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Monday, 19 November 2012

I'm back! It's nice to know I can still be so sotong!

You know what?

Before I left for Shanghai, I had planned to upload my Shanghai pictures and write commentaries every night while I was there.

Epic fail!

I forgot there's a great firewall of china over there. No access to Youtube, Blogger, Facebook and what have you (now that's media control for you!)... 

How's that for sotongness!? 

And I've spent 4 years in Shanghai!!! In my lame defence, I never used all the above western sites during my time in Shanghai mah. In China, I read Cheena papers and surf cheena websites.  

Thank goodness I still have access to my on-line brokerage account! 

Instead of getting flustered, I merely laughed it off. Hey! I am getting more Mediterranean?

C'est la vie" or "Such is life" - Yes! That's a good antidote to Singaporean's preoccupation with "perfection"; every little thing that goes "wrong" also complain... 

My "mistake" turned out for the better. With the western media black-out, I had time to read up the China leadership change and it's impact going forward from the inside looking out.

I was able to monitor my positions without the usual media noise. Just price action - pure and simple.

And most beneficial of all, I had the opportunity to reset my soul and clear my mind. (Those of you who have been caregivers will understand)

This trip was like a "staycation". It's me going "home" after 4 years away from Shanghai. I enjoyed the cool Autumn air, the changing colours of the season, and snuggling under my quilt covers in the night. 

Some things never change
Some change all the time

Same same with different perspective looks hey! 
Different different with same perspective looks eh?  


  1. Same same with different perspective looks hey!
    Different different with same perspective looks eh?

    I like that quote very much :)

    1. Thanks LP!

      Ties in nicely with your latest blog post :)

    2. Welcome back great writer, speaker and "entertainer". By the way sotong
      has another meaning as far as all your Shanghai girlfriends are concerned. Don't say you did not act sotong with all your Shanghai girlfriends. Don't bluff. Ha! Ha!

    3. temperament, you soo sure he is not a gay? thats the first thing come into my mind when they are still single haha.

    4. coconut,

      Lucky I am a guy; and we know guys have it easy! I know you will envy me next time your wife nags at you to take a bath ;)


      Imagine if I am a single lady of leisure at 45 years young. Idiots like you will still think there's something wrong with me!?

      Now don't make the girls cry. They remember everything! Pointing out the singlehood of a girl is a big no no.

      Guys? A few jabs to the ribs or after a few beers we forget everything :)

    5. thats why few ladies can trade, they remember everything.

    6. Ladies make better investors ;)

      Ladies are smart to know that trading for the adrenaline rush and bragging rights are silly things little boys like to do.

      Mommy mommy! Teacher gave me a gold star today!

      And men love doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.

      I get lost frequently but still refuse to admit by asking for directions during my travels. Girls will be the first to ask for directions! Sounds familiar?


    7. whats wrong with getting lost? remember the fun time when we did topo in the army? if you know the way, it kills the fun. that is call risk taking (to the unknown)!

      did colombo ask for direction when he set sail to america?

    8. are we debating man vs woman?

      haha, stop defending them and act like a man!

    9. er i mean don't ask for direction when you travel, it will be more fun.

      i remember i travel throughout japan from south to north, without any guide, just a map and a travelling pass for the train and buses. cool right?

    10. Hey coconut!

      We have something in common when travelling!

      I just have some broad direction on where I am going and getting lost or doing detours along the way is the real highlight!

      That's why I prefer to travel alone.

      What's the point of backpacking but blindly following a list of "must visit" places of interests written by some ang moh travel writer? Still got cheek to thumb their nose at those who travel on guided tours.

      What's the difference?

    11. coconut,

      You can say whatever you want knowing that come bedtime, there will be a warm body you can snuggle to.

      I not smart; but I not stupid!

      When single; talk like single.

      When married; talk like Conan the Barbarian outside. Go home kneel on bottle caps (old joke my married girlfriend told me. Bet youngsters have no clue what talking me?).


