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Monday, 16 October 2017

7 reasons to get a car in Singapore

1.  To get girls.

2.  To get babes.

3.  To get "chio bu".

4.  To get sexy ladies.

5.  To get convent girls.

6.  To get gorgeous women.

7.  To get materialistic gold diggers.


  1. I normally try not to troll those who write for a living.

    But this time I can't help myself. I hope the writer sees the funny side of it! LOL!

    Look, most economists wrongly assume people consume based on "logic".

    The reality you and I know is that we buy based on emotions.

    If not, all the marketing and advertising will be for naught...

    Snake-oils will be impotent and powerless.

    So too for politicians and false religious shepherds ;)

  2. I thought it's so you can indulge in your favourite supper spots at 2am ... and earning better profits when driving Grab/Uber?!?

    Ok, not sure about Grab/Uber but I can attest to the foodie advantage ... reminds me of the time long ago when a bunch of us staying at Uni hostel combined our meagre savings to buy a junky car for post-midnight jaunts ... although having to squeeze 6 sweating not-so slim guys forced us to limit travel time to below 20min at a go. Journeys back usually windows-down due to post-makan/drinking burps & farts ... with army life still recent & many of us with experience being crammed & slammed in M113s it was ok lah Hahaha!!!

    A streetsmart rich dude once related that he would drive his sports car when picking up playthings, but when he was looking for the "one", he ditched the car & went BMW. Only after 1 year of courting her that he started driving on their dates.

    1. Spur,

      Although I am not into cars, I am aware of the many benefits of a car ;)

      Right now, if I can drive and had a car, bringing mom to hospital appointments would be a lot easier!

      Your friend is rare! Can still think straight when it comes to matters of sex and love... Impressive.

      When I see 36, 24, 36, its my life for you! I'm hormones driven. LOL!

      I'm quite impressed with Grab. They quite aggressive compared to the other two. The whole post is advertorial to "sell" Grab ;)

      Hobbyisit bloggers with honour will include a "sponsored post" or "advertorial" in the footnotes. That's how we can look at ourselves in the mirror every morning.

      A work for profit business website "don't have to".

      Its safe to "assume" every post is you pay me to scratch your back, I'll be your bitch for the night kind ;)

      Any reader who reads business websites should have no illusions a fish monger will tell us their fish is not fresh...


    2. Ohhhh ... I just read that blog post ... actually they're selling credit cards ... using Grab as the worm ... to catch us fishies... Hahaha!!

      That worm is super fat ... after their latest round of collecting US$2.5B will be worth US6+B ... even if burn at rate of $1M a day, can last for 16 yrs... :O

      A few S$150 grab credits will be peanuts... LOL!

      But of course not all of that worth is cash ... but should still be enough to last a few years ... at most just go begging for a few more billions in couple years' time... Hohoho!!!

    3. Spur,

      That's why I impressed with Grab. They are working with many business partners to increase the reach of their tentacles.

      I won't be surprised if we open a bank or brokerage account, got "FREE" Grab points.

      Book a ticket and/or hotel, get "FREE" Grab points.

      Shop at a supermarket, "FREE" Grab points.

      Drink coffee at atas cafes, "FREE" Grab points.


      Since I promote and praise Grab so much, hope Grab will buy me a drink!

  3. Open our eyes wide when we read these financial and investment bloggers; most of their articles are commercially motivated rather than personal finance and investment sharing. Lol%. I also no driving license. Same as my children as of now.

    1. CW,

      Maybe we should write to Grab that we can offer to praise them to the moon!

      In return, give us lots of discount codes so we can ride around Sinagapore heavily subsidised?

      OK, maybe not you.

      I'm a man-whore; I'll do anything for a drink!


    2. How do you tell whether a blogger is not commercially motivated? They blog on sure-lose topics such as yoyos LOL

    3. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Look, no snake-oils will choose nicks like Sillyinvestor, Blursotong King, and Unintelligent Nerd!!!

