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Saturday, 12 September 2015

I loved you before... but not anymore


  1. Er... If there is deeper meaning, I not catching...

    But there is no love for the second girl at the first place. It's just a genuie effort to make things work...

    What is love ? Could effort turn into love. I think the answer is no, It could turn into kinship though.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      The man in the middle of the MTV said "I love you" into the recorder ;)

      You may want to read the fisherman's latest blog post.

      We pretty much say the same thing ;)

      He used words; I used a song.

      I have a bit of Zen influence remember? Don't analyse and think too much :)

      Just be mindful of your initial reactions/emotions.

      There was a girl I thought I had feelings for. When the time came for me to be there for her, I let her down. There and then, I realised I was not that into her in the first place...

      I understand perfectly what you say on "effort" when it comes to love...

      Shit, now I need a pillow to cry myself silly with...

    2. Btw if u need a shoulder to cry, I offer my friendship shoulder, friendship price $2 per minute, will take care of washing on my own

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      See the benefit of writing with lots of blank spaces for readers to add their own insights and interpretations?

      You veered towards love and effort, and this caught me by surprise as it touched an old wound.

      I opened my heart to you.

      You made a joke.

      Would this engagement have happened if I had written this post in a "way easier" style ;)

    4. SMOL,

      But seriously, my understanding of "love" is the awakening of what is not.

      But which matters more? True love or happiness ?

      Can we happy with efforted love?

      How long does true love last?

      The young man, had he not been flicked minded...

      I then he has a higher chance of finding happiness as compared to going back to the first girl...

    5. None taken.

      I'm into relationships building.

      If I paint my canvas completely without leaving empty spaces, then it's more a one way street.

      Feel free to paint on my canvas ;)

    6. Love is love.

      It get contrived when we bring in morality, duty, responsibility, legality, etc.

      If its "forced" or we have to exert "effort", the question is that sill love?

      Let's say I felt "responsible" to my ex in Shanghai, and it was a great relief when she told me she's marrying an anaesthetist!

    7. Arr... Totally agree.

      I saw what is not love. But I saw pure love as a happiness destroyer as much as a creator.

      Hence I said:" pure love" last forever? It might or might not.

      Love and happiness, it is not mutually inclusive

    8. This short holiday, I meet up with my "gang". I am very sure our "frequency" has diverge but we made an effort to keep base.

      For example, is it possible to "love" your family and at the same time had "fun" with women? I am not talking about entertaining clients such that you 身不由自。it is a choice.

      Well... Definitely in their definition love and lust are 2 separate matters ... So search for "pure love" ?? But I am not sure their partners agree ...

      They might close one eye And think I dun know, I dun pursuit... But when face to face with the hard truth, I wonder how "love" will crumble...

    9. Sillyinvestor,

      Let's call a spade a spade. Men think they can have sexual relations with other women (have fun) and it's OK since they still "love" their wife.

      Just turn the tables and imagine if our wives sleeps with other men for "fun" and assure us its OK since they still "love" us.


      Men are the best when it comes to double-standards!

      Love and happiness?

      Love is love.

      Love can turn into hurt. Love can turn into pain. Love can turn into jealousy. Love can turn into happiness and joy.

      Once it has "turned" into another emotion, is it still love?

      Is love like energy? Energy cannot be destroyed but merely changes into different forms like, heat, light, electricity, etc?

      Well, you have asked your previous question - can most see the true nature of what things are?

      You may have to answer that yourself ;)

  2. SMOL,

    I saw fisherman blog way easier ... ROFL.!!

    If the video is Same message then I think a bit ...

    How many can see things as they really are? I doubt most of us can

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      If you say most can't, I believe you.

      If you say some can; I trust so too!

  3. Hi Smol

    There wouldn't be monks if we are able to see things as they really are. Some monks also need other monks to constantly remind . That's where self meditation or cultivation plays .

    1. Small Time Investor,

      We are on the same Tao as I'm hard pressed to find another financial bloggers who will blog about 中庸之道 !? LOL!

      It's interesting that of all the hundreds of Buddhist schools that flourished in the Northern-transmitted Mahayana tradition, the 2 biggest schools that survived till today in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam are:

      1) Zen

      2) Pure Land


  4. Love feeds on imagination and it probably doesn't last until we let it go. :)

    曾经沧海难为水。 The key is '曾经'. ;)

    Effort = small wins.

    Like that can count as a win? Or only multi-bagger is 'true' love?

    Love is temporal like multi-bagger. Which moment in time is the snapshot taken? Multi bagger always a multi bagger?

    春蚕到死丝方尽,蜡炬成灰泪始干 can take on different meaning for different people. Multi-bagger go to zero? How sad. 见好就收! LOL.

    1. Dimpled girl,

      Only you can combine Love, Investing, and Philosophy into one single comment!


    2. Multi bagger always a multi bagger?

      OSIM and Super Group

      Investment "Gurus" loved them before... but not anymore. Do you still hear about OSIM and Super Group in your recent free preview seminars if you happened to attend one?

      Those were the days that they were loved!

    3. Hi SMOL,

      The pleasure is mine! You and SI were my muse. :)

      小女子愧不敢当。(Just pretending to be humble. LOL!)

    4. CW,

      The revision of straight line extrapolation of goals to make X% per year has now begun.

