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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Maiden walk round Bedok Reservoir - Jan 2014

I decided to make a trip to walk round Bedok Reservoir yesterday.

There's so many places in Singapore that I've yet to visit and explore. A bonus of this trip is I accidentally found Temasek Polytechnic!? So it's here!

Bedok is a town where I am not familiar with. The only time I was here was when friends brought me to eat at one popular meatball noodle shop. It was at night and don't remember anything else. 

The rest of the time, I just zip through Bedok while taking the bus or MRT. Always passing through; never stopping.

Took bus 65 from Harbour Front interchange and arrived at the jetty. 

Wednesday afternoon around 1pm. Hardly anyone around. Glad the weather is not hot. Rain clouds gathering...

Only 2 people were fishing nearby. Here's one of them. There's one Indian couple in their 30s smooching on a park bench nearby. I think I don't disturb them. Kiss, kiss, hug, hug. 

Some young girls were jogging on the dirt track. I monkey see; monkey do. OK, they jogged; I strolled.

The weather was interesting. Want to rain; don't rain. A bit of a tease like the markets recently. Go up don't go up; go down don't go down...


Most of the properties surrounding the this man-made reservoir are private condominiums. But there were some lucky HDB blocks that overlook this reservoir. Hmm... Were they "planned", or were they built before the decision to convert this sand quarry to reservoir? Ugly view turned golden?

I like curves.

If a psychologist would to ask me what I see in this picture, I would say breasts.

Well, at least mine made more sense than people seeing breasts in a glass of ice cubes!? (It's a strange article I read many many years ago on subliminal messages)

Or maybe it's a case of we seeing what we want to see?


Striated Heron

Found this interesting bird near the water edge. Anyone bird watcher here? Can share with us? I think it's migratory?

See the rubbish on the foreground? 

A gentle poke to Bedok residents - you all no taking care your own backyard?

Not us lah! It's you all foreign non Bedok local residents that come and dirty our place you say?

Wait! This conversation sounds vaguely familiar...

Nice parking! Neat and in a straight line some more! Order. Discipline.

Grey sky, grey water. Where are the colours?

It puzzles me. Big open reservoir space. Why do we need cordons, barriers, demarcations?

There's also lanes for rowing like in the swimming pool. 

Hey! I see a pattern! Man-made pools and reservoirs have lanes. Natural seas and oceans have no lanes?

Ah! A refreshing gentle stroll round the reservoir. Fresh air and cool weather. Hardly any sweat at all.

Green makes me feel good. It's the colour of nature.

It's not one uniform green. There's dark green, light green, and various shades of green in between. There's whole leaves, broken leaves, and leaves with holes in them.

Did you notice it too? Nature have lots of curves; very few straight lines.

3pm plus now. Better make a move home before the buses get crowded after 5pm. It's a 1.5 hours bus ride back to Queenstown, with transfer after Harbour Front.

It's OK. Time is on my side.

And I feel good.



  1. Come to Woodlands Waterfront park, adjoining Admiralty Park. Look across the waters and see Malaysia. Instantly feel like you're in another country.

    1. Patty,

      I've heard and read about this new park on the north side. Will visit ;)

      Singapore is getting more and more green with all these new parks and park connectors.

      I happy.

      Welcome to our southern Labrador Park too ;)

  2. Next time go to Bedok Jetty to see salt-water fishing.


    1. CW,

      Have visited Bedok Jetty when I go cycling at East Coat. Just never took pictures before.

      Next time will bring camera :)

  3. LC! you took that bird picture? where did you copy from?

    1. coconut,

      Took it with my idiot proof Canon IXUS 850 compact.

      Using 15X digital zoom.

      This bird not frighten of people. I managed to creep slowly to about 5m from it to take this pic.

      Can be skeptical; don't be cynical.

      My HDB flat level near the tree line. I've taken pics on about more than 7-8 species of birds perching on the tree just below my kitchen window :)

      The most fun is we have a flock of white Cockatoos that visit us every end of the year as part of their annual migratory stop over.

      And you wouldn't believe me. 6 months ago, 2 Hornbills came to the trees at my block!!!

      No pictures :(

      I saw them when I was on my way to breakfast in the morning.

      Their wingspan were bigger than eagles! Huge!

      The neighbourhood young cat was chasing them from tree to tree. Very cute!

      I guess the young fearless cat just as curious as me!

      Not sure these Hornbills were from our birdpark or just stopping-over.

    2. ofcos i believe you took it la!

      just wonder why that bird is so stupid to let you sneak in.

