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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Good, Better, Best Ways to be Financially Free!

1.  Born rich. Duh! This one most "passive" of all! We don't even have to lift a finger! 

2.  Marry rich. If lucky, we just need one client for our prostitution....

3.  Start a business. Rather be a dog in our own kennel than to be the eunuch at the Grand Palace...

4.  Do well in corporate. Being an eunuch is not so bad if we under one clown but above everyone else! Who knows? May even usurp the throne as history is littered with stewards that overthrew their minor monarchs...

5.  Buy Toto. Ar ber then?

6.  Investing and/or trading. What? Below gambing? Well, those buying Toto know they are gambling. At least they are more honest than investors/traders who are doing the same but pretending they are doing something else by clever use of euphemisms...


  1. Value investors are not gamblers hor. Got margin of safety.

    1. CW,


      That means value investors "should not" have any positions that have unrealised losses right?

      Anyways, I don't care about nouns as in labels - what you call yourself.

      I much prefer the adjectives - money making or money losing ;)

    2. True breed value investors are really not gamblers

      But how many value investors really understand the essence and apply it during investing?

      SMOL, dun anyhow smoke lei, how it is possible to have zero unrealised losses in investing?

      every sunday buy at bottom meh... what has that got to do with value investing

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      But, but... Got margin of safety still can get unrealised losses?

      What's margin of safety for?

      You so funny! Why are you speaking up for "true breed" value investors?

      These "true breed" are having a laugh and probably giving me a pat on the back for saying what they wanted to get off their chests for the longest time!


      And they are probably found in point 3 or 4 ;)

  2. Smol,

    Born rich is not passive lei. U need to wait for your share of "estate" and edge out your competitors oops I mean siblings.

    High EQ wor

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      You are frightening...

      Born rich not enough?

      Must edge out all your siblings to be one and only?

      High EQ your head!

      That's pure greed. And sickness in the mind.

      Me? I subscribe to the principle of what's the point of being rich if we have no one to share it with?

  3. Smol,

    I am talking about reality not what we strive to be. Are u sure u dun have "rich friends"

    Maybe u fortunate, your rich friends all living and gentle and caring.

    Me? I know only a few, it's ugly. I am glad my family had nothing much to be left behind.

    Siblings quarrel over estate. It's never about how rich lor. Never also about absolute amount. But whatever nice words u put it, it is just ugly.

    Born rich is a curse as much as a blessing.

    Before the "prize estate" everyone brother brother sister sister. Like u say, it's sickening.

    Born rich, nevermind la.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I'm glad my side of the pond is a lot "sunnier" ;)

      From what you've described, I guess those rich people you know have neglected on their parental responsibilities to bring up their children "proper"...

      Well, that's part of their "sacrifice" for monetary success.

      With single-mindedness focus to achieve wealth, where got them to spend time with children to imbue in them sibling love and sharing?

      I know! It's the school's fault! You teachers are to blame!

      Busy parents have "outsourced" bringing up children to you all, you know?


  4. Hi SMOL,

    Point 2 entails the burden of performance. =/

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Ain't that the truth! No free lunch right?


  5. Replies
    1. Hey Rolf!

      Welcome back :)

      I'll defer and let others reply you.

      I'm out of my depths when it comes to wisdom...

      I'm just a pretty face ;)

  6. Hi smol

    I guess i am not able to finacial free le... as i cant find 1 of the above option that suit me now... sigh
    so sad... sigh...


    1. sy sy,


      Trust a girl to troll me!

      This post is classified under "Humour".

      And to see so many "sighs", that meant I've "failed" miserably!

      You har!

      Listen to your heart and you'll find your own path ;)

      Plan B

      1. Cannot born rich, our children or siblings can be rich right?

      2. Mistress or secret lover anyone?

      3. Microsoft and HP have created lots of millionaire employees.
      Trick is join early and get stock options ;)

      4. Ever heard of cronyism?

      5. Don't like Toto there's Big Sweep, weekend Singapore Turf
      Club, our two casinoes... What? Big daddy says legal wor!

      6. Those who can't - teach.

      Hope I've brought a smile back ;)

      If your jie-meis interested in 50 years young gigolo, must jio!

