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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Why I don't...

Why I don't visit the barber? 

No hair. I'm bald. 

Why I don't date guys?

I love women!

Why I don't drive a car?

No licence. 

Why I don't ride a scooter when I got licence?

No baxxs. And its much more comfortable to go on dates in a cab.

Why I don't trade Options?

I don't understand the Greeks :(

Why I don't buy and hold?

Got raped by markets before...

Why I so stupid?

Yeah hor... Mom! Why I so stupid hah? Did you drop me when I were a baby? Don't lie!


  1. Know your own answer to Why made the difference

    1. CW,

      And that's having one foot in the realm of wisdom.

      If I knew WHY I don't visit the barber, I'll never be tempted or influenced by others to visit one - no matter how much rave reviews the barber got ;)

  2. Why I don't flirt?

    Not because I faithful, because I no balls.

    Why I don't drink.

    Not because I want to be sober but because I am allergic to alocohol.

    Why I dun gamble,

    Not because I don't like the thrill but I no money

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Yet when it comes to "investing", everyone is quite "male-chicken sure" they'll make money!


  3. Find your WHY NOT and it will guide you in your HOW NOT to do it.

    1. Andy,

      Yes. It takes courage and discipline to say, "No."

      But then, the snake-oil won't give up so easily...

      "Why not try it?"

      "Why not have a go at it?

      Or in Singlish, "Why cannot?"

      And the feeble brained relents...

    2. You got a point there.
      Maybe the feeble brained should try to find their WHY first.

      Having convictions and priorities is quite an essential trait.
      Then be true to yourself and say, "No".
      Feels a bit strange in the beginning. But after I while I got used to saying "No".

      And no, Jared, you can not borrow my car just to prove to your readers that your 7 reasons to get a car in Singapore are valid ones.

    3. Andy,

      Idiot! You beat me to the punch!

      Don't lend don't lend lol!

      Eh... If you go on vacation, can you give me the keys to your landed property? I can take care for you!

      Landed house works better than car.

      And if the girl is psycho like Fatal Attraction, good luck if she rings your door bell!


    4. All of my vacations are cancelled from this moment on. I will stay home and firmly hold on to my keys.
      You are invited to visit though (as long as you bring some home-warming gift(s)).

  4. Why not to many things in life because we are civilised or cultured to behave in this way.

    And Tibet's culture is definitely very different from us which they can do many things which we are not allowed to do.

    And we all have a brain to know the price we have to pay if we get out off line in our society, don't we?

    Of course, if i am Billionaire like TRUMP, i think the world belongs to me.

    And not all very rich people are like Trump.

    Thank God.

    Why can't i trade short to very short in the market?

    1. temperament,


      Besides asking yourself why can't you buy and hold for 10 baggers, now you want to fly with both wings too!?

      Just like me asking myself why I lousy at trading with shorter time frames...

      Yet we both also knew that to get where we are today, there's some WHY WE CAN in us too!

      That's the trick isn't it?

      In our quest to better ourselves in craftsmanship, we shouldn't lose sight of WHO we are too ;)

      I've learnt a lot and often steal with pride from seniors like you, CW, and coconut.

      But the essence is to become a better me; not to become another temperament, CW, or coconut ;)

  5. 知己知彼,百战百胜。

    1. Kevin,

      Most people fail on the 知己 part...

      For example,

      Less Analysing; More Investing - CW

      Less Thinking; More Doing - SMOL

      Those who read them literary will miss the point ;)

  6. Hi smol

    I dont know where my post gone... just in case i repeat again... please ignore my message... maybe something wrong with my account... paiseh

    Is it really bad to buy & hold???
    The reason i ask is i am new in stock. I am not that kind of hardworking people that will do detail analysis or intelligent enough to sense & sell at high...
    I am consider myself lucky that i able to get some at (e.g. 4% yield with 3% capital gain or some at 2% yield with 10% capital gain)
    End up become like buy & hold liao... i dont know is this good or bad... just want to get 2nd opinion...
    Sorry that i always ask u newbie question...


    1. sy sy,

      Don't worry. Too "newbie" questions I'll send you to the bleeding heart or fisherman - these 2 gentlemen got lots of patients; I don't ;)

      I will attempt to answer you as its a question that's constantly on veteran investors' mind too! Me included!

      We need to look at everything with context and perspective. Take a step back and look at the big picture.

      1. The Golden period for equities was from 1980 to 2000. Although there were some scary bear markets like Black Monday in 1987, a buy and hold investor (or passive index investor) would have done very well.

