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Monday, 1 April 2019

The 2 species able to manipulate and change our environment

Of course we humans are one of the two species on Earth that can manipulate and change the environment we live in.

Just look around and you can easily see how humans can totally transform our natural habitat the moment we decide to settle in a place.

Can you guess which other species of animals cando what we do?

This one definitely not in our school syllabus!

I'll give you sometime. When finished, you can scroll down and see the answer.

Its the beaver! 

Did you guessed it?

The beaver can turn a little stream into a pond by building a beaver dam.

Pretty much like how we clear the land to build human settlements. Wink.

In Japan, women who prioritise their careers face a lot of obstacles. These women enjoy their craft, have dreams of their own, and do relish being financially independant (no need to depend on husband/father).

Like the beavers, the strong-willed ones will create their own environment by starting their own companies. Little startups with like-minded women employees as the majority. And no, you don't have to pour tea for your male colleagues!  

Its not new. 

In Singapore, the old Chinese Nantah graduates and the no study; no paper school leavers shared a common fate - being treated 2nd class in a England speaking first environment.

The more defiant ones will not play by other people's rules; they jumped to the deep end by creating their own "environments".

In our community, I've notice there's one "beaver" I quite like and admire.

Starting out as a freelance self-employed tuition teacher, he had to brave Singapore's harsh weather and take public transportation to his students' homes.

Sometimes already on the way students may suddenly cancel lessons at the last minute... 

What to do? Everyone has to pay our dues starting out. Ar ber then?

Then a wonderful thing happened. He got married. 

Yah, got woman dare to marry a guy with no formal job, no CPF from employer, and no health and dental plans for immediate family members!

Bought a HDB 5 room resale flat for their love nest.

Convert one bedroom to be his "SOHO" (small office; home office). Now students come to the mountain. 

Productivity increased. Can teach 2-3 students at the same time or charge more for one-to-one sessions.

Time saved on travelling can now be used for preparing lessons or spending with people that matter.

All the examples above are alternatives to the - when I have X, then I'll do Y goal settings adopted by so many seeking to escape...

Come on. We all know its can be one of those little lies or excuses to kick the can down the road once again!

Wait! I can't start Y now... I've not achieved X yet!!!


  1. Eqn 1: Accumulate large X and do Y.

    Eqn 2 : Have X and do Y.

    Most opt for 2. No?

    1. CW,

      You are like Linus in Charlie Brown... Must have your security blanket ;)

      Sometimes we just need to jump blindfolded into Y.

      Mai tu!

      Crash got sound ;)

    2. If X is very risky with terrible consequences, then must have safety net (Y) prepared first. "Crash got sound" works provided the crash is not fatal. If X is not risky, then it's ok to jump in without Y. A few bruises here and there won't hurt. Insisting on having Y slows down the learning process.

      Jared, how are you doing lately? Is your mom's health ok? Haven't hear from you lately.

    3. hyom,

      I'm doing well.

      Markets in boring holding pattern so I let myself be "distracted" by a new mobile game I've picked up recently. Old gamer!

      Learnt a new trick that I can play mobile games on my notebook computer using an emulator ;)

      Thanks for your regards to mom.

      We just went for her eye appointment last week. Her condition has stablilised. Now its medical review every 12 months, no more every 9 months :)

      That's a big improvement from 1 week 2-3 medical appointments, to weekly, to monthly, to every 3 months, 6 months, 9 months...

      We have come a long way.

      I was joking to the lady clerk, who recognised us from our many visits, that the less often she sees us, the better it is for mom ;)

    4. Jared,

      Good to hear both mother and son are doing fine! I see why you needed to be full-time son when 1 week requires 2-3 medical appointments. Now, with her recovery, you have more time to play games liao :)

      If your mom is the introverted type who loves to read, fixing the eye is a heavenly gift. Quality of life matters more than quantity of life.

      I can see we operate in different market arenas. When you're bored, I'm busy. When I'm bored, you're busy. What I speculate, you hedge. What you speculate, I hedge. Forex hasn't been moving much. No position is a good position when the markets are not giving out opportunities. In the mean time, have fun playing your games.

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Wahahaha, first is tardigrade, then now is beaver LOL

    I would like to say that I've got all my life planned out this way and I am confident it'll work out, but I can't. The truth is it was a horror show in the first few years, where I am not sure if things will turn out and people around me are saying I'm doing it all wrong. Including my mum.

    I'll like to say it's my skills to have brought me so far and I'm damn capable to turn my environment to suit the way I work, but I can't. On hindsight, it's a spate of foolishness, luck, stubbornness of youth and more luck. If I am to start again now, will I reach where I am? Hard to say.

    As I get older, I don't know if I'm capable of anything anymore. Just grateful that things turned out the way they are, and thankful that it had been good for me so far!

    1. LP,

      Don't put tardigrade on my tab; that's unintelligent nerd's account ;)

      Beaver is at least warm and cuddly!

