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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Experience never gets old

Yup, Tuesday afternoons are my movie concession watching days.

You know what? This movie by Robert De Nero and Anne Hathaway was surprisingly good!

No fast car chaser, explosions, or body counts; just simple old dialogue and relationships.

Corporate climbers

There are some useful scenes and clues on:

1) How to get liked by your co-workers and boss.

2) How to be proactive (get things done before being told).

But then again, it's all pretty useless unless what you do is already a habit of yours; and they reflect your true self. 

We can fake it in the beginning; but under the scrutiny of time, it may do more damage to be found out as a "fake"...  

Still, it's good to know why your colleagues are being noticed and liked by the boss - and not you.

Women, your worst enemy is not men

You know it already.

It's other bitches.

Success is what you have to sacrifice to achieve it

Two of my ex-bosses are now divorced. One had a nervous breakdown.

Between my ex-colleagues and classmates, I need more than one hand to count the number of divorces amongst them.

Why is Robert De Nero still acting?

Robert De Nero's real life age is 72 - not far from the movie character he plays.

You mean he hasn't secured financial independence yet?

Of course not!

Well, that's for those who are treating financial independence as a "goal" to figure out. 



  1. Robert DN is my favourite actor, although I prefer the companion of Anne H.
    Hopefully I have a chance to catch the movie. If no good, I WILL BE BACK AT THIS COMMENTS BOX!


    1. Rolf,

      I just said I liked the movie ;)

      I not you; and you not me.

      Who cares whether you like the movie or not?

      But you're always welcomed to this watering hole :)

  2. From your writing it seems:-
    The sanctity of marriage is indeed very complicated and difficult from time immemorial.
    Especially for us, man.

    Many people don't think the marriage vow or marriage certificate has much meaning anymore.
    Those who don't just have to ask us to look at our friends, kin and associates and see how many have divorced.

    Is that why you choose to be single until now?

    Well, despite all the imperfections in the institution of marriage, many people still have faith to unite as one, till death do us part.
    So just like the imperfections in the institutions of business, till death do us part business partnership may still exists in this modern world.
    This type of partnership should not be applied to the stock market hoh!
    It usually will never works.

    1. temperament,

      I am very envious of couples who stay in love till their senior years. They are my inspiration for my love stories:

      Love at Changi beach

      But alas I know myself.

      I am like the wandering ronin.

      I can stay at the same place at best for a few years, before I get restless and must be on the road again...

      I think I am super selfish and egotistical.

      Cultivation I focus on myself; no big love that sort of thing...

      Unlike some married financial bloggers, I don't worry or plan for my family members. No encouragement for them to be more financially prudent or savvy.

      They have their interests and own lives to live; I have mine. I have no wish to clone myself on others.

      I just focus on myself.

      If I'm not a burden to my family, that's already a big celebration!

  3. Was thinking of catching a movie tomorrow. Timely post :)

    1. Welcome back Blackjack and congrats on your new job!

      How long has it been?

      Wow! Time sure flies!

      I see you have accomplished quite a lot during you absence from blogging ;)

      Have fun!

  4. Hi SMOL,

    That's why I am very lucky.. work in a male dominated industry with mostly guys around me. I absolutely agree that bitches are hard to handle... because I am one of them! :P


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