  7. Hi smol

    I sometimes also having problem read ur blog... paiseh... cos my ang moh really kanasai...
    Think i only understand the option 6... i will go learn this... hehehe
    Now i feel better... at least still got 1 option for me... heng ar :D

    Thanks ya

  8. Hi SMOL,

    Where would you slot these few suggestions?

    a) Migrate to another 'developing' country
    b) die young
    c) be a disciple of Diogene and renounce materialism

    1. LP,

      a) It's the closest thing to being "born rich"! Difference is we get to CHOOSE this time round ;)

      b) I don't know about the financial part, but for atheists, we are "free"! But to the religious, well, that's where the nightmare begins... Unless we go to Heavan or reach Nirvana?

      c) Don't need to renounce materialism. When we realise we have "enough", we are financially free ;)

      The No. 1,2,3 ranking post is to poke fun at money grabbers.

      There's nothing to slot for a, b, c... Its just a philosophical mindset.

      If we think we are poor, we are poor.

      If we think we are financially free; we are financially free :)

  9. Hi SMOL,

    Option 2, those 自命清高 will snort at your suggestion. Maybe sour grapes. Maybe blinded by love. They gotto wake up their idea. Free is worse than cheap ok! Then you also have those who would 'dor tiap' for love. *Roll eyes*


    1. Endrene,

      That settled it!

      In my next life, I'll come back as a 36,24,36, high cheek bones, big big ding-a-ling-ding-dings, miles of legs, and eyes so mesmerising that men will drown in them ;)

      I'll be a stewardess; hook a billionaire playboy.

      He stays faithful, I win.

      He can't keep his ding-dong in his pant, I win too with the alimony money :)

      Life as a barbie doll, its fantastic!

    2. I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world.
      Life in plastic, it's fantastic.

    3. Small Time Investor,

      Catchy song of the 90s isn't it?


      For younger readers who missed the 90s, here goes nothing:


  10. SMOL

    The guys can be the air stewards and go for the single wealthy jie-jes.

    This is also workable.


    1. Ben,

      Can also be as person trainer, gym instructors, dance coach, pool life guard and hair stylist; etc ;)

      Oh! I shared several years back that one of my lady sales colleague worked at those "attas" boutiques. She told me quite a lot of interesting stories what bored and rich tai-tais do with her male sales colleagues in the changing rooms...

      You think these rich ladies don't know what their husbands were up to during their overseas business trips?

      Their husbands 初一, the wives 十五...

  11. Hmmm, when I was in civil service ... saw quite a few people marrying rich ... not easy though (as least to me). Needed to be quite high fliers themselves, although family background not so "elite" .... But after marriage, had to pander to lots of the rich partner's family culture ... couple of them even had to join YPAP, hob knob with ministers & participate in MTP sessions & weekend walkabouts. Hahaha!!! Kids also had to be brought up in the "elite" & "politically pure" way! Stress!!! Kekeke!!!

    I wasn't a high flier (lazy ass maah!) & so couldn't get pass the golden gates into the club!! Hahaha!!! I could have tried joining YPAP but would most likely end up being their kopi boy or maid!! Hohoho!!!! :)

    1. Spur,

      Ah! The eunuch carry "bolah" kind of "elite"... Not my cup of tea.

      I am thinking more of the land owner kind as in Chamber of Commerce, Trade Associations, Golf Country Clubs, Marinas; etc.

      The former volunteer to burn weekends; the latter to enjoy weekends ;)

      But then, I should be talking!

      Weekends I work for minimum pay :(


    2. Is this worthwhile to go through all these hassle?

      I won't. Simple life is the way to go based on my prespective.


    3. Ben,

      You are asking a person who, without planning or goals, discovered I have "enough" when it dawned on me mom is not getting any younger...

      I don't think mom can wait for me to be "financially free" ;)

      I wasn't around when mom operated on her one knee; I was around when she went for her glaucoma eye surgeries.

      One door closed and another opened. I got time to develop my trading skills full time ;)

      So far so good!

  12. SMOL,

    Since we are at this topic of enunich etc, elites.

    During those pandering session with one another during my course. My friend says I will
    Get promoted soon, because I got "宰相 face. It's a joke of course. We are just poking fun at each other.

    I see no no no. I dun want to be 宰相,I want to be 奸臣,皇帝身邊的紅人,連宰相都要巴結的人。

    we all laughed. He called me 死太監 henceforth

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Eunuchs (gatekeepers) have led to the downfall of the Ottoman Empire and a few Chinese dynasties.

      Wise leaders will makes themselves accessible to all and verify things for themselves in the fields.

      "Managers" sit in the office and trust reports by "eunuchs" telling them what they wanted to hear...

      If you want to be 皇帝身邊的紅人, better learn the art of flattery!

      Don't stand straight; bow even lower ;)

  13. Lol.

    Art of flattery is more than what it seems.

    There is a 中橫家,which is same level as the 10 school of thoughts which include Confucius and art of war

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Like that ah... Might as well usurp the throne?


