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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I hunt alone

Have you noticed students of 2-4 studying together at fast food outlets?

It reminded me of my school days.

I never can study in a group.

Someone I liked asked why I don't talk or blog about the stocks I own.

Simple. I hunt alone.

OK, I do reveal some of my trading positions. But that's only when I am talking shop to a veteran full-time trader (he hunts alone too). And I only do so in the comments section where it will do less harm to the casual reader.

(When you are learning from someone wiser and more experienced than you, the etiquette is that you have to strip first.)

It's interesting if you think about it. 

Those who hunt in a pack like wolves or lions, they gravitate towards forums, chat rooms, seminars, etc.

There will be an opinion leader, sometimes you can spot the no.2 and no.3 too, and then most of the rest are xxxxxxxxs....

And then there are those that hunt alone like tigers. 

I am not a tiger; more like the HDB neighbourhood cat that meows.

Those of us who hunt alone may meet up at the water-hole from time to time.

We meet; we shoot the breeze together; we go our separate ways when happy hours are over.   


  1. Replies
    1. CW,

      No. I am not Lone Ranger; he has Tonto.

      I am just cat ;)

      And you can't herd cats.

    2. Me. Lone farmer?

      Not much fun in between years.


    3. CW,

      I see you now making up for lost time ;)

      Hope you are bringing the missus with you on your now frequent trips to HK?

      Least she thinks you have a little woman stashed in HK...

      In Shenzhen, there's a mistress township. My colleagues brought me there to look see look see. I 'always sign up for this kind of cultural trips!

      Men got money will be up to mischief ;)


  2. Hi SMOL,

    This post resonates deep in my heart. I always study alone. I believe that studying together means not studying together. I even work alone, with no colleagues or boss 'distracting' me. The kind of eca that I joined : air rifle, calligraphy, swimming, taekwondo... All of them are individualistic and non group based.

    But you're right, occasionally I'll meet up with like minded friends at the water cooler before we proceed with our individual hunt again.

    Maybe the butterfly morphed into a cat a long time ago :)

    1. LP,

      It's fun wondering if you were the cat dreaming about being a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming about being a cat?

      Anyway, that's not the point.

      Those of us who know who we are will not "over stay" our time at the water-cooler ;)

    2. SMOL,

      Haha, I'm the human dreaming I'm a butterfly dreaming I'm a cat :)


      Alone need not be lonely. Even in a crowd, you can be lonely :)

  3. Oooh! Alone kind of lonely right? No? ;-)

    1. Richard,

      Ah! In a pride of lions, it can be lonely as the Alpha male...

      And especially if you are at way down at the bottom of the pecking order...

      Solitude is not loneliness.

      Company is not camaraderie.

      Joy is not happiness.

      Pain is not hurt.

      Sorry, I can't help being philosophical all of sudden!?

    2. Hi Smol

      Wah another mind boggling philosophical. Alone doesnt not mean lonely, crowded can also mean lonely. 1 best friend or 10 friends it depends on the need. 1 wife is certainly more than enough:)

    3. B,

      LP and I make a good tag team in a dance of words and singing the song of imagery ;)

  4. Hmm ...
    Most retail investors hunt alone isn't it? I mean they mean observe how other hunt, where they hunt, but they hunt alone.

    I don't think people do round rally to push up prices together or research together and hoot together...

    I like to be alone, even when I am in my teens, I like sitting by the sea alone, I thought that feeling alone is loneliness. It is only when I am married and so caught up with the hustle of life that I know I always like tranquil solacity. Not sure if there is such a term.

    Yup.. Feel that before, strong loneliness in a group, just a face in the crowd. Even when I am the face the crowd faces, I also feel like I am on salesman mode most of the time.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      1) Now why would I write this post if most retail investors hunt alone? I am glad Solace understood my "I am Legion" poke at your blog ;)

      It's a bit like quantum physics. The moment we knew someone is observing us, we will "become" another person.

      Hence the "salesman mode" as we try to be what we think others expect of us ;)

      2) Congratulations! You have just coined a new word!

      No worries. I know what you meant ;)

    2. Actually hor SMOL,

      I like the " I am legion, for we are many" tag line. In fact, I think it's quite apt for me. Although it is a poke, I still think it is number 2, just a tad lower than I am water... LOL.

      I like to hunt alone, but I don't mind Commanding a hunting pack. Quite sa ki right?

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      Pray tell who said "I am water" before you?

      The man in the yellow track suit?

  5. Hmm... But I like meeting up with 1-2 friends to chat. But company dinner? Department get together? Aiyo ... Stay far far away from me... Ouch stomach ache... Can u kindly excuse me...

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      In front of our close friends, we don't need armour. We speak openly, bearing our chests, and showing our hands.

      We hunt alone.

      But in front of acquaintances, we put armour and shield to whatever we say - According to... This and so said this....

      We hunt in a pack ;)

  6. I'm a lone also leh....i think.
    But sometimes i diy....sometimes i follow.

  7. Hi SMOL,

    Like your analogy of hunting. I guess I am a loner in terms of my investment style too.

    I have friends who like herd investing and they sign up for those courses with a support network.

    To each his own. :)

    1. S-Reit System Investor,

      Thank you.

      Glad you were able to read beyond my words ;)

  8. 无敌是寂寞的!

    When you are younger, you are afraid of lonely. As you age, you prefer more time alone.

    I prefer to do most things alone nowadays.

    For instance, I go toilet alone too! Haha

    1. Hmm ... I know what you meant.

      When you were younger, sometime you are not alone in the toilet but with a partner. LOL!

    2. Rolf,

      Not in public men's toilet you don't!

      There's an unwritten rule that you don't look left or right at the urinals.

      As always, there will some weird guy who stares at ours... What do we do? Smile back or growl back?



    3. CW,

      Before you start giving the young wrong ideas, I better make a recovery before my blog gets an RA ratting...

      That "partner" is mom lah!

      We all got our potty training until mom feels secured we are big enough not to fall into the WC ;)

  9. Hi SMOL / Uncle CW

    From hunting alone to go toilet alone! Hahahaha...

    If weird guys stare, I turn my tap towards him and say Hello!

    Will have a partner soon to the toilet - my kids! Indeed when younger it's my parents! How time flies!

    1. Rolf,

      Yes, the child is now the parent, and the cycle repeats ;)


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