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Monday, 19 September 2016

Tablets - outsourcing for parenthood


  1. It's a tool with more downsides than upsides.

    Only a few wise parents can make use of the upsides while managing the downsides.

    As for age? I saw adults meeting at Starbucks but texting away... LOL. Meet for what, not texting to reply a message u know lol

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Yah, I've seen it too.

      When people do this to me, and I'm feeling naughty, I will poke them, "Wah! You must be doing big business!"

      It stings stronger when they know I trade currencies yet I don't need to check my phone every 5 seconds ;)

      Those natural snake oils and politicians will make you feel they are giving you their undivided attention whenever you talk to them.

      And you won't be surprised they move up the corporate ladder faster than you - they understand human nature.

      Today, we call them people with high EQ.

      Some parents know this. That why they send their kids to drama, dancing, singing, music schools.

      By the way, how do your school handle smart phones? Do students have to turn off their mobiles? Or can they secretly facebook each other while you teaching?


    2. Actually Smol,

      I am ok if that person just need to reply a message, but if so busy than he need to on the phone the majority of the time, I will excuse myself ...

      Both my schools (precious and current) only allowed pupils designated place and time to use the phone ( mine is a primary school) after school at the canteen or the security post, other time is needs to be switch off.

      My previous school has a lot of pupils from "rich" families, so many pupils will secretly use it. (Like I dun know) this current do not have this problem

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      I see.

      I guess somethings don't change...

      My time if I bored I would doodle on my scrap book or "space out" while looking at the teacher.


    4. Oh Smol,

      I still space out and doodle now, when I am bored during presentation and workshop. A lot of overrated workshops IMHO.

      A lot of pupils in my current school space out ... Sighs....

    5. LOL!

      I guess we are still the same whether we kids or grownups :)


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