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Friday, 11 March 2016

流浪到淡水 - We played the cards we were dealt to the best of our abilities!

A song dedication to temperament, myself, and all our brethren and sisters who were not exactly dealt with a good set of cards...

But hey! I would like to think we had more fun!

Especially the detours... Opps! I meant excursions. Wink.

Without the weight of expectations on our shoulders, our footsteps are lighter.


P.S.  To those of you just starting out, I was there. I know. 

If you don't like to climb mountains, don't have to follow others.

Rowing down the river is just as fun!

Find your own niche.

It takes time.

It took me at age 30 to find a diamond hole for a diamond peg like myself. That ended my gypsy life of constant job hopping. (For new readers, take a look at My Story tab at the top.)
 I was lucky.

It may take a lifetime for you.

The game only ends when we fold our cards.

Living is too interesting. Hang on as long as we can!



  1. How fast will the stream be this time? What height are you rowing down from? I hope don't meander, I don't have the patience. Lol

    1. SMK,

      Oh!The fireworks path you seek?

      Super quick ascent, burst with a bang into brilliance, everyone clap, and silence...

      Everyone switches focus to the next firework ;)

      Time is on my side.

  2. SMOL,

    How do we find the I in the midst of Us? Once we have the relationship clear, we know what we should do.

    Doing what we like is freedom, the reverse is happiness.

    Do what we don't like, but we should is courage

    24 hours... As long as no regret at the end of day the way it is spent

    I dun know if I like to climb mountain or roving better. I just keep climbing

  3. This video is indeed about "ai pia cia e ya"
    Look at the guitarist with the deformed hand.
    If he is not complaining, what about you?

  4. On the other hand.........


    1. temperament,

      I like the ending of the talk ;)

      1) Networking.

      It all about people :)

      2) Purpose.

      Its another word for ikigai - the reason we get up in the morning :)

      I guess at the end of the day, our methods or vehicles may differ, the core values are the same.

  5. What would be the advise for the youngsters starting out - go and try to climb mountain first or row down the river first?
    Climb mountain until we lose sight of the river but later regretted why we didn't take the other path. Talk about futility...

    1. Rainbow lady,

      That's why the strength of youth is you don't know what cannot be done!

      Hence youth can do well to listen less to "elders" and DO more ;)

      Hit our noses against the wall more often, trip and fall down once in a while. Make a few detours in life.

      Then old got lots of scars and war stories to tell and impress the hell out of youth!?

      If we just take the "safe" path, well, at best we can tell youth to "study hard, work hard"? What else can you say?

      In short, papa don't preach, mama don't nag.

      We were young once ;)

  6. Hi Jared,

    Any tips for people like me who just started out or are still 流浪-ing to find our niche? Going 30 still living gypsy life leh...

    1. Jes,

      Thomas Edison tried one element after another before you found tungsten that worked!

      I kept changing companies until I found IKEA.

      I have to slightly disagree with your Coftea and side with Steve Jobs - Don't Settle.

      Lucky, we stumble to our niche early. Unlucky, can take a life time...

      I read about a Japanese woman who published her collection of poetry at age 80...

      After the death of her husband and her children all grown-up, she finally had the time for herself.

      Sorry, being good at what we do and doing what we like is not the same.

      My only "advice" is go give Coftea a kick and tell him don't try to "psycho" or tell little lies to himself!

      Don't settle ;)


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