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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What Will You Choose If You Could Go to School All Over Again?

1) Do you enjoy what you are doing now?

Why yes! I have the luxury to do what I like on weekdays - trading and investing full time in my little dungeon called home. And on weekends, I can take my day offs by working as weekend retail sales on the selling floor. Can rest my mind!

The bonus? I can let mom pamper me during the weekdays. Yup, I guess that makes me a momma's boy!

2) Is it related to what you studied in school? 

Can't say no can I? If we say the purpose of school is to teach us to read, speak, and count?

3) If you could be a student or apprentice all over again, what would you study or learn? Why?

If I had a chance to be a student all over again, I would join the school band and learn to play a musical instrument for free!

I joined the school band when I was in primary 3; I played the cornet. But I quit after one year. A decision I regretted. No, not the quitting part. I have no talent on the cornet. But I could have switched to drums or anything that does not involve "blowing".

Why? Life without music is life without soul.

I do make up for it by being a loud vocalist in my showers. The acoustics are great! Not sure my neighbours will agree though...

4) Do you have a university degree? Has it helped you in your career?

No, I'm not a graduate. I left school at 16 after my O' levels.

Can I say playing the corporate game with a handicap gave me a slight edge for I am leaner, hungrier, and cheaper?

Wait, that sounds familiar... Let's not go there. LOL!

5) What advice would you give to your 10-years-younger-self?

I'm now 49 years young going by my birth year.

A 39 young me? Hmm...

Look out! Mid-life crisis ahead! As if this isn't enough...There's male menopause too!


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I will not choose to go to school again or relive my life again since I'm assuming to do that would mean forgetting what we know now about ourselves. I could still possibly make the wrong decisions again so it's best to continue moving and look towards the future.

    1. Joyce,

      Smart girl!

      I like your reply :)

      I was asked the above questions by an on-line commercial lifestyle website.

      They decided to feature the replies of other 15 Singaporeans.

      I guess my answers were not what they were expecting... LOL!

  2. Smol,

    If we have another chance, does it mean the grades is no a prob? LOL

    Not sure if I am a straight A person will I opted for medicine or sorts? Nah

    Think will still go Teachinh

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I think we can treat the questions as 2 parts:

      1) Pure hypothetical. Say say only since we can't go back to the past.

      2) Its something we can effect in the here and now. We have people going back to school in their 40s, 50s, even 60s!

      Adult education :)

      Re-training anyone?

  3. Don't look back. Do it now! Young man

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      Hey! You are nice!

      Compared to someone reminiscing in his 80s, I am indeed young!

      It's so nice to be alive and living ;)

    2. I am sure you can be music prodigy if you start right now with the creativity and energy that you used to poke ppl. Lol.

      That is why I am racing to revive my life as soon as possible. I don't know how many 5 years I have left.

      Thanks for the ikea food

    3. Frugal Daddy,


      Slow down. Walk; don't run.

      You may want to enjoy and savour the current here and now too ;)

      Some people are proud to share they have travelled to 14 European countries in 2 weeks. Always racing; always with the next goal objective in mind...

      Spread the word - IKEA ice-cream is the cheapest in Singapore! Only 50 cents ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Lizardo,

      I've past the first wave of anxiety attacks.

      Not sure whether I'm now at the eye of the storm, or my mid-life crisis is over!?

      If I start to hang a big medallion on my chest, and wear white pants, well, my Bee Gees phase is back!


  5. I know why I miss school, not because I miss all the studying and exams but the mentorship I get. In the past working years, I felt like I am my own mentor (except for the first few months when someone shows me how the system work) and subsequently I am expected to mentor others. Then I lose motivation.
    I won't choose to study all over again but I hope to continue meeting mentors in my life journey so I can be propelled.

    1. Rainbow lady,

      Ha ha!

      You like older men :)

      Make sure they are not married first OK?

      No girl likes to be mentored by other bitches ;)

    2. If younger men can be my mentor that means I really fail at my job liao. Jialat la, all my mentees currently are girls. (Where are all the cute young guys? lol.)

    3. Rainbow lady,

      Yup, that's what they are probably calling you ;)

      That means your industry mainly girls.

      Retail good for me; lots of mei mei and jie jie :)

      Hmm... The cute young guys are in Korea?

      I saw in a documentary that young Korean men's spending on makeup, facials, etc; are on par with women.

      Even surgery to make them more handsome!?


      Visit Seoul and blog about your K-pop toy boy encounters?

      Do share whether the Korean girls look like those on TV too OK?

      I've yet to visit Korea ;)

    4. Yes, cos I also work in retail. Time to 'zhuan hang'.

      I have been to Korea and blogged about it lol (rainbowluggage.blogspot). I am definitely more fascinated by the scenery than any cute young guys there. Don't know if the documentary exaggerated their beauty culture, most of them look ordinary really. Along gangnam district can see plastic surgery ads plastered all over especially in the train and train station.

    5. Rainbow lady,

      Ah! We are "tong hang" :)

      Will check out your travel blog ;)

      I'm more a city walker. I prefer to roam cities on foot and preferably in public transportation to people watch the locals :)

  6. Hi Smol,
    i agree on the music part.
    i spend a small fortune on cds and musical dvds before the internet age.
    i found each time i listen to a same piece of music or song, i may not feel the same.
    It may depend on my mood.
    At times i can lost myself completely in the music.
    Some people believe that listening to music every day will keep you young and gay.
    So of course i will major in music if i have my choice when young again
    i listen almost everyday.

    1. temperament,

      We have gone through vinyl, cassette tapes, CDs, and DVDs.

      Although YouTube and internet have saved us a lot of money nowadays, its also a bit sad to see the music stores obliterated over the years...

      I hope the same won't happen to our bookstores.

      But I guess that's "progress"...


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