    3. SMOL looks like Big Bird? Not scare.

    4. CW,

      I very cuddly, no killer aura one.

      The bird must have recognised me as a flower monk ;)

      Found out the identity of the bird!

      It's a Striated Heron.


  4. Hi SMOL

    The Harbour photo looks like you were in HK. LOL

    Can help me to walk walk in Bedok to see which is better? Bedok Point or Bedok Mall?

    Hahahaha, just kidding. Enjoy the weather the ride the monkey and the girls :D

    1. B,

      I'm more a city walker. Will definitely checkout Bedok town centre next. Got 2 shopping centres? I think this time would be easier; just RIDE the MRT ;)

      (B, you very de naughty!)

  5. What high quality of ME time.

    I jealous...

    1. sillyinvestor,

      I do pinch myself sometimes ;)

  6. Hi SMOL

    Nice summary of Bedok Reservoir , Seems like you like curves alot . Then you must like Macdonalds' cause the "M shaped " Logo will remind you the great assets of the Ladies . ( Hint : There is macdonald inside temasek polytechnic . )

    Oh yeah your post has reminded me to revisit my old school .



    Small-Time Investor

    1. Small-Time Investor,

      Got fast food at Polytechnics? Now that's cool!

      Ah! No wonder I like McDonald's so much... There's some Freudian subliminal voodoo at work? Big M..... Mmmmmm.... Drooling like Simpson...


  7. are we going for a dive soon? market action recently is showing sign of weakness.

    1. if there is a correction, make it fast and deep so that the recovery is fast also. if this kind of market keep dragging and sliding, with property bubble burst, the process is going to be long and painful.

    2. coconut,

      Tell me about it!

      You think why I deliberately go walk here walk there?

      One day up, one day down. I'll wait till STI breaks 3000 or 3180 before jumping on the bandwagon for ride.

      Whipsaw is painful...

    3. frankly, which ever way it comes, i'll be glade, i can make money faster in a falling market, no, i think i love bear market or a seesaw market but not a bull market.

    4. why waste time walking, unless you want to be a photographer, spend more time looking at the market. looks for curves and beauty where others see chaos.

      whipsaw is painful? then look for a strategy (like short options) to take advantage of that. there is always a way to make money in all kinds of market conditions, you must know all of them.

    5. coconut,

      You go and make your hundreds of thousands ;)

      I make time for walking

      I make time for silly conversations

      I make time for doing nothing (meditation - must help you here)

      I make time for reading (without goals to be rich; now that's a poke!)

      I make time for the birds (always!)

  8. SMOL,
    Beautiful pictures!
    You yourself is picturesque.
    Who can forget the picture of a BOTAK. - You BOTAK on purpose?
    Hey! my BOTAK is natural O. K. (aka due to age).

    You really have eyes to see beautiful things.
    You can even spot the curves as something beautiful in pictures.
    You eyes for beauty are really beautiful.

    i like very much.
    Thanks for sharing with us how to appreciate simple things as beauties.

    Bedok is my territory.

    1. temperament, don't say so direct la, my hair all standing already!

      give him the kind of comment i gave, " LC! you took that bird picture? where did you copy from?" meaning is still the same but sound the opposite.

      ya, smol, you should consider a side career being a photographer, can get free wedding dinner you know?

    2. so bedok is your territory?

      wheres the famous "ba chor mee" store and what is their operating hours??

    3. temperament,

      Nonsense... (Lowering my head in shyness. Hands behind my back. One feet drawing a circle on the ground. Cheeks on fire)

      讨厌! (Stomping my foot on the ground)

      I guess there goes your breakfast in Merlion fashion...


      I shaved my head. High maintenance - shave 2-3 times per week.

      I got receding hairline and a thinning top. My solution to hair loss is to do the opposite! (I do look cooler with the Kojak look. You going for the Yul Brynner look?)

      Oh! You Bedok same as the butterfly guy! Take care of the reservoir leh! We are drinking from it ;)

      My new colleague in his 50s paid $8,000 to find out that there is no cure for baldness... My shaving blades not cheap; but definitely less than 8K!

      By the way, free come to Queenstown and contribute to the local local economy OK?

    4. wait! i think thats a stupid question, even people not from there also know la haha.

    5. this one you sure don't know one!

      there is a friendly handsome middle age guy who walk around coffee shops, greatting everyone he sees and ask for free cigaratte in bedok and sometime tampinese,

      whats his name???

    6. coconut,

      Ask single guy to take wedding pictures?

