Thursday 19 January 2017

无为 - Non Action

无为而无不为 - “The Tao never strives, yet nothing is left undone.”

Again, sometimes its good to remember our 5000 years of Chinese wisdom passed down through the ages.

You may already be practicing it without knowing the philosophy behind it - that's even better!

Our Singaporean blogger working in Taiwan is example of living without measurement or goals:

If eating 70% full is already part of your dietary habit, and a jog every evening is part of your daily lifestyle, do you still need weight loss goals or count and track your calorie intake?

In the Corporate world, we call it Systems or Processes.

Once systems or processes are in place, we don't meddle with it until its broken!

We track and measure and use SMART goal settings at the beginning of a journey when we don't trust ourselves...

Not sure whether our motivation is just another one of those "3 minutes' worth of passion activities" that we often start but never finish...

Or when our new activities have not become 2nd nature like in habits or lifestyle choices.

Once we have crossed the river, why do you still need the sampan?



  1. 侯王若能守之,万物将自化。” If Lords and Kings can hold on to this , all things would be developed and corrected by themselves "
    .. seems like market move in cycles ,,and pendulum swing ...will be corrected by themselves ..:-)
    Cheers !!

    1. STE,

      If only Central Bankers can heed that advice!

      The best cure for high prices is high prices.

      The best cure for low prices is low prices.

      I were too young to appreciate the monetary "reset" in 1971.

      It seems with the mountain of debts in all major economies of the world (US, Europe, China, Japan), we may have to live through another "reset" sometime in the future.

      And that's not so fun :(

  2. Hi SMOL,
    LOL ! ,,, 1970 I was also just 1 year old ,,, hahaha,,, yup,,, the " monetary/ currency reset in 1970s was painful for some but made some happy ,,, as it was carried out based on " petrodollars " platforms ,,, for current set of problem,,, with ballooning US debts to close to 19 trillion. ,, any reset will have huge and catastrophic impact on global financial system and markets ,,, one may not be able to imagine on the scale of the damage as is unprecedented,, :-(
    Below is interesting web link to see the clock ticking on the debts level,,,
    Cheers !!

    1. STE,

      Actually, in Asia, we just have to take a look at the financial history of those countries with lots of zeros behind their bills.

      Painful for those who aren't aware inflating your debt away is one common solution used by snake-oil politicians...

    2. Ops !! " ringgit " will have more zeros on their bills ? Cheong-ah ! Let's go JB shopping then ,,,some said change $ 100 SIN and and spend ,,shop and eat there ,,,, at the end of the day,, still can bring back 1 $100 bill ( RM) ,,, hahaha ,,, so next time ,,, may be can bring back 2... :-)

    3. STE,

      I was more referring to Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, etc.

      Even the "mighty" US dollar has lost 90% of its purchasing power since the inception of the US Fed.

      I guess this is one area where LONG TERM may work against us :(


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