      You guys are really sons of the soil honest to goodness kind!

      Firstly, who wants to be "followers" of bloggers with such nicks!!!???

      Secondly, which sponsors would seriously want to partner with bloggers telling the world they are unintelligent, silly, and blur?


    4. Hahahahaha smol,

      When snake oils are desperate, or doing carpet bombing, even if your nick is sibei suay.com, also will get offer one la.

      I have got until now 3 offer of affiliation/ collaboration lor. That is because they do carpet bombing without research

    5. Sillyinvestor,

      Like you've said, its carpet bombing to get a response from you.

      You say yes, they take a closer look at your nick and blog, they'll say thanks but no thanks!


    6. Hi all, i am back. I m commercially motivated but so far, i only lose money and also time in my blogging. Even have to pay to get my unique website.

    7. Rolf,

      Welcome back!

      Of all my hobbies, blogging is the only one that's cashflow positive in that it subsidises my fibrebroadband.

      Its quite fun poking people stronger, smarter, and wealthier than me.

      But I'll never admit they more handsome or prettier than me!


  4. Who is the blogger? Give some clue ley...

    1. Wah! Still need clue? We bloggers are in the same aggregator. Ha ha!

    2. 1) CW,

      Not everyone goes to aggregator websites lah. Give chance ;)

      2) WolfT,

      Visit: http://www.sginvestbloggers.com/

    3. Pardon me..I am really busy and I only read quality FINANCIAL Blog such as SMOL... ;)

  5. All first six reasons look the same except last 7 is more cheem.

    i can tell you 1st six reasons are really true in real life for a polytechnic student whose parents bought him a sport car.

    Some parents?

    1. temperament,

      The first 6 reasons are from younger men.

      The last one is from the more mature but richer men ;)

      Look, you think the towkay really senile? Of course he knew the woman is with him for the money; but since he also want a "trophy wife" to boost his self-esteem, both get what they want ;)

      Must say Trump's wife is one of the sexiest First Lady ever!

      Giam siap gui tycoons no smart woman will marry... What's the point if he is not going to spend a dime on her? Unless the tycoon is in his 90s?

      That's the seed for so called "financial freedom" by youth. When students see their peers driving sport cars, they also want!

      That's why I don't buy it when people say they "seek" financial freedom to live a frugal, austere, minimalistic life...

      Eh... In some other countries, its called poverty...

  6. Hmm... smol,

    No wonder. Was wondering why getting a car must got to do with girls...

    I renew my car for my family lei...

    But I know now

    1. Sillyinvestor,


      I took my class 2B motorcycle licence because I had fantacies of a girl with long hair riding pillon behind me with her arms around my waist ;)

    2. Smol,

      Rubbish lor, I had my first keys when I am married. In fact, I started learning driving when I got married.

      Maybe I am boring person. Lol.

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      I guessed as much.

      How to have fantasies when you were already married when you got your first car? So a car to you is more for utilitarian purposes... Boring!

      However, boring is excellent from your wife's perspective!

      She would be worried if you go to work wearing colonge, fashionable clothes, have the latest hairstyle (I thought the current craze with sloped sides and high volume cuff puff top quite hilarious), and you drive a sporty red car ;)


  7. SMOL

    Was the fantasy realised? If not hurry up, what are you waiting?

    1. Blursotong King,


      After NS, I chanced upon the road fatalities rate for motorcycle and pillion riders in the papers and I chicken out...

      I've never riden a bike since I got my class 2B. Talk about lame... LOL!

      No need to wait. I discovered I can attract girls' attention with words; I don't need props ;)

      I'm a incorrigible flirt.

      I flirt with my female customers during the weekends. Sometimes with the husbands by their side ;)

      They laughed, I laughed.

      Wife is flattered.

      Husband proud as he knew indirectly I praising him (how to attract pretty wife if you don't have substance?).

      I had fun!

      Then I dive in for the close... Shall it be delivery or self collection?


