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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Stand Tall

You are wearing your favourite Liverpool red jersey and you saw a pub that's a sea of red.

As you walked into the pub, oh shit! Its Manchester United red...

Do you make a hasty retreat or do you walk in and STAND TALL?

You have been going to your favourite casual dining restaurant in your T-shirt and bermuda shorts for years. 

What the....? Tonight, all the other patrons are dressed to the nines.

Do you feel under-dressed, or do you STAND TALL?

You love your son dearly, and today you both are going to the market to sell your donkey.

Along the way lots of kay-pohs (busy bodies) are telling you and your son how to bring the donkey to market.

Do you capitulate, or do you STAND TALL?

For those who don't do metaphors well, the son could be your parents, significant other, siblings, or your pet dog Alfie - woof, woof!

The  donkey can be an insurance policy, an education fund, or your new wife to be. 

I envy women. You have a good war cry:

I am woman.

I am power!


Then you go make the Wonder Woman pose. Power or what?

For men, our war cry some how doesn't have the same oomph as theirs...

I am man.

I am master of the universe!

I wear my underwear on the outside!!!

Do we still do the Superman pose? As if wearing ballet tights is not embarrassing enough...

Stand tall?


  1. Replies
    1. CW,

      Standing tall is not above admitting I could be wrong; and stop-loss is merely an outward expression of this humility.

      Standing tall is when a man-whore can sing along with a bunch of drunken pseudo self-professed "value investors" in a pub; and remaining sober ;)

  2. i was listening to songs as always and suddently this pop up!


    1. i think this guy got to pay from his own pocket for the advertisement, and his presures time spend to educate people. wow thats bravo haha.

    2. and you know what kind of songs his guy try to put his ad?

      姚蘇蓉's hits, haha must be targeting those old and just retired.

    3. coconut,

      1) It does not cost a cent lah. Just do a powerpoint and add voice over and upload to Youtube. OK, it does require time and energy.

      2) I feel sorry for this guy in a way. He has clearly approached trading "seeking to escape"... And after spending 10 K over 3 years of his time, has finally capitulated and has his "mind flip" as CW would call it.

      3) Although he had good intentions, I am not so sure making a opinion piece with a brown paper bag over his head is any more credible than those false "prophets" he is ranting against...

      4) For traders who "seek to achieve" like you, these things have not changed since the "bucket shop" days of temperament. You have natural immunity against snake oil salesmen ;)

      I saw the other day a trading seminar talk partnering with a Feng Shui "master"?

      As if technicals are not voodoo enough!

      If people believe Astrology, Feng Shui, Magic stones, and Red underwear can help improve their trading, they WILL and CAN believe anything!!!


      P.S. Is your trading desk facing the correct direction? Got put crystals and mirrors to attract or repel the right energies or not? Any water feature? Water is money you know? We must have plants! Plants represent growth!

    4. no ah, its from the advertisement that pop up before they play your chosen song, no need to pay? free advertisement? youtube eat what?

      don't worry, you forgot i study cosmology??? i have the whole universe under my observation!

    5. coconut,

      Oh! I slap myself, piak!

      This guy bought advertisement to attract traffic to his Youtube video?

      My, he really got a axe to grind. Or maybe... My ex-saleman radar sense is tingling...

      I won't be surprised in his next video he may say he has found the "right" trading school. Surprise, surprise!

      Ranters and whiners need someone to blame. But they won't pay money for others to listen to them one...

    6. nar, here's a song to beat up your new year mood.


      don't laugh and no comment please, this is my favourate new year song ok!

    7. no, he says this is not an ad to sell anything...his voice certainly not a salesman's voice.

    8. coconut,

      By the way, power to your cosmology!

      New Year's eve looking to short S&P window-dressing rally.

      One day into 2014 and US indexes reversed into the red? You can go to Waterloo Street and offer your fortune telling skills!

      If you need a tout to lelong your services, don''t forget me! I got snake-oil selling experience OK?

      Come to think of it, all men has. If not how to smoke our wives and girlfriends?

    9. smol, i should have got some shorts on new year eve but i missed, i didn;t know they traded the whole day, i though it was only half day trading in US, now i'm going short again and take cover!

    10. everything is just right for the bear to pound the, you know what sector i'm referring to.

      with long term interest rate rising at its near term peak, prises at historical high, what else can we do?

    11. you know this is a directional trade i'm taking, i always put a tight stop at the begining cos the market can rebound in a flash, very quick!

      when the trend started i'm going to add on my position, this is something i always find very difficult to do. in the end its either big profit or nothing! this is a directional (trend following only) trades.

    12. or until my counter trend mind set over-ride it haha.

    13. this is a video of 白光 interview, her personality is that of a good trader, (no wonder i like her so much haha), see if you can spot the similarlity that of a good trader and her personality and believes.


    14. coconut,

      You a very interesting trader!

      You have no idea whether it's a full or half trading day, have no idea about potentially price moving economic news release dates like US non-farm payroll, etc.

      But that makes sense in your systematic trading universe. (Like that also can?)

      Trend following's greatest nemesis? Whipslash!

      Remember to wear a neck brace ;)

    15. what?

      its was half day local trading, christmas eve also half day, so as the US market, so naturally i totally assume it was half day in the US on new year eve as well, what else can it be?

      ok its my fault, trying to gives excuses of not getting a trade la!