  2. temperament,

    I don't kiss and tell one ;)

    It good to be back! And thank goodness for the raining days recently. Makes the transition back to hot and humid Singapore more bearable.

    I like raining days. Especially when I am home with my hot coffee looking out my kitchen window.

    1. ofcos you like rainy days, you work in doors most of the time what.

      what til you switch job like delivery man or taxi driver or some sort.

  3. tell you a good news, while you were away, i recovered, you know what i meant right?!

    market tank does help a little to speed up.

    1. Hee hee,

      I know what you mean ;) Congrats!

      I shorted the Oct and Nov SIMSCI contracts during early Oct when STI was near 3100. I too kaching this month!

      I think I better put into perspective for new traders who may think we are boasting.

      I started hedging or shorting the SIMSCI starting March 2012. If I bullish I wouldn't be 50% cash in my equity account.

      March, April stopped-out (lose money)

      May made big money win!

      June, July, August, Sept stopped-out (death by thousand cuts)

      Oct made money (enough to cover trip to Shanghai)

      Nov big money win again!

      coconut was quick to figure out I am a trend follower.

      It's how much we LOSE when we are wrong; and how much we WIN when we are right - that's what REALLY matters for me as a trend follower variant - I consider technicals as voodoo. I use charts; but as an agnostic. True blue trend followers treat charts as gospel.

      With another big win shorting EUR/USD during May, 3 big wins and my futures account has doubled for the year. Small losses are offset by small winnings.

      But sticking to the PLAN was not easy from June to Sept, I tell you!

      I am grateful for the extra layer of fat to help combat the coming winter of 2013.

      Now it's time to shed my leaves of 2012. coconut is less cryptic than me - the ability to forget is very useful in trading! (The ability to remember is great for investing though)

    2. wow! thats impressive.

      you are absolutely right, memory only hinder us most of the time when trading, especially fear takes over. that is also why having a trading system helps big time when you trade a lot.

      but you sure is good for investing? i don't really think so. can explain?

    3. coconut,

      I am quite pleased with my first year performance as my own Hedge Fund Manager (I shameless). I would give my performance as B minus? Need to improve on going for the jugular when I am right. Not aggressive enough in doubling down when I had the wind behind my back. I think you spotted it once in your comments to me.

      For investing, the business cycle today is around 5-7 years - give and take 1-2 years.

      Going through 97 Asian crisis, 00 Nasdaq, 01 Sept 911, 03 Sars, 08 Lehman, it gives me an overall perspective on the Big Picture.

      Swing trading is fun; but I wouldn't want to lose sight of the Big Trend where the serious money lies.

      This "memory" helps. No way I will repeat going from +40% up before year 00 to -50% to end 02. It's not much fun to double your portfolio in % and all it did is to break-even? Been there; done it.

      Words of wisdom like: Buy and hold, getting paid while waiting, trading are for losers, this time it's different, gold is a block, blah blah blah; have different meanings for me once they are internailise through my own experiences and memory.

      It's like singing. We start out by mimicking the established singers. But to be good, we need to have our own unique singing style ;)

    4. ok so the memories of our silly mistakes, i'll take it.

      haha i didn't know investing got cycle, 5-7 years? sure or not? so comes the fifth year, you sold out?

    5. I said business cycles; not investing cycles.

      Not that I know a lot about investing or economics; but I don't quite understand today's stock market from an investment perspective. No wonder quite a few senior "tock gong" hedge fund managers have closed shop and retired rich - the rules have changed. (On this note, I can empathise with what Fat is going through)

      How do you use investing metrics when interest rate is "artifically" close to zero? And next year they may go to negative nominal rate?

      Fundamentals based on the race to currency debasement by central banks?

      I'll stick with speculation on what central bankers and politicians may or may not say next - buy the rumour and sell the news!

    6. 50% in cash for core equity.

      Technically, 60% nett long on the 50% vested.

      Sold and lightened up on my 3 long core holdings and switched during Sept to a fund where I will make money when the market goes south.


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