Tuesday 17 January 2017

Is this why Millennials want to seek Financial Freedom by age 35?

If you have 15 minutes, you may want to watch this video and reflect.

It has nothing to do with investing or trading (or does it?), but I think there are some parallels on how financial bloggers and their readers behave in our community.

1)  What's with the trend of young adults just starting work already making goals to be financially free before age 35?

You wonder whether its an euphemism just to mask their failures to cope in the corporate world... Investing to "escape"?

Since they have no freaking idea what to do with their lives, financial freedom becomes a convenient temporary "excuse"? At least now they have some "purpose" in their lives!

Notice some bloggers start their blogs at the lowest point in their corporate careers or were between jobs? (I'm not making any judgement, just pointing out what I see)

Can you also spot the cognitive dissonance when they say they are investing for the looooong term, yet they want it all by age 35...

2)  Those of you near my generation can attest to it. When we form relationships, its through face to face interactions.

We go on dates to make sure the person we like is not "mental"...

That's also why we have business lunches and dinners to "size-up" our business partners. 

You can't fax a handshake or teleconference a congratulatory hug.

When we say friends, we don't automatically think of Facebook friends, do we? 

And definitely not someone whom we never met and only knew with an anonymous nick!          

Which reminds me, please don't Facebook me when I don't know you. Just because you've read my blog does not make us "friends".

I'm like woman; I need foreplay.

At the very least we must have a "relationship" in the comments section first lah!

3)  Why do I care? Because its profitable!

Self awareness of my own motivations so I can better select the "right" vehicle for myself is a given.

Knowing how millennials think and behave as a group may present interesting investment thesis and trading ideas for me to exploit.

If I want to hunt foxes and wolves, I go where the sheep are. Wink.



  1. ...Then when they hit FF by 35:

    1). they realize that they have sped up too much and left their friends behind :(

    2). they stare at their spouses 24/7 until sian......(thinking of activities with spouse/kids need brain power and creativity!)

    3). ennui with living. Time to get hobbies! (Oops, hobbies cost money, ya know)

    Then maybe back to the workforce because portfolio drawdown too much, LOL

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      I've noticed those who are happily enjoying their financial freedom are those who have a philosophical or spiritual foundation underpinning their lifestyles.

      Some do God's work, some do causes like tree hugging or save the pets, while others pursue art, culture, music, and other creative pursuits.

      Some travel. Some cook. Some enjoy their grandchildren. They are into relationships with people.

      Some put their bodies and minds to extreme stress to test their limits. Running marathons, yoga, and/or trade their brains out.

      Some mentor others as consultants or venture capitalists. Or just be grandparents who are there to listen ;)

      There is a reason to get up in the morning. They know their ikigai.

      It's not just those who achieved financial freedom at 35. There are a lot more retirees with holes in their hearts staring out into space at the HDB void decks...

      All these time while being "busy" working, they have never asked WHY are they getting up in the morning for...

  2. Hi SMOL

    Maybe the younger adults who chase financial freedom because they see their family members kanna retrench. Unable to find work; struggle for a long time to feed the family.

    If not, they desired the security blanket of having adequate resource in their bank accounts. It gives them the confidence to speak up to their supervisors without fearing the retribution of losing their livelihood, call out their colleague’s bullshit, have more balls at the workplace to do what they think is right, or even giving the boss the finger.

    1. chewyc,

      We don't need to be financially free to be an obnoxious person ;)

      The person you describe is not exactly "appealing" to hang out with...

      These "nouveau riche" people don't treat service people well. I know. I've been on the receiving end :(

      We can find colleagues who came from humble backgrounds but are confident to speak up and express themselves.

      Have meaningful disagreements and lively debates with their superiors and peers without resorting to flashing the finger...

      You can't buy EQ with money.

      Attitude (not money) is a better guide to determine whether we are bitter or gracious towards life in general ;)

  3. Becoming househusband is noble!

    More fathers are taking the path of financial independence to become househusband.

    1. CW,

      It also reflects the fact that more women are taking on the breadwinner role in the family ;)

      Which is good as that means women are moving up the corporate career and earning more than their husbands.

      Again, we don't need to be financially free to be a househusband.

      Just an open mind and a understanding wife :)

    2. Yeah. I want be househusband!

    3. OT83,

      Oh my! How many years have it been?

      My LP cbox and early blogging journey companion!

      Talk about househusband you so excited?

      If you and your missus can live on her salary alone, why not?

      Do it!

      I can't stand little brats so I can't be one if got children. But if we DINKs, then I wouldn't mind too ;)

      Imagine what fun if I'm the only fox amongst the chickens in the whole apartment block?

      Mrs Tan, want to do yoga at my place?

      Mdm Lee, do teach me how to bake those delicious cup-cakes! Mmm....

      What? No problem Jenny! I can change the light bulb in your bedroom :)

      I think I'll be super popular with the desperate and bored housewives!

      Hubba, hubba.


      What? Just male fantasies only lah!

  4. Smol,

    As u mentioned there are FIre people or old retired people with a hole in the heart.

    The reverse is true too, at least for
    Me or me alone. The FI is a hole in my heart even when I think genuinely like my work (most of it) and the relationships.

    I am thinking of teaching as long as my body able me to, but FI is a hole.

    But it's ok. I can carry on with a hole, and admitting that there is a hole doesn't help or hinder, neither does it heals

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I had a hole in my heart too.

      Last year while have kopi with the fisherman and a lady who is working with adult education, I casually mentioned maybe I should take up my A' levels?

      Got poked by the lady for what?

      Yup, on the surface I may say its for self actualisation and all that jazz...

      But the truth is vanity. I wanted to be called A' levels school leaver instead of O' level school leaver :(

      She very sharp. Saw through me.

      Thanks to her, my compass is back to True North. And I took up Conversational Malay instead :)

      The hole in our hearts can heal; but the scar remains.

    2. Hi Smol

      This is akin like most people wants to pursue a degree just for the "degree", by the way I'm a diploma holder coming from ITE background ( yes, there are scars too.)

      You are already 上山不问下山人 level liao

    3. Small Time Investor,

      Ah! You remember that post ;)

      Yup, even if had gone all the way and finish my degree after A' levels, what would that have accomplished?

      Just vanity so I can add some alphabet behind my name in a name card?

      But I no longer have any need for name cards!


      But the learning of new languages? Now that's something I would enjoy for the fun of it!

      After Malay I guess Japanese would be next. Not because I want to be a tour guide or sell things to Japanese, but so I can read anime and watch manga!

      Now that's self actualisation!

  5. temperament,

    Oh yeah!

    You were the pioneer as househusband too!

    Must be tough on you during that transition.

    Especially during CNY...

    Whisper, whisper. You know? XX husband still not working after 2 years.... Whisper, whisper.

    Now I envy youths. Can't get along with corporate life after graduation? Quit and start a hipster café!

    Or take 2 years off to see the world to "find" yourself.

    Meanwhile, sugar daddy and mommy pay the bills ;)


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