      I snake-oil remember?

  8. Then I don't know what I learnt driving for. Haha

    1. Rainbow girl,

      That licence is for you to drive the car he buys for you as his tai-tai :)

      Your job during the dating ritual is to verify, while seating next to him, whether the red sporty car is a rental, loan from friend, hire purchase, or bought outright ;)

      If you are the independent, I am liberation, I am power, I am woman type, then the driving licence is for you to drive your own chick car to pickup your own 小鲜肉!

      Too bad 大叔 now too old... If you met me 30 years ago, my skin scintillating white like snow, smoother than porcelain, translucent like jade...

      Oh well... I'll go sing the Cats'song Memories now...

  9. i know.

    It's for the end of the road.

    1. temperament,

      Is this how you flirt with xiao mei mei?

      You a bit rusty leh...

    2. ITE stand for "It's The End of the road.

      No girls will want to flirt with you one.

    3. Golden Rabbit,

      There's quite a few ITE business owners of SMEs...

      With nothing to lose and everything to gain, being our own bosses is one of the best way to EARN MORE.

      When we own private properties and a little red italian, girls will come ;)

      Maybe not those types you would take home to show mom... But I'm sure these business owners don't mind until the right one comes along :)

  10. Of course U are right.

    i mean really for people who don't think they want to or can't afford to own a car, yet still paid a handsome fees to learn driving until to get a driving licence must be thinking in case one day, "ITE" for their career,still can be a driver of Taxi lol.

    Even my time, i think many people think the same.

    1. Golden Rabbit,

      For those of us with no papers, you'll be surprised how many of my fellow peers take up a taxi-driving licence "just in case"...

      Many well-intentioned peers "strongly recommended" me to do so like them.

      I smiled politely.

      In my heart, I prefer to emulate the Hong Kongers and Taiwanese.

      Climb the corporate career to be a shepherd first, then strike out on my own as a land owner ;)

      I may be a teeny-weeny nano land owner; but its still land owner mah!


    2. Ha! Ha!

      What U say, i understand is U.

      But BIG BROTHER allows any Tom, Dick, or Harry(highly educated)to take the test to have a Taxi Licence.

      That's while you really have highly educated people driving Taxi in their 30s, 40+, 50s.

      Those who got retrenched and need a job badly.

      Got many mouths to feed lol.

      Don't ever look down on a TAXI LICENCE.

      It was not so easy to get one during my time even U had a driving licence.

    3. temperament,

      You misunderstood.

      Its not I "look down" on taxi licence.

      That path is too defensive, like the Save More mode.

      I prefer the "Attack is the best form of Defence" mode, like Earn More.

      If I own my own business, would I retrench myself?

      If I am shepherd, I can retrench surplus sheep that didn't produce enough wool or milk.

      But if I am sheep, I can only pray no one is interested in lamb chops...

      What's the value of a taxi licence now that even more Tom, Dick, and Harry can get a Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL) and drive with Uber or Grab?

      And Singapore citizenship not needed for PDVL...

      Disruptions everywhere.

  11. Maybe this only happens in Singapore.

    "And Singapore citizenship not needed for PDVL?

    1. temperament,



      PR and Work Permit can oredi.

      Taxi licence only for Singaporeans; taxi licence not easy to get.
      Any meaning left?

      I rather "rent" cars to Uber and Grab drivers, not drive them ;)

      I prefer to leverage on Other People's Time/Talent (OPT) - that's land owner mindset.

  12. Hi Jared,

    Another funny post from you. This post will surely help you earn more money from google ads. All 7 reasons you listed to get a car have got to do with girls. The result? On the side bar, there is a very irresistable picture showing a gorgeous-looking girl from a dating website. I am sure there will be lots of clicks. Haha. Sorry, I did not click on the picture of that pretty girl. Not because I want to deny you the ad revenue but because I love my wife very much. Hmm ... maybe I should re-start blogging but use lots of keywords such as girls, babes, sexy, pretty, gorgeous to generate lots of profitable advertisements. Hahaha.

