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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Shanghai Autumn 2012 - Leaves and Flowers

I missed the 4 seasons.

And I love Autumn best!

The changing colours of the leaves - from green, to yellow, to red, to brown - and the sight of fallen leaves on the ground somehow evoked in me a strange feeling of  melancholy; a sense of my mortality; of changes in my life; and yet, there is a hint of euphoria...

With knowing resignation that the bleakness and bitterness of winter will soon come after. There lies the sweetness of Spring - the promise and hope of rebirth.       

But rebirth necessitate we first shed all our leaves during Autumn. 

Those trees that cling on to their leaves, unwilling to let go, may not survive winter...

I can still experience the 4 seasons living in Singapore. I just go towards the mountain instead of expecting the mountain to come towards me. 

The colours of Autumn

Flowers get all the attention. The patiently waiting leaves may have it's day to shine during Aut; but like flowers that soon wilt after their most brilliant burst of glory, the same price has to be paid by the leaves.

Success is paid by what we have to give up to attain it.

Century Park Pudong Shanghai Nov 2012

 Can you sense the solitude? All the leaves may stay together; but each leaf falls by itself. 

Late afternoon sidewalk Shanghai Nov 2012

The sun reminding the leaves that for all their brilliance in colours, they are mere reflections of the sun's Glory. The recalcitrant leaves will soon know when darkness fall.

After my return from Shanghai, I came across a very interesting exchange in a forum. Someone was calling himself an atheist. An enlightened senior was trying to hint agnostic could be a better term to use.

Perhaps it's lack of vocabulary, or perhaps hubris, despite using anonymous nicks, you can tell who is the "old ginger", who is the "young shoot".

I've learned the hard way too. The markets have a way of letting those "know it all" learn the difference between an atheist and an agnostic (I know! I can link anything back to trading!).

A pretty flower of Shanghai Nov 2012


Of course I spent quite a lot of time admiring and appreciating the "flowers" of Shanghai. I find Autumn is the best season for the "flowers" to doll themselves up. 

Winter is too cold and how sexy can you look all wrapped up like a dumpling? 

Summer is ice-cream for the guys, but make-up and sweat don't exactly blend well... (My girlfriends always tell me girls don't sweat... they scintillate. How can you not love girls like that?)

Spring is a fashion disaster in Shanghai as you can see people wearing winter and summer clothes at the same time!? It's quite comical. Don't believe come late April early May in Shanghai! 

But Autumn! Ah! Day time 18 degrees, night time 10 degrees. You can create a day look and night look - depending how you "layer" your clothes.

I have 3 favourite styles I like a lot:

Japanese knit-wear look. You know those beautiful megazine covers of Japanese girls in knit-wear you see in Kinokuniya? You'll see live models of them here. A bit strange I only find teenagers wearing them... Not many career ladies wearing them; perhaps not "power" look enough... 

Burberry overcoat look. Beige coat, tied in the waist to reveal the slim waist line, above knee hemline. No pants. A skirt or dress underneath, stockings, and heels. Cool shades over their eyes or on their head as hair band. 

Freeze your butts-off look. Like in the above picture, you'll find girls wearing hot pants or mini skirts with just stockings to keep their butts warm. You got to admire these girls! They surely brighten up my days during the grey Autumn days. 

That's all for now regarding the leaves and flowers of Shanghai



  1. oh no, not leaves and flowers again!

    we (me and temperament for sure) expect you to post your "girlfriends" photo, where are you hiding them?!

    1. how about "free thinker"? atheist or agnostic are too chimp for me.

    2. coconut,

      You don't listen. I don't kiss and tell. One is married to a Singaporean back here. The other is married to a local chinese anaesthesiologist.

      They all have their own lives now. Must respect their privacy and their other halves!

    3. coconut,

      I guess "free thinker" works if we don't want to show off our bombastic england.

      I find agnostic a humble admission that I just don't know...

      I can't prove it exist, and I can't prove it does not exist.

      I let the zealots and atheists (who have all the answers figured out) convince each other first ;)

    4. is not i don't listen, i forgotten (haha), this type of ichy bichy thing also want to remember, how to trade.

      but if you tell me numbers, i'll remember haha.

    5. coconut,

      You are left-brained numerical biased so your poison is systems driven trading - I've a hard time catching what you wrote at Fat's blog; but I find it very interesting :)

      I am right-brained imagery biased so my poison is discretionary driven trading - you see numbers, I see rhythms, melodies, and the beats of the markets.

    6. interesting but catch no ball? what is that that you don't understand?

    7. I understand position sizing; lost when it comes to your spreading techniques...

      Like what you have said - they are not for the ordinary trader. With spreadsheets, multiple positions, constant rebalancing with the market movements - no wonder you need automation help!

      And what the hell is: K% = W – [(1 – W) / R] ???


      I use agar agar fuzzy logic guesstimation because I bo bian. That's my handicap. I remember I almost cried when I first came across the Black-Scholes Options Pricing model...

      Sob sob.

      I am stuck with guessing up or down directional plays :(

    8. don't worry about the formular, its precise calculation of your position size, i don't follow it either, i use my own calculation cos of different strategy. my position size is much bigger and changes all the time. (bigger does not neccessary means more risky)

      usually 1 or 2 lots is not a problem unless you are trading multiple lots.

      you know ah, there are a lot more than your eyes can see, and a lot more room to improve yourself, go and read more about spread, arbitrate and hedging, it will helps.


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