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Monday, 11 September 2017

You fill in the blanks - anything!


  1. You also give mei mei blank cheque like that?

    1. CW,

      Blank cheque cannot; supplement credit card can (got credit limit mah).


  2. 年轻就是一张白纸 :D

    1. Kevin,

      The wonders of a blank slate!

      Many are uncomfortable with "space". Can't leave it alone.

      Just look at our storage spaces. How quickly they fill-up! Its almost as if we don't "chope" early, others will get the space ahead of us!?

      From young, we have been conditioned to fear blank sheets... We get mocked and punished :(

      Yet artists and architects don't fear blank spaces ;)

      Evidently you are not annoyed at a blank post.

      You see possibilities and potentials!

      And that's YOUTH :)

  3. Is being too honest a sign of low intelligence?

    Or having a blank mind?

    1. temperament,

      I would say too honest is a sign that person needs to work on his EQ ;)

    2. On the other hand,

      Is being too honest a sign of low intelligence?

      I got a job interview when I needed it the most. I was however late for it by 35 minutes. The interview started off in the following manner.
      Interviewer: Do you know that you are late?
      Me : Yes.
      Interviewer: Why are you late?
      Me : I woke up late and skipped taking a shower so I could get here.
      The interviewer responded with a hearty laughter.
      The rest of interview went as usual. I got the job even though my qualifications weren't an exact match.
      At the end I was told by the interviewer, who later became my boss, that he was very impressed by my honest answer. He said I had the choice of saying anything to shrug off the responsibility of being not on time but I did not.
      He said leadership positions are more about being honest than about hiding one’s mistake.
      In my case, being honest and not afraid to admit my mistakes to a total stranger and a potential future employer, turned out to be a very fruitful decision.
      Sometimes being dishonest (more like being politically correct) is also a sign of high intelligence.
      There was once a lion king who loved to hear praises about himself. One day he was told by a duck dentist that he had bad breath. He asked a goat, “Do you think I have bad breath? ” Goat said, “Yes, you do have bad breath”. Lion king killed the goat for telling him the truth that he didn't want to hear.
      He then asked the bull the same question and the bull replied “No, you do not have bad breath.” Lion king killed the bull for being a liar.
      He then proceeded to ask the fox the same question. Fox responded, “My dear King of the jungle. I cannot answer this question because both my nostrils are blocked as I have a cold.”
      The fox was saved!
      Edit 07/18/2017
      Honesty is very easy and sometimes life-saving if we decide to practice it on daily basis. I heard the following true story from Simon. One of the Marine corps officers was late for some meeting. Generally, Marines are never late, very punctual & respectful of their’s and other’s time. He was asked, “How come you are late?” He said that I had to fire one of our OCS marine corp candidate from the training.
      Because he fell asleep on watch at the woods of Virginia. Really ! that’s it. You guys are tough. He said, “No you don’t understand, we asked him about it and he denied, when we asked him about it again he again denied it. Only when we gave him irrefutable proof”, he said, “I want to take the responsibility for my actions.”
      The officer said the rule we have here is to take the responsibility of your action before you perform your actions, not after you get caught. We have another marine who also fell asleep on watch but when we asked him. He admitted it and he only got punishment.
      He explained further that I can not put this marine into a leadership position where he is responsible for the lives of other marines. Because if they are in a combat situation and his marines doubt for one second that the words coming out of his mouth are anything but the truth. If they believe for a second that the words he is speaking are only to make himself look better or cover his own ass, the trust will break down in the whole group and people will die.


      Ha! Ha!
      Sorry,i think you can't join the Marine lol.
      You have too much Snake-Oil in you after years of practising SALEMANSHIP.

      But you are right in saying EQ is important too.

      Just like the FOX's EQ saved his life.

    3. temperament,

      Which landowner wants to hire a shepherd who is dishonest?

      You didn't share the whole story.

      You got the job; I bet you didn't get along well with your peers, your immediate shepherd, customers, suppliers...

      Yup, from my answer its clear I'm the fox ;)

      Its good to be alive!

      In the military, you don't want footsoldiers to think for themselves. You want them to follow orders.

      The thinking is left to the generals.

      Dogs will do well in military; cats sadly no :(


    4. Actually in life there is no absolute.

      It all depends on many variables.


      U are U.

      i am i

      U or i "Hua Hee Tu Ho - with youself".

    5. temperament,

      You are right!

      That's why we have such diversity in floral and fauna :)

      Nothing is more sad than a penguin trying to emulate the soaring eagle in flight...

      Liberation starts from recognising and acceptance of WHO we are ;)

  4. SMOL,

    It's an open-ended space you want us to fill in. Plenty of stuffs to talk about. Like Mei Mei, Housing, Financial Independence, Insurance, Sales Talks etc.

    Spoil for choices!


  5. Smol

    Is Chen Lei or Wang lei your idol?

    Random shoot.

    1. Small Time Investor,

      I do watch getai and listen to Hokkien songs.

      I have no "idols" but I do respect and admire Taiwan's Jacky Wu.

      Love his quick wit and impromtu wise cracks!

      And of course his resiliience after multiple business failures and attacks from the media.

      He is one cool guy :)

    2. Yes Smol, when jacky wu gets serious, also no joke. Irl, he is no different from us. Heh

  6. His resilence is the characteristic which we can adopt.


    1. Ben,

      Life is about resilience.

      Singapore got kicked out of Malaysia in 1965 - resilience.

      The British military said best of luck to us in 1971 - resilience.

      We survived multiple economic crisis - resilience.

      How we responded to SARS - resilience.

      At the individual level, I've seen friends and colleagues crumble and never got up again...

      Then again, there are individuals who came from more humble background than me, got the worst cards of the deck, yet I see them zoom past me to be so highly successful in their chosen craft that I have no time for envy or jealousy...

      As investors/traders, how many of us are resilient? Cannot be everyone and anyone right?


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