    16. by the way i traded more on news and the damn data for many years than you do like the salt i eaten, only to get more confuse each time, for what?

    17. smol, in time to come you will learn not to trust anything except the prices that are traded on the exchange, price will tell you everything you need to know.

    18. and when you don't trust the news and the data or who is talking, you no need to know when and where it will appear.

    19. coconut,

      And that I was alluding to ;)

      Price action.

      Your actions were in line with your trend following strategy.

      Didn't want to praise you too much wait you head big big.


    20. so usually i will be the last one who knows what happen in the market place,

      "what? there is a rate hike announement yesterday by 50 basis? i didn;t know that!'

      but my system already capture the price movement already!

    21. no wonder i go head pain, getting bigger.

      its very funny, the better i feel, the more confident i have, that will greatly improve the trading, but at the same time also greatly increase the risk of over confident hence big losses.

      thats trading, its all about me controlling myself, keeping in check. its good to have a remainder always.

    22. now you know why trading systems are so important? not just keep you in the game when your head are spinning, it also help you to construct your strategy.

      like building a lego, one block at a time. first you need a single block, thats one strategy, then when you familar, add one more so it becomes a 2 dimentional "thing" and so on, which will becomes your overall strategy.

    23. Same as investing. It is still Game of Strategies?

    24. Day traders focus on killing one soldier at a time.

      Position traders focus on winning the battle.

      Investors focus on winning the war.

      They all have one thing in common:

      Can win fight; cannot win run like no tomorrow!

      Just as long can save the mountain, no worries about firewood.

      36 strategies, remember the most important one!

      But one group will stay on and be the glorious martyrs. Those who bought the 如来神掌 kungfu manual from snake-oil shamens.

      People running; they busy flipping the pages...

  3. Hi SMOL

    I am a liverpool fan and I know our fan base is at Chijmes. So if I know a liverpool fan walking in to the Devil's Bar (is it still around) or Clarke Quay (where I heard it is the new Man U base), I will scold that person. Hehehe, just kidding.

    1. B,

      I am the Liverpool fan of the 80s - Kenny Dalglish, John Barns, Ian Rush, Robbie Fowler, etc.

      The last 2 decades have not been kind to Liverpool... (A bit like investing - reversion to mean)

      To cope with that disappointment, I am a fan of any team that can beat Manchester United! Woo hoo!

      Having said that, I tip my hat off to that cocky French maestro Eric Cantona. Watching him score against Liverpool is pure anguish; but at the same time it's beautiful football! That Manchester United team of his era plays wonderful football. (I snake oil or what?)

      Shit! I am stuck in the 80s... I don't watch much football nowadays. Too cheap to subscribe to cable.

      I am now watching a lot of DOTA 2 on Youtube. Go NAVI!


  4. Thought coconut killed platoon of soldiers at a time?

    1. CW,

      I only say Day Traders.

      coconut is coconut. I wouldn't dare insult him by implying he is "only" a day trader ;)

      Wait he takes the opposite side of my trade how?

      Cannot "sayang" him too much; but also cannot rile him up!

    2. me? what platoon killer haha.

      i think more like collecting scrap from the battle field after the battle were finished!

      sometimes i take side but most of the time,...just collecting scrap.

    3. you know ah, when people (like me) talk about how easy they make money trading, especially those who say every week or every month, you better stand 10 step away, no hundred step safer.

      it is either i'm a very proficient trader or just a big lier, i guess you guys have mix feeling but it's either or. don't take the word for it on the surface!

    4. smol, a day trader is a trader who trade in a day with no positions left open when market close. thats a day trader, he may not trade everyday.

      me, is a everyday trader but not a day trader, i have lots of positions carry over a long period of time.

    5. hey! how many times have i reminded you of the term day trading already? go and write one thousand times!!

    6. coconut,

      Don't worry. Veterans of a few market cycles will know the difference. That's why veterans poke each other or ask incisive follow up questions - we got check under the bonnet one ;)

      The problem is we see what we want to see.

      I see professionals like Fat finding the transition not easy; and accredited billionaire investors suing their investment bankers after losing millions... (still believe people are interested to help you make money?)

      That's a great counterbalance to anyone and everyone can do it snake-oil peddling!

      Nothing beats getting man-fxxx by the market ourselves. Without that 2000 Nasdaq meltdown kicking, I would not have "capitulated" and explored various ways to limit my losses and protect my profits ;)

      Any fool can learn from our mistakes; only a few can PROFIT from our mistakes.

    7. coconut,

      OK, I'll write a thousand lines:

      coconut can't read; he got dyslexia.

      Where did I say you are a day trader!?

      I only wrote day traders kill one soldier at a time =.='

      I some more say I wouldn't dare "insult" you...

      See that spider on the wall?

      You go have fun with it!


    8. yes, may i add that it is important at the end, we got to enjoy the life being a speculator, be it a winner or a loser.

      we can't go through smoothly if we always put money in front of our games. but how long can we last if we keep on losing before we can turn around?

      really its a no win situation for most traders. learn to take money easy.

    9. Yeah man!

      Now to put on some Bob Marley music.

      Reggae always puts me in an easy mood.

      We both have music in our soul :)

      And thanks for your Bai Guang video. I think we have agreement here.
      Let's not spell it out.


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