      You definitely not interested to move into the profitable field of financial snake oil education for adults ;)

      Who would attend your workshops if it has nothing to do with goals, planning, straight line extrapolation, and wait for this - not even skills???


      Yup, the world is full of skilled writers, artists, singers, actors, and craftsmen that didn't make it big...

      No one wants to talk about the "X" factor in life :(

      That's why my take on LUCK is preparation meeting opportunity.

      We can only focus on what we can control - preparation. Opportunity is either up to the gods or for atheist gamer like me - RNGesus ;)

      Still, despite the blood, sweat, and tears, its nice to create our own environment isn't it?


  3. i have 2 relatives who are graduates who find that working as full time tutors suited their temperaments.

    Already doing for many, many years.

    Both had tried working for people but dislike it.

    How successful are they, i don't know?

    To me, happy in what U are doing can liu.

    Unlike me dared not start something on my own when i found very stressful working for people.

    i only started investing at the age of 40 but no thought of anything except why a lot of people made a lot of money when there was a bull market?

    If i failed at least i dared to try like those people who made a lot of money. i didn't want to regret that i had not at least tried because of fear.

    No thoughts of to escape or achieve, just what i said above.

  4. Hi LP,

    Have U work in a company b4?

  5. I worked as a Tuition teacher for 10 years and started in later part of Army days when and sacrificing many personal time, giving tuition to my neighbours, total 4-5 kids over a period of time. Many experiences but the most funny is one neighbour has no money to pay me and always dump his kids to me like childcare centre.

    Over my working lifetime, I also gave tuition concurrently even when had to make many overseas trip, but eventually after 10 years all had to come to an end, because work is getting too busy plus family. And above all, my student is going to university soon!

    Tuition is a wonderful experience and can be my full time job, but I do prefer to see more of the outside world physically and experience people from different countries with work problems, then becoming friends. But end of the day, whichever we choose it is ok as long as we must be have integrity and honesty, and build experiences or relationships in a community and you do need to enjoy the work!

    1. Rolf,

      Your time connecting with students, coaching, inspiring, and motivating them, turned out great as a stepping stone in creating your own "environment" for the spiritual work you doing now ;)

      Connecting the dots backwards can be quite illuminating!

      Who would want to be a shepherd if we don't like working with people from different cultural diversities and experiences?

      I'm grateful to have you and LP as counterbalances at this watering hole - there are people who love the work we do!

      Right here; right now.

      Not when I've X amount in Y years, then I'll be happy...

      If we are contented and happy, we don't need to seek financial freedom to escape...

      To use money to "buy" love, respect, recognition, and acceptance from people that don't matter...

      The very things that elluded us in our day jobs...

  6. Hi Rolf,

    It is not too difficult to learn to like one's job if not just change job.

    To learn to like office politics is like asking someone to learn how to be a snake-oil saleman.

    Suffered until 53 years old was more than enough for me.

  7. Ya,

    I couldn't change my dislike of office politics, always still in the same job i was just forced to or forced myself to change office every 3 to 5 or 7 years.
    But who can change office politics?

    Yet i survived in office politics until age 53 lol.

    i just accept some people are best suited to do their own things(self employed or run his own business). The World is large enough to accommodate all types of people.

  8. Yes, I hate office politics myself, and in fact I had indirectly declined my boss to take on a bigger role asking him to bring someone else onboard. Because the higher up you go, the politics is even more brutal.

    But like you, I planned to survive politics only until certain age and then it's time to go on a separate adventure in my life. I definitely do not want to work in corporate until retire.

    I love adventure and changes in my life. The office politics help me learn to endure things I don't like. It trained me. I tend to see things the other way. Many years in corporate world for me, so many things the usual people hate about it, but I learn throughout the years to overcome and build up endurance, unselfishness and more patience which are sometimes lacking in life.

    So for me, as long as the things I do help to build my character according to the Bible, I will appreciate it. I fumble many times, but God give me strength. Hahahaa....

    1. Hi all,

      Treat office politics as passing moment. It is better to circumvent such circumstance by changing job once every one or two years. This will eliminate one on the need to handle office politic. A free "B" w/o the heavy load will be the solution to such situations.


  9. Ya,

    Think of all the people who want but can not change jobs.

    Nevertheless some thrive in office politics.

    Without which, they can't thrive and Excel in office.

    To each his own.

    Just like we need all sort of " traders" in the Stock Market.

    No sweat.

    1. Hi Temperament,

      I agree with you. I guess that it depends on the individual's preference on how to tackle the circumstance in corporate world.

      There are instances in which I have seen individuals who spend his/her working time for one organisation. Some change organisation once a few years. This depends on the willingness of the individuals as well as the opportunities.

      I am of view that the opportunities will eventually come as long as one keeps on trying and never give up. In long run, the individuals who change jobs once every few years will be in a better position than those who don't. As the saying goes "To each of his/her own".



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