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Monday, 8 September 2014

How Jim Rogers Fluked His Way To Success

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

And if your idea of research and hard work is reading blogs, participating in forums, perusing the Business Times, and watching CNBC, just take a look at your portfolio. Something is missing right?

Cash rotting in bank anyone?



  1. Cash rotting in the banks?
    Cash rotting in the market?
    Can it happens cash in the market, rotting?

    Where is your cash now?
    Cash in the bank, is really mine like gold in my safe?
    In my stomach is the best or under my pillow?
    Where to best put my cash leh?

    1. temperament,

      You very naughty. But I like the bone you threw at the fisherman's blog.

      I'm the cat; I won't fetch, wag my tail, or stand on my hind legs. LOL!

      Asset allocation is like a healthy balanced diet.

      When young, I don't like to eat my greens and very picky on food.

      Now older, I eat a bit of everything, less picky. Moderation. And I don't count calories.

      In asset allocation equivalent, I now think Optimisation; less on Maximisation. (Throw that excel file out lah!)

      Cash to me is the ballast to keep me steady during choppy waters ;)

      If you don't get sea sick, you don't need ballast.

      If you don't have sea legs, you'll need ballast.

      Math not needed :)

  2. Hi SMOL,

    I really like this guy after reading his book " A Gift to My Daughters". I will write a book like that when I am older too! haha, although my experiences are limited.
    He is staying in Singapore apparently, so maybe we can see him down town one day with his daughters.


    1. Rolf,

      Yup, Jim Rogers is my kind of speculator!

      He really knows how to enjoy living and is a citizen of the world ;)


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