      Add sleet on top of snow... You cold...

      I now go drown my sorrow in CNY goodies... Pineapple tarts. Mmmm. I love tarts!!!

      I fat all because of you! (See? Must always have someone to blame!)

      Eh? Got play with the spider or not? (You think you the only one who can talk male chicken?)

    7. he is especially friendly to me haha knn....

    8. coconut,

      The middle age guy who greets everyone at the coffee shops? You gave him the most cigarettes is it?

    9. smol, you talking what i don't understand. what spider?

    10. ya, i'm guilty as hell, i used to stay in bedok and i still go there for coffee and makan, this guy had been hustle me for many years already.

      i think i not going to reveal the name, you know, its bad, this guy is ok but mental problem, i actually like him. i think any resisdent in bedok (or tempinese) who smoke will know him haha.

    11. coconut,

      I telling you to fxxx spider lah.

    12. now thats the real you ahh? finally!

    13. why take so long to say it, keep going around burses haha.

    14. coconut,

      You tell temperament not to talk too directly.

      I go round (curve again!) bushes you make fun of me.

      Hello, is that a lizard on the wall? You go "main" with it. Go!

      I am assuming you know some Malay here ;)

  9. Hi SMOL,

    Wah, invade my 'territory' now eh? LOL

    Nice peaceful place to walk. A full round is about 5km :) Enjoy!

    1. Thanks LP!

      It all started when you and your soul mate came wandering into our Henderson Wave on a weekday ;)

      Next must attack Patty's Woodlands Waterfront Park!

  10. coconut,
    For Bak Chor Mee, Blk 85 Bedok North is quite popular. My preference is "AH WAH"
    BAK CHOR MEE @ Crawford Lane or Crawford Court. It's famous for it's OH CHOR and the soup. The OH CHOR will tease your taste buds and the soup will make you want to order another bowl.

    1. ya, we call 85 market in short.

      sadly i seldom venture so far out for food, furthest i go is kallang or serangoon, never cross the city.

    2. temperament, i guess bedok has the most porpular food there is in s'pore, what do you think? so many food centres and markets and countless coffeeshops in one small town.

  11. coconut,
    i won't say that. i use to live in Telok Blangah, very near to Botak's territory. Oops i mean our beloved blogger SMOL.

    At every hawker Centre around SMOL's territory (Red Hill Market, Red HILL Food Centre, Alexander Hawker's Centre, Queenstowns' famous chicken rice near the theater etc.. i enjoyed some of the hawkers' food there very much too.)

    coconut, i envy you. You don't have to or bother to venture far and wide for food, most probably you have a very good and ready chef at home.

    We eat hawkers' food almost everyday. We rarely cook at home. Wifey doesn't like to mess up the kitchen. She wants to keep kitchen clean and pristine as a showroom's kitchen.
    And on the rare occasions, she cooks, it's almost all steam this and that. But it is quite nutritious.
    Use to it already, boh pian.

    1. haha showroom kitchen.

      convert your kitchen to living hall, don't waste!

    2. its a big area you talking about, how many hawker centre are there, 5?

      in our small little bedok town, there are, 1,2,3,4,5,6 plus bedok center 7, 7 hawker centres, 6 wet markets in one little town call bedok.

    3. and i'm not talking about those small dry markets in shops unit, they are full grown markets.

    4. by the way there are another 2 markets that are situated in bedok very nearby bedok town, actually they still belongs to bedok, so all togather 9 hawker centre!!!

    5. coconut,

      All matures HDB estates have their own take pride hawker centres. Even if you renovate them and change the name to Food Centres (we ashamed of our past?), Singaporean can tell the difference between authentic hawker food and food court fares.

      So its not your town got more hawker centres or not; but we all do our bit by supporting those remaining authentic hawkers, no matter where they are located ;)

  12. 10 Botaks 9 are rich!

    Don't think he is the unlucky 10th. Right?

  13. Ha! Ha!
    That is so! You must be one of the nine. If not already BOTAK you will soon be; Very soon, that is.
    "Eh! How about you coconut"?
    "Same, same lah" , say SMOL.

  14. am i missing something here??

    are we talking about born botak or made botak?

    if you want to know my hair style or length, just look at guys in the 70s, same same!

    1. haha, just to test my computers are alright for tomorrow, update some software.

    2. Sir,

      Please go to the back of the queue. Look at the poster.

      Guys with long hair will be served last....

      Long hair not welcomed in Singapore in the 70s & 80s. You poor thing.

      Hey! That means I should be first in the queue?



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