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  1. since you are in this subject, let me ask you a few question that i'm been working on for a while, very chimp one haha...

    we know our universe is 13.8 billion years old, or solar system 5 billion there about. thats a very long time human terms, question is why only now, exactly now that you (and me ofcos) exist, why not before say during WW2 or after say i million years from now??

    why now??

    1. the second question is, where were you before you born? and the third where will you be when smol dies?

      mind you these are not religous question but if you want to copy them, by all means.

    2. Coconut,

      "we know..." is not very exact. No we don't know for sure. Some scientist through studying of certain objects deduced that and told us. And we (or at least some of us) believe they are correct. Did we verify it? NO, we didn't, we merely believe.

    3. Maybe the goal in life is to learn some lessons. Once we learnt it, we absorb the lessons and when we die, the lessons are also passed down to the next life and the next. It doesn't matter whether we're born in this time or not. Who knows if we can actually be born in another life time in 1930s. Time need not be in one direction.

      For all we know, this could just be a software. There's more future ahead of us than behind us. Perhaps all of these are just an elaborate simulation of human consciousness, a sort of virtual reality with its own space of physics and laws. Like matrix.

    4. coconut,

      I welcome these questions!

      I've asked them myself as part of my spiritual cultivation.

      OK, my attempt at your first question:

      The answer is 缘。

      I don't know the appropriate English translation since "fate" does not quite describe it...

      It's like the question how life started?

      I'm the result of all the preconditions for life coming together at the right moment - 缘起。

      That's why I am here right here, right now. Not before, and not after ;)

      If the preconditions for my existence are no longer tenable, I'll revert to who I am before I was born - 缘灭。

    5. coconut,

      As for the 2nd and 3rd questions, I came from the cosmos; and I'll return to the cosmos.

      A bit anti-climax but that's the simple answer.

      We often see the world from a "I" or "ego" perspective. With "me" as the centre of the universe.

      But as we have discussed some years back, our expanding universe does not have a centre!

      Take away the concept of "I", we'll see "water" in snow, fog, ice, cloud, etc. The forms may differ; but the essence is still the same :)

      Hence there's universe in me, and there's me in the universe.

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Been thinking about this for half a day. I think initially when I'm younger, i'm living for myself. Then it's living for my parents, then for my wife, then perhaps for my kids. Maybe one day I'll be living for strangers beyond my immediate family, and then finally for everything else in the universe.

    I believe it's a good sign that I'm encompassing bigger and bigger sphere, until there's no you or I or them. Everything is me, and I am everything. That would be the ultimate stage.

    1. LP,

      I've evolved the complete opposite from you ;)

      The day I was born, I was here for the future of the world. Then I became the hope for Singapore. It got progressively parochial until I'm here for my parents and siblings.

      I'm moving towards living for myself as I grow younger by the day ;)

      I'm one selfish egotistical grasshopper...

      Hopeless as hopeless can be!


    2. haha you guys!!!

      some time its call inteligent guess, no one say its the truth, about how old the universe is.

      the more intelgent one are saying we might have a multi-verse instead of just one universe. just like we only discover the size of our universe only about 80 years ago, it make a lot of sense.

    3. the physic in our universe are the same, if we can calculate it on earth, we can do it for the whole universe, its finate even the number is very big.

      what we can't do is at the boundary where times and space break down such as black hole and beyond and during the early universe expansion.

      when we dies, thats also happen when time (means we) breaks down, no body knows.

    4. so at this boundary lies the secret or unknown but definately a link to the other "universes" if multi-verse is correct.

      same goes to human at our boundary point, when we pass, thats where the link to another universe.

      in short, we, the consious of time (not being) continue on forever.

    5. thats my boldess asumption and i'm looking forward to it!

    6. coconut,

      This parallel and multi-dimensional universes thing is so cool right?

      But then again, a pity my tiny brain can only comprehend so much...

      Still, thanks to the indomitable human spirit to ask and question things, and with evidence based verification for himself, we have peeled off quite a large section of the veil of ignorance over our heads since Galileo's days...

