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Friday, 23 September 2016

You free on 23 Oct 16 Sunday afternoon?

The good people who invited me as a speaker last year have organised another seminar next month on 23 Oct 2016, Sunday 1-5pm.

No, I won't be speaking again as this time. I think they have found out painfully last year, anything that's free is probably "suspect"... LOL!

Do check out the speakers below:

You know what? It's not free! Thank goodness for that!

Friend, only $20 per person.


Just enter "BLOG50" when you register they will give you a 50% discount?

Yes. Only $10.

Pay a few hundreds for a course preview is "bei kambing; free is "suspect".

$10 is the sweet spot. Ah...

P.S.  I've marked this post as advertorial; but I'm not paid a single cent to write this post. Sometimes its not always about money, money, money.

Although having said that, I'll put on his tab one drink the organiser "hutang" me. Cannot be free. That will lead to abuse...   


  1. Do you have $10 to spare I am free? :-)

    1. CW,

      Of course I got $10 to spare.

      But I rather spend it on 3 x Big Sweep and $1 Toto quick-pick ;)

      You ownself spend on ownself OK?

      How fast things change. One of the speakers with me last time already "disappeared" from our community...

      The startup (app + website) he headed was sold to one of the current speakers.

      The merry-go-round thing is starting to happen...

      Too many financial websites when Singapore market so small...

  2. Heh. I'd rather give you $10 AND buy you a drink. Then you can hold the session one-on-one with me leh.

    1. Kevin,

      Just so you know, I don't do lap dances. But if you give me a million, I'll call you, "Daddy!"

      Got free drink, just jio me along! Just as long its week days/nights.

      Friday nights no problem as I work the afternoon shift during weekends ;)


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