      Eh, its 纵横家 lah.

      You and your 鬼谷子!

  14. Smol,

    U good. My bad is 从横家。
    Usurp throne? 高处不胜寒。u got see emperor happily go into "retreat" or hermit a not?

    But court official have right ?

    lol ...u same same Ma... that's why can come back and be a good son. Climb high but not at the top

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I'm the Taoist at the bamboo grove; the Buddhist deep in the mountains.

      Work was a necessary "evil" until my wings were fully developed ;)

      Instead of complaining about corporate office politics, I played the "game" as best as I could, with the cards I was dealt.

      Its better to quit when we are ahead than to quit when we "have to"...

      And that's why I don't have a high opinion of those "investors" who parrot "Buy and Hold" ;)

      That's the classic euphemism used by bei kambings who were sold to this falsehood by snake-oils.

    2. Hi gentlemen,

      Knowing what we are working for makes the choices obvious. :)

      Would you do more work in the name of 'professional development' and 'career growth' if the paycheck doesn't get much bigger? Job also must look at 'profit potential' mah. :P



      SMOL, some day I'll be like you. 是时候放下,就放下。:)

    3. Endrene,

      Its never a number.

      When that time comes, you'll know it.

      Its a feeling. A thought. An itch ;)

      You girls have no problem recognising it.

      I can't say the same for some men though...


    4. Yes, it's all in knowing 丹心所照何人 ;)

    5. EY,

      Think I share the same freq as u. Optimal pay doesn't mean highest pay.

      I like your 半片江山只為幾千元。

      幾千元is a lot of money to me. But I know what to do when "opp" come le. Because it will. It be few thousands lol

      Sometimes we do it for pride and ego and not for money

      能賺就賺,with my character, I dun know can earn how long

    6. Haha. SI, I just told my son today that we must be very clear of the emotions that drive all our decisions. If we realise we are driven by fear - fear of punishment, fear of losing out/losing face, etc then we mustn't succumb. I have declined promotion twice before. Once when I was in the private sector and another when I was working in the same job as you. My decision to say 'no' was also driven by fear - fear of losing freedom. I know once I succumb to my pride, I can't get rid of the shackles to live a free spirited life. :)

      If an opportunity comes, go grab it if it is for the money. Take it as a deal - organisation pay you for your time and expertise. Just gotto decide if the money is worth whatever extra you are expected to throw in.

      If it is for passion, then money doesn't matter, does it?

      If it is for pride, I have nothing to say. LOL.


  15. Hi all,

    The circumstance of living paycheck to paycheck is not my cup of tea. One will be held to ransom by the employer who will start to instill unrealistic KPIs on the individual if he knows of it.

    I will be super-stressed if I am in such circumstance.

    Having the "F-U money" with no debt is the peace of mind. There is no worry about the loss of job due to retrenchment or other reason. I believe that some of you might have different opinions on the debt. It is natural. Different individuals are bound to have differentiating views. It will be a dull world if everyone have the same views. In fact, this makes the world more interesting.


    1. Ben,

      I welcome diversity at this watering hole.

      I think most readers may have discovered I have "poked" those "yalor yalor" commenters here ;)

      I rather you add something new to the table than to just echo...

      Hello! We no longer in BMT!


      P.S. I don't mind debt. I'm the OPM and OPT kind of guy :)

    2. SMOL,

      I like your style. I write based on the ideas which cropped in my mind at that very moment. My apologies for echoing the past said views. However, this might be a spring-off of fresh and unique ideas from you or others. I will then contribute whatever new freshy ideas at that point of time.

      Your view is noted by me.


    3. Ben,

      You're cool.

      I don't recall ever "poking" you for agreeing with me too much (yet)... LOL!

      See? When it comes to debts, we don't see eye to eye.

      Do speak your mind; just don't hit my face! I still need it to seduce jie jie mei mei OK?

      I'm a little uncomfortable when readers behave like they are my no.1 fan... Agreeing and following whatever I say...

      I know some other bloggers like that. They want to be the "shepherd" with the most number of followers. The bigger the number, the more we can charge for sponsored posts and speaking engagements mah!

      I just want scintillating conversations. Low brow talk "male-chicken" sessions also can!

      Just as long its fun! And not to be taken too seriously ;)

    4. SMOL,

      Take it easy man. I think that it takes time to remove the mental block with so many previous ideas and views suggested. Eventually, there are bound to be similar or almost similar

      My take is that one should continue to unleash the thinking power and be forthcoming in expressing as many ideas as possible. Who knows there will be marvellous/autheutic ideas generated along the way.



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