    On a more serious note, the 7 reasons end up like reasons not to get a car if one is serious about girls. Sexy, gorgeous, materialistic gold-digger babes likely will end up making the man poor. Cost of maintenance is damn high. When it comes to girls, the most important objective should be to find a good wife. Great if the wife can look gorgeous but not really important in the big scheme of things if she is plain-looking. After all, the most beautiful woman will age and will look plain one day. Furthermore, beauty drives up the cost of wooing and acquisition for a man due to lots of competition from other men. None of the reasons listed had to do with finding a wife. No wonder you never got yourself a car. Wise.

    1. hyom hyom,

      My first comment says I'm trolling someone...

      If you google "7 reasons not to get a car in Singapore", you'll see the context and perspective of this post ;)

      I'm the romantic.

      I'm the one in touch with my feelings.

      I'm emotional.


    2. No wonder you make a good snakeoil salesman! You are the romantic who is in tune with human emotions, basic instincts. Most men want to look like they think with the big head, but they actually act on the small head. Good salesmen appeals to the right head. LOL.

      I just learnt a valuable lesson from you. When buying, use the big head. When selling, stroke the small head (Not literally, of course). One little demonstration. The other blogger had zero comments on his long article. Your shorter article had 41 comments. Small head wins!

      Change your blog title to "7 reasons to SELL a car in Singapore" and both my big head and small head will agree with you. Now, I feel much better about buying General Motors stock this year. If you had written this blog post last year, I would not have sold my Geely stock. Seriously thumping my head. It was one of the worst investment sale I have made in my life so far. I am pretty sure there will be more to come.

      Hope you had a wonderful weekend selling your snakeoil.

    3. hyom hyom,

      Yup! Looks like you got the essence!

      Politicians, snake-oils, religious shepherds are no different from mind readers or fortune tellers.

      Its about reading people and knowing what buttons to press ;)

      Always fun to banter with someone who invests globally instead of parochially with SGX stocks only.

      You have a super Sunday too!

    4. Singapore's economy has done so well so far that even those who are rich and have lots to lose don't seem too worried about the concentration risk of owning mainly SGD-denominated assets. A few of the respected financial bloggers own only Singapore stocks in their portfolio. So far, so good. As a Singaporean, I hope it remains so.

      Besides the diversification peace-of-mind from owning global stocks, there is one more emotional satisfaction. I prefer to make a killing from foreign stock markets than local market. I feel less guilty eating lamp-chops of foreign sheeps than local sheeps who are closer to our hearts and body.

      You may have felt the same guilt before. When you make a monstrous profitable futures trend trade, the seemingly "effortless" act of clicking buy and sell at the right time can fetch you many months of salaries compared to what your weekend colleagues are getting. They stand there whole day, talk until throat dry, but earn much lesser than someone who only lift a finger to click buy and sell.

      Nevertheless, guilt aside, our goals as investors/traders is to eat as much lamp-chops as we can. Better others be lamp-chop than us. Hope 2017 gave you a good lamp-chop meal so far.

    5. hyom hyom,


      There were times I do feel "guilty" when my trading profits were severals months worth of what my full time promoter peers make...

      But when I had to cut-loss, I banish such silly thoughts ;)

      I risk my own capital; capitalist should earn more than labour.

      I'm the hunter; I've been scarred by lions and bears.

      No kill; no dinner.

      2017 will be a losing year for me. I got fleeced by traders more competent than me.

      It's OK. Just as long its wool, I can grow them back ;)

  13. I think the reasons are somehow very valid to me as my car is use to fetch many girls and women in my house all of diff ages. hehe.. 1-6 all apply to them except 7 is out!

    1. Rolf,

      You're the honest one here!

      You luckly %^*((!!@#%^&%#

      Surronded by estrogen all day!!!

      Envy ;)


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