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Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to have youthful looking skin?

Stay out of the sun.

No, really!

Ultraviolet light is the culprit.

Don't believe?

Just look at your underarm or your inner thigh.

Skin there baby soft and smooth right?

Now imagine that could be your face if you just stay out of the sun!


No need laser or botox. No need SKII or facial masks.

No need take antioxidant or collagen pills.

Just carry a brolly and use it!

Don't say this watering-hole is just a sausage fest.

I got take care of the women here, you know?

I can write Cosmopolitan too! Wink.



  1. Replies
    1. CW,

      Yes, UV kills germs.

      UV give us cataracts too.

      Makes our skins become leathery, dry, and wrinkled... But we have a fabulous tan!

      Do be careful though. Over exposure to sun may give us freckles (very cute), sunburns (no fun), and if bad luck, skin cancer... (super suay)

      As with everything, there is the good with the bad. UV provide us with vitamin D. If you have vitamin D deficiency... Get out of the house more! Just use a brolly.

      In Sweden, some get depression during the dark, long, winters. The treatment is they put you in a lighted room!?

      No wonder to ang mohs, their idea of a paradise is a tropical island with the sun and blue ocean!

      To us Asians, we go, "So hot!"


    2. Yes totally agree. In Aussie last nov, I went to the beach all covered up and stood in the shade to view seagulls and beach scape. The ang mohs were in trunks/bikinis lying under the sun.
      The wind & sun is no joke and I am baffled at how they could tahan...

    3. Rainbow girl,

      Ah! Australia so fun!

      Dec go its Summer over there; and June its Winter!?

      When I see ang mohs "burnt" red like chilli crab, I cringed, "That got to hurt at night!"

      It's like this one. Ang mohs must find Asians weird - come all the way here and instead of enjoying the sun and sea, hide in the shade...


  2. Radiance comes from inside too!

    It is true whatever way u look at in.

    Sausages don't JUST look outside, contrary to what others might say or think LOL

    1. Sillyinvestor,


      Getting in touch with your feminine side too?

      When your course finishing?

      Free let me know. I still owe you one coffee!

    2. Smol,

      My course ends in 3rd May, but I will be overseas from 5 march to 11 march.

      Yup, with UN too. Not sure if our newly minted father can make it ... lol.

      U own the bloggersphere something too with that fisherman too, dun forget

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      I see. You free jio me then!

      As for kopi with others, don't mix them up. They have to pay for kopi with me and the fisherman ;)

      The topic will probably about money.

      If I meet with you one to one, I'll be more interested to exchange ideas on the craft of pedagogy with you ;)

    4. Bros, good to organize a meet up session.
      I will be so happy to join!

      Radiance comes from within, this I agreed with SI!

    5. Rolf,

      Got it ;)

      Now that CNY mood is over, I think I better restart our kopi sessions with CW.

      I suffering from inertia.


  3. Hi SMOL,

    I always find it contradictory for society's expectation for women. Expect women to wear skirts and blouse (with legs and arms not covered), but expect them to stay fair. Expect them to put make up all day, but expect their skin to be blemish free. Expect them to wear heels but expect their legs to be toned.

    So, how to have youthful skin?

    Be in love. You'll have glowing, radiant skin that looks the most beautiful and fair to the one who is significant to you. Whoever sees you only up to skin level deep is probably not the one for you anyway :)

    1. LP,

      I am reminded of my ex sales colleague who married an insurance District Manager. She works to pass time. How many retail sales you know wear a Chopal watch to work?

      She had fabulous skin and is fair like Japanese girl.

      One day, another sales promoter who is single asked her for the secret of her great complexion.

      This married rich jie-jie replied, "Women must have regular... you know that one." She winks and animates with her hands in a pumping motion. "Must moisturise. If not, everything will become dry, dry."

      You should have seen the shocked face of that single promoter! LOL!

      I tell you. Girls and women tell the raunchiest and naughtiest jokes ever!

  4. SMOL, you very naughty.

    But it is well known that they(women)can share their most intimate secrets about their partners or soulmates among themselves succinctly fine but man cannot or know how to.

    It just too private for man to share without losing the respects of being a gentleman.

    1. temperament,

      Crazy right?

      Men only do "false bravados" and exaggerates our sexual encounters.

      I sometimes have to remind my women friends that just because I'm a good listener does not mean they should say everything in front of me!

      You know right?

      Some of the things they shared make me go red in the face like a cooked chilli crab!

    2. hahaha.... as long as she is telling the truth from her heart!

      Pardon me a bit, but I quite certain that skin problems can be a result of our character.

      Eg People who worry a lot or have lots of stresses, normally it can be reflected in their outlook inevitably.

      A spiritual mind should also help less the sun!

    3. i have witnessed a young woman because of too much work related stress and uncertainty of what she wanted to do next, started to have skin rashes and hairs from her head.

      IT is really priceless to be able to sleep at night.

    4. Rolf and temperament,

      Thanks! Now we have more tips on how to have youthful looking skin!

      Don't be stressed.

      Another symptom of stress is obesity...



      See reflection in mirror.



      The circle continues :(

      So be happy! Have fun!


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