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Monday, 6 February 2017

Want to STANDOUT from the male office crowd?

If you take a walk down Raffles Place MRT during lunch time, look at the male office crowd there.

Everyone wearing the same boring business shirt, pants, and tie right?

Notice some do stand out and attract your gaze?

Bow ties and suspenders right?

But they are not suitable for everyone... Its hard to pull this look off if you don't look the part. And if not careful, you'll appear to be "trying too hard"...

Look again. There's another more subtle trick used by corporate warriors to set them apart from the rest of the worker ant hoard.


French cuffs. And cuff links.

If you do not already own business shirts with French cuffs, why don't you take some of your Ang Bao money and check them out during the post Lunar New Year sales at the department stores?

Of course you need to pair them with cufflinks.

Check out this website: Eminence Cufflinks.

On top of the existing online discount, if you enter the below discount code, you'll get an additional 10% off!

The discount code is: sgmanofleisure

Ladies, Valentine is coming. If the man in your life is already into cufflinks, you might want to surprise him (or her)?


  1. Hi SMOL,

    Never seen you wear a proper shirt before, much less cufflinks! LOL

    1. LP,

      As a promoter during my weekend gig, I had to buy new white business shirts and wear a tie :(

      19 years never wear long sleeve business shirts to work liao!

      My previous Howard Storage Word weekend job they got provide short sleeve uniform.

      In IKEA, I always wear T-shirt and jeans to work - maciam working for start-ups ;)

      And if I have to dress-up for business briefings, I wear a polo T-shirt. Got collar is "formal" enough!


    2. Work in retail quite fun hor. Next time when I grow old and financially free, I also want to become sales like u. :)

    3. pf,

      Its fun when you don't have to "fight" for commissions.

      You meet all sort of people.

      From the rich landed class buying home appliances for their 2nd or 3rd rental properties to the humble households trying to find something within their budgets...

      Its especially satisfying when customers who are salespersons themselves make an effort to give the sale to me when they return back.

      They want to make sure I get the commissions. I didn't have the heart to tell them I work on hourly rates - no commissions. LOL!

      They tell me they appreciate my consultative style of selling. It means I help customers to make the buying decision themselves - just like coaching.

      I'm not into "wah kali kong".

  2. Hi Jared,

    I don't ever notice about cuff links or what links. Anyway, to stand out, I just have to be myself - a girl :P

    1. Jes,

      French cuffs are more for the Shenton Way financial crowd and those in the hospitality industry ;)

      Must exude the "I got drink western ink look" mah!


      For a girl, its chiffon blouse, tight skirt, and heels!

      I can't emphasise enough on heels!

  3. Haha.... for me, the guys that standout more in Raffles Place are those that are well built and toned (oh yeah, you can tell). Don't really watch out for cuff links.

    1. Kate,

      Ah! You are into beefcakes! Hubba, hubba.

      I'm into cleavage and curves, but the women I end up with are often long, slender types, with miles of leg!? I think there's some dissonance here somewhere...


      Cufflinks are just the accessory to French cuffs. Just like tie-pins are to ties.

      That's why I'm the only blogger who wrote this advertorial that mentioned French cuffs ;)

      Got even remind readers that you must buy a NEW business shirt with French cuffs first!

      Once I ever saw a salary man that wore cuffs links with Oxford business shirt!? Face-palm. Just like those men who wear suspenders with belts...

      Monkey see; monkey do (but wrongly). But then, we all have to start somewhere ;)

      Men who wear shirts with French cuffs do stand out as its part of a total "well-groomed" look.

      Try spotting how many men who wear French cuffs that are pot-bellied, wear ugly comfortable walking shoes, and have no sense of colour as in matching ties?

      I don't wear business shirts with French cuffs. I'm pot-bellied.

  4. Hi SMOL,

    Gone are the days both ACCICB and I wore cuff links with business shirts ;P

    1. Joyce,

      In the banking and hotel industries, you guys are the ones who wear jackets in our weather...

      What to do?

      Every industry have their norms and unique culture.

      You should see how I winced when I discover I had to wear long sleeve business shirt and tie for my weekend gig last November!

  5. For me is the shoes and watches!;)
    If you are handsome, wear anything also got people see!

    1. WolfT,

      Of course! If only I am so lucky!

      But then again, men don't need to be handsome just as long we have... ;)


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