  3. Hi People,

    If we don't go back so long to the beginning of universal but the beginning of life on earth, I can't temember the years but it should be accurate as the fossils of dinosaurs' age can be tracked back accurately.

    After concept of time, think concept of space and distance. It's equally mind boggling.

    If we track back to the beginning, there are only 3 schools of thoughts. One: Chaos
    Two: gods three: cycle

    But no matter how insignificant our life is to the greater things, it is nonetheless "unique" and if u take the religion route, the only possibility to discover "truth" or awaken.

    But WTF, live my life.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I feel spiritual when looking into the night sky.

      I share the same common elements of Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen with the stars.

      I'm made from stardusts!

      I am neither insignificant, nor will I think the universe is created just for me.

      A star dies; a new one is born.

      As I look into the universe; the universe is looking right back at me :)

  4. yap i think silyinvestor got a point there, the concept of time!

    when i ask where were you before you born, i don't mean the physical you but the concious you, where the hell was you?? where was the concept of your time?

    think again please haha...

    1. wa coconut!

      After your MIA, you suddenly become so philosophical! I like ... LOL

      I think SMOL didn't mean the physical "him" too...

      But since we are at this, lets join the fun.

      SMOL, 缘 is usually used with "因缘和合", which I translate loosely with the confluence of factors coming together, fall apart it "缘灭",as you say it.

      but what is yuan? Is the confluence of factors a "coincident"? From your leaning, it would be affected by karmic forces...

      By karmic forces are created by "life" which can make "decisions and actions"

      So non-life form existence like the galaxy is "coincident"?

      So it goes back to cycle and chaos sources....

      I am confused myself so pardon me LOL

    2. coconut,

      Ah! The "ego" is strong in you ;)

      It like asking if a tree fell in the forest, and there's no one to hear it, does the tree still make a sound?

      Time is an ancient puzzle:

      Heraclitus said there is only change - you cannot step in the same river twice.

      And we have the present day puzzle:

      Physicists and cosmologists have their own accounts of time, space and spacetime - just observe ourselves and friends after watching the movie Interstellar. Some came out blur blur full of questions??? LOL!

      I quite like the view point of Julian Barbour, a theological physicist, who said that time does not exist.

      This ties in nicely with my Buddhist cultivation with living in the NOW (scientists call it momentariness of matter) and what Heraclitus had observed ;)

      So what's your concept of time?

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      Woah! Slow down...

      I'm not an enlightened being. Still cultivating.

      And I only secondary science hor! Give chance.

      But I do read widely; just blind cat caught dead rat. I happened to explore these questions during my early days of cultivation ;)

      It just happens that there's a lot of synergy between Science with Buddhism (and Taoism if we ignore the voodoo bits, but still, they came up with the first binary code!)

      Fun hor?

      You gave your viewpoint, I gave mine. Now let's listen to what coconut has to say ;)

    4. haha i like you guys also don't really have an answer but only beliefs, but the belief indeed getting stronger each day pass.

      to make to story short, very short, i feel like we lives in internity or forever, or blantly we are stuck in time. meaning we can only exist, we cannot disappear in time or in life so to speak, good or bad i don't know haha.

      think about it, 13.6 billion years, thats billion years and only now that you and i exist, so coincident mah? the only problem for me now to ponder is me (coconut) and my conciouses (awearness of time), how to seperate them cos coconut will no longer exist in 40 years time or even shorter, my awearness of time will continue.

      in this universe, there is no such thing as nothing, non existing, everything is in existant, cannot disappear. same goes to time, or our awearness of time!

    5. there is nothing religious about it, just instinct. do you awear about anything when you fall in deep sleep? no, time and the awearness of time is a continue and never break or stop, i never in my lives ever remember when i fall in deep sleep, its only when we awake then we start pondering what the hach happen last night haha....

