Monday 19 October 2015

How Cats and Dogs Think

Think for a moment how you view your employer.

How you behaved in front of big daddy every election.

Notice your behaviour when you ask others for help?

As an investor/trader, do you behave more like the dog or cat when it comes to your relationships with intermediaries like brokers; analysts; financial advisers; SGX, MAS, banks; insurance companies; mutual funds, etc? 



  1. They feed me. I care for myself so passive income. Think like both cat and dog.

    1. CW,

      High five!

      Either extremes are no good. One is too subservient; the other hubris.

      We want to be grateful, yet don't lose the focus on ourselves - balance.

      The recent news about the woman who complained HDB 4 room too cramp for 7 people???

      7 people in HDB 5 room will also feel too cramp!

      I've served such people on the selling floor....Treat me like dirt and make unreasonable requests....

      Thank goodness there are also well centred people who are very gracious with sales staff - even though its crystal they come from the landed class. Genuine politeness and have an interest in people.

  2. LOL!

    I didn't know cat people analyse too much?

    Technically, the pic is more about how cats and dogs differ in their relationship with human owners; its not about cat or dog lovers per se ;)

    We can see it in our community.

    Some treat their "shepherd" as "God"; while some are adept at leveraging on Other People's Talent/Time (OPT).

    Wise land owners will have snake-oils working for them.

    Sotong land owners will do the bidding of snake-oils...

  3. Good food for thought. Never mind whether it is cat-food or dog-food.

    And it also made me think that it all depends on the definition of 'god'

    But that is a long story ;-)

    1. Andy,

      I often look back at my mentors and managers who are great at leadership during my corporate life.

      They are able to bring out my potential and the best in me - yet all of them allowed and encouraged me to do my own "thing"!

      Then there are those "managers" who just want nothing short of cloning all of us into his/her self-image?

      Ha ha! I know where you are going on the definition of "god" ;)

  4. Hi SMOL,

    Dogs prefer to be in a pack whereas cats are more independent by nature....

  5. I sat next to a cat on a bench in a park 2 days ago. Tot it looks cute n tried to pat it but kenna scratched by it. Tough luck.

    1. Penguin,

      Must win the cat's trust first before you invade it's personal space mah!

      Need foreplay ;)

      You suka suka anyhow touch?

      Lucky the cat never scratch your eyes out!

  6. Wah lau...but strange my son touch the cat nothing happened. Maybe the cat likes him.


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