;)

      Belgium has started to regulate this gatcha gaming industry. Its "gambling" masquerading as "gaming".

      In the US, a good example is this game called Fornight where players can buy "loot boxes" to increase the power of their characters.

      Some politicians there are beginning to "wayang" their concern on children getting into debt using parent's credit cards...

      The whales who spent thousands on dollars just to buy virtual gaming charaters or gears (weapons/armour) justify to themselves its "healthier" for them than blowing their money on wine, women, or song (or drugs)...

      Eh... You never heard of Electronic Arts (EA) in the West or Tencent in the East? You may want to check these two out for starters ;)

      (LOL! You're an engineer but not otaku enough...)

      Some say the gaming industry is now bigger than the movie industry...

      OK, you are definitely into the EARN MORE mode now. Everything also must have "returns"... (bronze smell alert!)

      Well, at least its better than being miserly and pretending it as seeking financial freedom!

    4. Hi SMOL,

      The gaming industry opens up a new revenue opportunity for governments to raise taxes. This makes sense to compensate for the bad social effects on the gaming addicts. Games are a big concern among parents.

      Nevertheless, I think the gaming industry has useful technologies as by-products like computer graphics and simulation techniques that can be used in other useful industries. Furthermore, it is less harmful compared to blowing money on wine, women, or song (or drugs)... 3 hours indulging in wine and women is more harmful to the human body than 3 hours playing computer games. Haven't even count the cost if the wife files for divorce.

      I was looking for smaller listed companies which have higher growth potential. Not the big ones like TenCent, even TenCent looks like a huge company which never stops growing.

      In the past when money not a lot, I was in the selfish mode of being an ultra-thrifty minimalist who hates to spend. This is selfish because when a person only wants to save but refuses to spend, he only cares about enriching himself and not others. Today, my perspective has changed. Must EARN MORE so that can SPEND MORE, so that as a person grows rich, he can enrich the people around him and everyone gets rich. Then when others get richer, they spend more, I also get richer. A virtuous wealth circle starts. Everyone gets rich. Everyone is happy.

    5. hyom,

      Singapore's big daddy has put resources into game design and development too. (You may want to follow the local gamng startups then)

      Just look at the number of public and private schools offering courses in game design ;)

      I was pleasantly surprised we even have a WSQ Diploma in Animation under Skills Future!?

      "Ma! Stop bugging me! I'm not playing game! I'm doing homework lah!"

      I'm glad on your "spiritual" development :)

      "Spend more" need not be on ourselves. It can be on our love ones; the less fortunate ones; or the society at large ;)

      Spend = I can share what I have (Law of Increasing Returns)

      Save = My precious... (LOL!)

      I like to use words to "mess" with others.

      Its fun in those rare moments when a reader can "read" beyond words and not let the tyranny of "convention" shackle their thinking.

      Next time coffee on me!

  10. Now then come back, market chiong until cannot recognise home. Thought you earn until don’t even want to blog le.

    1. WolfT,

      Its interesting when it comes to perspective ;)

      I remember when Trump started his tweet on tariffs on China during early May, STI was around 3300.

      Things escalated and STI dropped to 3100.

      Now it has bounced backed to 3300 as if nothing has happended.

      200 points is chiong until cannot recognise home to you?

      Some would say its a sideways market ;)

      Hmmm... You must be a swing trader!

      I don't do well in markets where it moved or reversed based on a tweet or news flash announcement from CNBC or Bloomberg.

      I focus on what I can control.

      Hence I'm on the sidelines. I don't play ;)


  11. welcome back. front row seat to the greatest show on earth - we are at the edge of a new financial paradigm. Just need that little push over. :)

    1. TheValueFund,


      I see you've gone through 2008/09 ;)

      You had your rite of passage!



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