    6. Hello!

      If we got the answer, we either be winning the Nobel prize or leading our own cults ;)

      We are not much different from the caveman after having his fill of wine, women, and song, looks up to the night sky and ponders question like: Who am I? Why am I here? What's the purpose of Life?

      The man struggling for his next meal or seeking shelter for the night has no time for philosophy...

      And with this thought, let's all be thankful.

      I hope I'll have the answer when I die.

      If I still retain consciousness after my death, I'll probably go, "Shit! I'm wrong!"

      And if I see a beam of light, I'll face-palm myself... I'm totally screwed!!!

      You know, being an agnostic and all....


    7. haha but i didn't draw my conclsion out from nothing, not blant beliefs. its all about pattern recognition man. thats what a trader are good at what haha...

      just think for a little longer, where were you before you were born? no right? no such thing or feeling right? then you must always be existing!

    8. but somehow you are right, whats the point if you understand it? i say its not religious or cult, i'm not going to ask anyone to believe it, i myself also not sure.

      but one thing thought therer is such satisfaction came out from the process of thinking and i get hook to it.

    9. so to answer your question "Who am I? Why am I here? What's the purpose of Life?", my answer is awearness of existant less I (being me).

    10. one thing i also discover that things or the feeling or seeing or any other senses of things are always wrong and worst the exact opposite. like the concept of centre of the universe...

      throught times we only discover that it is not true and many times the answer is the exact opposite.

      whats the most important thing in our lifes? our life ofcos, and thats usually means that i (me) is not important so my equation has to exclude the i (me). you will find the truth(er) meaning of life.

    11. remember why we first came to trading? becos we want to make money la stupid! and why make money becos its important in our lifes.

      but ask any sucessful trader they will tell you, that thought has long gone and making money is not important, or at lease not top on the list. the least you love money, the better your result will be.

    12. coconut,

      And that's why I've chosen trading as my poison when there's so many other vehicles to make money.

      Some seek shepherds to guide them. Some seek the holy grail where all answers will be provided in a neat little summarised package, and then there are those who prefer to find the way themselves ;)

      Trading is a good way to understand oneself.

      Its me and the market ;)

    13. whats the similarity here? or any other situation we may face in lives?

      simple, we came to trading becos we loves (to make) money, and that is what screw us up towards the end (i guess not many agree with me here).

      you fill in the blank for life.

      nothing is easy, not trading, and definately not life.

    14. coconut,

      And that's the essence of life!

      Want to know the taste of water melon? We have to eat one ourselves. No one can do it for us.

      Want to live a meaningful life?

      Start living in the here an now ;)

      Life is not a series of check-boxes we have to tick off one by one. And certainly not a bucket-list!

  5. SMOL,

    Talking about using trading to cultivate zen... See! Coconut MIA 闭关修炼and then woala!!

    No all people full already nothing better to do then think of life, usually it is the contrast of full then hunger and in the moment of hunger, particularly fertile for "bo liao" thoughts

    1. i also hungry ok, you think i super human mah haha...creative thinking, not bo liao!

      but one thing true, not loving money thought can quickly get you in trouble, but thats the key to make a living out from trading, i cross my heart.

      but age is catching up with me and i also start worried more about money that i made and thats the problem i facing, becoming risk adverse. i feel my skill is running downhill.

    2. coconut,

      Stanley Druckenmiller has said he can't recognise the trader in his younger days - the same trader who dares to bet against the Bank of England with outsized bets... Now? He's said his baxxs are on the pavement.

      That's why I hope to have the wisdom to leave the limelights when we are at our peak - like Liu Wen Zheng had done.

      How many can "quit" when we are ahead?

      I am fortunate that my investment side pays for my lifestyle. Trading is purely for self-actualisation.

      Not trading for a living is my edge ;)

  6. Hi SMOL

    Unbelievable. A title and a picture garner close to 40 comments. I really need to learn your secret sauce. haha, thought mainly were between SI, Coconut and yourself.

    I like what SI said:


    My enhancement to it :


    What if every single human being in this world suddenly want to pursue a life of their own and all stop working (say they realised working is not their life), imagine the world at that point. Good or bad?

