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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

One Day One Night at Shangri-La Sentosa

I spent yesterday at Sentosa relaxing at the Shangri-La hotel - courtesy of the kindness from my elder sibling.

Shangri-La Sentosa - somehow it reminded me of Santorini

Sometimes it's not what you know but who you know. Gifts from family are best!


View from the balcony of my room

A bit decadent. Worked 2 days for the first time after 19 months and immediately got a short break to "recuperate". 

Saw quite a lot of families from Hong Kong and Japan with young children playing at the pools. 

How nice! A bit of envy for the shortest flutter of the heart.

Sometimes, holidays is not about seeing lots of new places and making yourself all busy hoping from one itinerary to another.

It's about spending time together with the ones you care about. Or letting the mind be still if you are alone, like for my case.



  1. Hi smol

    I'm envious of it.

    I never been to the shangrila at sentosa. Do you know how much it costs per night? I hope you had great fun out there, playing along with the kids by the pool hehehe.

    1. B,

      I've no clue.

      You may want to check their website for weekend promotional packages - although you don't need it ;)

      Funny you say that. I had to make sure I don't look at the young children too long least I am suspected as a paedophile...

      That's an occupational hazard for a people-watcher.

      For the slightest of moments, I can feel my paternal instincts rising... That was close!

  2. When you have too many breaks, do you still looking forward for short break?

    1. CW,

      I know what you mean ;)

      I was so happy Monday came after standing the whole weekend!

      Most people "assume" people staying at home as "not working".

      Try giving these love ones a beak like staying in a chalet or weekend getaway - see if they appreciate it!

      Of course it's provided you don't expect them do the cooking, the washing, and cleaning up during the break ;)

    2. Right on the spot.

      Do we celebrate Mother's Day by eating at home?



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