      PROVIDED this investor cashed out BEFORE 2000 ;)

      2. From 2000 to 2009, in one short decade, there were 2 heart wrenching -50% market crashes (not market corrections)... If you were a retiree in your 70s and 80s living off your income stocks, how?

      On the flip side, 2000 to 2009 was a great time for youth to pickup bargains when they have 20 to 30 years more ahead of them. These are the same youths who probably can boast about their 10 baggers in their future retirements ;)

      3. Many who bought when our STI was at the highs during 2007 were spolit by the central banks money printing... It just took 5 to 6 years to breakeven. Where got sweat? (I sweated)

      But if you had bought the Nasdaq in 2000, you had to wait 15 years to breakeven.

      And if you were Japanese and bought the Nikkei in 1996, ask yourself whether you have the lifespan to wait 20 years for the Nikkei to finally breakeven recently.

      But to a young Japanese investor (20s or 30s) who practiced dollar cost averaging into a low cost Japanese index fund from 1996 onwards, he would be smiling now in his middle age ;)

      4. The question I am asking myself. Will the next -50% crash for STI just take 5-6 years to recover? Or will it take 15-20 years?

      How old am I now?

      Last time I can recover and profitted from the previous crashes because my career was doing well - new funds from EARN more.

      Now? I am on sabbatical from fulltime work. My weekend gig is just enough to pay for my eating out and "gai-gai" during weekdays...

      At 18 I can do many things. Ay 50, there are somethings I know WHY I can't or do them anymore...


    2. Hi smol

      So many things to look... i very tired my eyes & brain cell die many many liao... so scary like i better stay far far... sigh...
      My money not much but also hard earn... some more i use almost 10 years work life to save this small amount... sigh...

      Thanks for sharing ur view...


    3. sy sy,

      I'm not the Indian Chief who tries to frighten people to invest or else...

      You not me, and I not you.

      I find the realm of investing and trading very intellectually stimulating! When I'm not being raped and abused by the markets...

      You obviously have other ideas on what is fun!

      I'm a cheerleader for independent thinking and figuring things out for yourself.

      Its about seeking answers from WITHIN; not WITHOUT.

      Hence you can see the DIVERSITY of animals that come to this watering-hole.

      I'm definitely not writing to attact like-minded minions!

      How will I grow like that?

      Its often a case of: No poke no know you!


    4. Hi smol

      I think i get what u mean here... 见仁见智。。。about investing & trading...
      I am still new... so sometimes i see got 5% profit liao then i fast fast sell, but it shoot even higher after i sell away...

      I start my work life at 20yo but i only manage to save money on my 11th year worklife till the 20th year. Finally get my small amount of money which even less than 100k. At my age is very failure liao... my fren that younger or at my age already have house, prpperty, car, etc... sigh
      Maybe i am no luck or my fault that i didnt start young... i think is really my fault... Q.Q

      Sorry talk too much liao...

    5. sy sy,

      I am guessing you are not graduate like me. But you better off since I think you poly; I O' levels ;)

      I didn't start young too. I started during my early 30s, and it did me little harm.

      1st, benchmarking with others is craftsmanship; comparing with others is self defeating.

      2nd, taking responsibility is excellent! Blaming yourself is not healthy to our mental psychology.

      3rd, luck is important. But to depend our destiny on it is reckless ;)

      Never engage in an activity that makes you tired and weary, or brain dead...

      Find something you enjoy or good at doing over others. Focus on our strenghts, not our weaknesses.

      And good luck and have fun!

    6. Hi smol

      Erh... how u know i poly arh???
      Young time didnt study hard mah... so only up to poly... hehehe

      Recently always heard people keep saying market bubble, bitcoin buble, property bubble... bla bla bla... endup i also stress...

      Think is time to do something i happy... wait brain cell all damage then jalak liao...

      Things that i enjoy & good at mainly makan lor then follow by yoga then makan then yoga...
      Now i see also i feel happy... going to breakfast liao... hahaha

      Thanks for sharing...

    7. sy sy,

      I read people. Plus the fact I can count. LOL!

      See? We don't have to be financially free to be HAPPY :)

      Eat, yoga, eat. That's Zen too!

  7. Hi smol

    Wow... U must be very good at seeing people. What i mean is u 1st see the person u know them already... like detective!!!
    U counting also very good. U must be very good in maths.
    My maths very terrible, when somebody ask me my portfolio yield or the percentage of neg or pos i very stress 1...

    Anyway thanks for talking to me about happy stuff...



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