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      I focus on relationships; others count pageviews or collect emails ;)

      It's good for the individual; but bad for the society.

      When you look into the mirror, do you see yourself or society?

      That's why I'm not a bleeding heart!



    2. temperament,

      Living a simple life can be blissful; this I agree..

      But if by simple we meant ignorant, then no ;)

    3. SMOL

      No one is smart enough not to be ignorant to some things. Don't be too hard on ourselves. Be proud of who we are :)

    4. Frugal Daddy,


      I am having a words beyond words discussion with temperament between theism and atheism ;)

  7. temperament,

    Peace be with you.

    I prefer to know we revolve around the sun and the is no centre in the universe.

    The beauty of diversity :)

  8. Hey FD - Not yet century comments, so not so amazing if u know many other previous comments that break century mark!

    Yeah agree with temperament that we sometimes think too much. me included.

    After watching Matrix, I use to think that this world is like a matrix. Everyone busy, doing more or less the same things, fighting for purpose in their own life, money, family, upkeep health.. more or less same for everyone...

    So only when one day, u able to defeat Agent Smith and get out of the matrix, u can be truly enlightened and see from outside the matrix.

    Maybe u can then know what is ur true purpose/mission in life.

    为谁而活? Maybe is not the fundamental consideration anymore!

    Ps: I still live in the matrix now. Still always fighting Agent Smith... argggg... so many of them.. nver ending!

    1. Hi Rolf

      If we keep this going, may hit century. haha. At least half a century now.

      Have you watched In Time (2011)? : In 2169, people are born genetically engineered with a digital clock on their forearm. When they turn 25 years old, they stop aging and their clock begins counting down from one year;[Note 1] when it reaches zero, that person "times out" and dies. Time has become the universal currency; it is used to pay for daily expenses and can be transferred between people or capsules. The country has been divided into "time zones" based on the wealth of the population. The film focuses on two specific zones: Dayton - a poor manufacturing area where people generally have 24 hours or less on their clock at any given time - and New Greenwich - the wealthiest time zone, where people have enough time on their clock to live for centuries.

      It has been in my mind for 4 years that whatever thing we do or spent, we are spending our life away.

  9. 人活着,到底是为了什么???

    1. Brother Sanye,


    2. Bro SMOL,

      Thought you are from Buddhism cultivation. Did you read :


      “一口气”就那么值得去争吗? ;)

      If your "一口气” means literally the air we are breathing, then, at the end everyone of us has to let it go (吐最后一口气) and die. What is there to 争?

    3. Sanye,


      You practice seek to understand first, then to be understood ;)

      色 is matter; 空 is space.

      For a cup to have utility, we need both matter and space to work together. Imagine what good would a cup be if there's no space to hold the liquids?

      This concept of matter and space gels nicely with the Ying and Yang of Taoism too.

      "一口气" is a word play.

      The "争" is there as the distraction to throw off those who "sees" competition instead of the reality of "breath of life" itself.

      Even plants and bacteria need to "breathe".

      Without this "breath of life", we are dead.

      If we are dead, then it does not matter. Be it meaning of life, who am I, why are we here, etc.

      This "争" is evident in the good book too ;)

      Without this "will" or "争" to live a Christian life, how are you any different from the other pagans and heathens?

      Hence "争" goes together with "letting go".

      Without "letting go" of our egos, how can one surrender to God's will?

    4. Bro SMOL,

      Applause! You are indeed a wise man.

      It seems that what 争 means to you is different from conventional understanding of the word itself. By your definition, I will agree with your statements.


      "Love you neighbour like yourself" is a commandment familiar to Christians. However, if you don't even love yourself, won't "love your neighbour like yourself becomes meaningless?

    5. Sanye,兄,

      Thank you.

      I write the way I do for a reason - throw brick to attract jade ;)

      I enjoyed the scintillating exchange!

      Namaste and peace be with you.


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