      Now can break-even in X years happy oredi...

  5. EY,

    同道中人?they dun say 得不到的永远最美for nothing

    When markets goes up, most news will extrapolate it will continue to go up, when market corrects, many will believe it will get worse.



    1. Hi SI,

      I like to be the '最美的'. LOL.



  6. Hmm.. EY, I thought u say u want to be 财女?LOL。not mutually exclusive though...

    Maybe 幸福女人?indeed, why sometime we like the company of friends more than loved ones is because we expect nothing from friends, but loved ones, we "how come she/he so dense, still dun get it"

    CW, I think I am still looking at OSIm, dun really think its growth story is over... Super ... I pass...

    SMOL, sorry to use your tavern to chat with your customers, holiday ma... More time
    To kill, but last day liao ... HaiZ

    1. Haha. SI, I'm full of philosophy (aka BS) for love lah.

      爱到无求how to become财女? I never 自鸣清高hor. :P

      I agree with you about the friends part. LOL.

    2. Sillyinvestor,

      Welcome to mingle and make friends on your own at this watering hole!

      Carry on!

      Just don't forget you're married man ;)

  7. Hi SMOL,

    Maybe u noe me slightly better than >1 yr back now. My family and friends knows me as a person who love to share and speak up, less critical nowadays, but will fight and chase for I believe till the end. I forget unhappy things quickly.

    My wife know me as a person who will unselfishly want the best for people around me, albeit sometimes little harsh in method, but all truly from the bottom of my heart! "My wife reads also, so I m telling the truth!" ok.. only I know.. nvm. I am not self preaching but this is me. Or like FD says 性情中人.

    I myself go thru many rough patches in relationships. Anyway, I am not going to be explicit..

    By the way, WP Chairman Slyvia Lim is already attached with Footballer Quah Kim Song for slight more than 2 yrs now. She is 50 and he is 63.


    Amazing love story!

    I am confident everyone have the chance to meet their next half as long as they do not give up, regardless of age.


    Btw: who is fisherman.. curious to know the other two man other than myself.. heheh

    1. Hi Rolf

      Ah Chew~ No wonder I was sick yesterday. :) It is a compliment to live your true self. Many people, including me at times, forgot who we are.

      Stay truely.

    2. Rolf,

      There are a few similarities in your background and mine, although compared to you, I've a "gilded" childhood and your accomplishments were far better than when I were your age.

      I like the way you weaved your background and current work experience into your blog posts. That blog post of yours on the O&G sector put a lot of financial bloggers who have previously blogged about O&G stocks in their place - outsiders.

      And some were gracious enough to compliment you by asking for your advice ;)

      When we stray outside our circle of competence, it'll show...

      Yes, love is wonderful isn't it? Painful like hell, but we still keep coming back for more!!!


      Who else is stronger and more experienced than me, respectfully my senior, likes to take fishing vacations during blog leave, allows and welcome me to kick sand in his face at his blog!!!???

      If this is not confidence and conviction in what he says, what is!?

      You can't find two bloggers who enjoy trading blows like we do :)

      We are a "democracy" where alternative and opposing views are frequently debated, never swept under the carpet, or steam-rolled over.

      Make a wild guess why we two have a naughty habit of poking false "gurus" and snake-oil salesmen?

      Trust but verify anyone?


    3. OIC ... that fisherman. I thought he is an Ant Man! Can become big and small anytime anywhere...

      And u r snake-oil-salesman? haha :p aka grasshopper, always wiggles and hopping around whistling.

      I am just an oily man, that value has plunged >50% since end last year.

      All same same (at heart) but different different (at mind)! :-)

      Trust but verify? Tell ur lover that?
      Or just tell her to "Trust!" .. shhh on the verify part!

      Now similarly, does our old flame that we abandon in 2011 wanted only our trust and not verify? Occasionally we still engage third party to verify them for us, just like what we did 4 yrs ago.


    4. Rolf,

      The fisherman pretends to be an ant, but when mei mei calls him uncle, he revealed all his real kung fu... The power of 美色! LOL!

      Hello! I'm EX-snake-oil salesman OK?

      I'm the grasshopper. Today got wine today drink. Winter come I die. So simple!

      Well, I thought I'm the only man-whore around. Guess there's a lot more man-whores and prostitutes amongst us - whoever gives us sugar we go, "Daddy!"

      Already we have people talking how to "profit" from the election results...

      We say its about true love, but at the end of the day, we still want to how much you earn, got stable job or not, what assets you own, you got ambition or not...

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Its been fun writing sugar-coated political posts.

    I poking those 10% who said "I love you" to their new girlfriend in 2011, but have decided to go back to their old flame come 2015 ;)


  9. Singaporeans are like most men? - Mistress is sweet and nice, but when it comes to the crunch, still decides for the wife?!?!

    1. Sanye,

      I guess that's the redeeming part of having more old age spots and wrinkles on my face.

      I've smiled when customers complain about our high prices coming back to us after experiencing the "low" prices of our competitors.

      I've welcomed back ex-colleagues who have nothing good to say about our company sheepishly returning after job hopping to another company with better pay, better benefits, and better prospects.

      I've broken up and reunited with the same girl 3 times...

      Men return to their wives when they realise their mistresses are only interested in their money - no money no honey!


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