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Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Black Knight Always Triumps!

Veterans of a few market cycles may recognise the Black Knight in all of us during the early days of our journey.

Hey! We may even laugh at ourselves looking back.

As for newcomers to the markets, don't worry if you have no clue what talking me.

One day, you'll remember this Black Knight video, with the accompanying epiphany (if you are lucky). 



  1. SMOL, U....
    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Survivability? By hook or by crook?
    i cant help laughing near the end of the video.
    Not so bad lah!
    Don't frighten the "NEWBIES" leh!

    1. temperament,

      We sometimes read interesting comments at forums and blogs. Not polite to poke them if we do not have a prior relationship with them.

      So I poke myself here lor! I was like that once ;)

      Those who bought REITs around May (after REITs have gone up around 40% in less than 6 months?) are now nursing serious wounds.

      But guess what? Never underestimate the power of denial. All I hear is: "Tt's only a scratch". Or "It's just a flesh wound".


      Dividend traps are painful:


    2. CW,

      No arms; no legs. Can't play liao.

      Got mouth left. NATO?

    3. Who said can't play???

      Still got tongue and birdie. Right?


    4. Qian pei,

      You win liao!

      Eeeeeeee... I so shy; I so shy...


  2. One of my favorite tee shirts.


    1. Patty,

      Talk about extreme stoicism!

      Cool T-shirt ;)

      And so mancho!

  3. Got bitten in the last dividend trap. Once bitten, twice shy and I decided to sell all Reits in April and May this year. Now I am starting to accumulate since the funds are slowly pulling out. Hopefully this is not another trap.

    1. Hey!

      It's been a long time YJ72, welcome back!

      Your recent timing could not be better!

      We learn best from personal experience - where warm furry theory meets cold hard reality.

      Cannot be my main reason for buying is income; so I don't mind if I suffer "paper losses".

      Try buying a rental property with that kind of mindset!?

    2. Thinking of selling my rental property as I am convinced that the property market will not move up much when the flood gate open in 2015. Better to realise my paper gain now. However, sedimental value is holding back my decision as my kids have fond memories when we lived there.

      BTW, I am still following your blog although I rarely make any comments

    3. YJ72,

      Oh! Thanks :)

      I wouldn't want to be in your shoes... That's a tough call.

      Easy to say don't get married to your stocks (mind), but when sentiments and memories are involved (heart)...

  4. If you really want to escape the traps, it is most likely after the MARKET crashes. Even after the crash, there are still many traps to look out for. To completely escape the Market's traps, invest in other assets rather than in the Market. But other assets may have their own traps too. In property, it has its own traps too, isn't it?
    So whatever types of investment, we always have to be careful of traps. There is no such thing as no traps even if you just put your money under your pillow. NO? Inflation trap comes into play.
    Another words no money we worry; got money we even worry more not less, i think.

    1. temperament,

      It goes with the territory - losses and winnings.

      Knowing when we are wrong and doing something about it is one thing. We begin the process of healing.

      Knowing we were wrong and denying it like the Black Knight is simply being stubborn or letting pride get in the way...

    2. This Reits cycle looks real familiar to me as I bought into the high of the last cycle (early 2011). The Reits market slide endlessly for nearly a year and I lost about 35% of my equity portfolio. Damn painful! I held on for about a year but decided to reduce my Reits portfolio by half when it recovered some ground. The market kept going up and I sold off the other half in April and May this year. Overall, I still make a decent return after a two year cycle.

      I am dependent on my passive income for my retirement and I have to invest in either bonds, equity or property for my pocket money...trap or no trap

    3. YJ72,

      I really appreciate your sharing here. Nothing beats real life examples. Especially from someone in your league. Thank you.

      Although I am a self-styled cheerleader, there is already someone whom I like and respect a lot who is providing the "good cop" role in encouraging people to invest for their future.

      I sometimes play this "bad cop" role by writing "poking" posts to help rein in excess blue-eyed optimism ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Momoeagle,

      I believe the best form of "investing" is to SELL shares; not buy them ;)

      I envy entrepreneurs like you. Start out small. Who knows years later, you can be the next Osim, Breadtalk, or Informatics?

      IPO your own "baby" is better than buying other people's babies?

      Like in Diablo, maxing out one skill can be more powderful than many low level skills ;)


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