Wednesday 31 October 2012

Single, Married, and Divorced

I received these pictures from a married lady friend via email. I've always loved women with a sense of humour. This one takes the cake! 

And if you can't see yourself in one of the pics, you are either hopelessly in love (envy man!) or waiting for love (Japanese: Kampatei! Korean: Fighting! Chinese: Jia You!).

Either way, you'll need lots of humour!

Now who wear the pants in the above pics? LOL!  



  1. Replies
    1. Exactly! I laughed my head off last night when reading this email :)

  2. the first thing i think of is

    1, just started trading, full of cash and excited.
    2, after 1 year, struggling
    3, after 3 years, busted.

    1. Funny how true it is!

      Many traders have to go through the "baptism" of busting their accounts to complete their process of self-discovery.

      Ouch! I still remember how boring it felt to top-up my margin account so it becomes back to zero.

    2. i busted account before but i never top up any margin call due to losses. i just call it quit, why bother to top up and lose some more? to fight it back?

      if you have margin call, its a very serious problem within the account and within you as well.

  3. the cutest must be the cat that is married haha. next will be the cock that is married. thats the true state of being.

    1. Hmm. Is that why the married cock likes to play with the single cat whenever madam is not around?

      Driven by hormonal surges and short memory span - no hope liao! LOL!

    2. haha, dispite the feathers being ripped off, the cock still can walk with his head tall knn....

    3. i better look myself in the mirror again haha, i just got ripped this month haha.

    4. You talking to me?

      See? You wife was right. Boast about your 25K or-yi-or last month some more!

      Wait! I also got do the same... Boys will be boys I guess ;)

      We both need to stand in front of the mirror... We're so vain!


    5. haha, don't get me wrong, there are times to stand tall, but there are times we have to grab our tails and run. just trying not to do it upside down thats all.

    6. Ha! Ha!
      Since all the pictures are send to you by your girlfriend, i think the best and most accurate picture is the divorced "CAT WOMAN"
      So it's true who can know a woman better than another woman.
      SMOL you better watch your next step!!!!
      Especially you are still single eh???
      Ha! Ha!

    7. haha now i'm immagin how temperament look like, the last picture!

    8. at least better than mine, seems to have accepted his faith than still walking tall.

    9. or is he still looking around for a fight haha.

    10. coconut,

      You die! You no big no small to temperament. Our qian-bei you know?

      Lucky you're an independant trader. Can't imagine you working in corporate life toeing the company line...

      That's another plus for trading. Got screws; no screws. Who cares?

      Make money you're tarzan! Or-yi-or! Tarzan bo cheng kor! Loose money we kenna sai :(

      Ha ha!

    11. temperament,

      No worries! I save myself for divorced rich women? Sugar sugar ;)

      But I a bit too old... I think they prefer young male chicken (write young cock sounds a bit rude right!? Better be safe in case got censored by the puritans).

    12. i think i got fired once or twice working for people, i forgot he fire me or i fire him, either way does not matter.

    13. and you know what, there is no qian-bei or hou-bei in trading. usually some of the younger traders are more respectable. the older one like me are getting more stubon and stiff and fear.

      in trading, i don't give a damn about age.

    14. Hi SMOL & coconut

      Just listening to coconut will do. It's a myth that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. The brain never dies before your part of your body die.

      "Your brain is a thinking organ that learns and grows by interacting with the world through perception and action. Mental stimulation improves brain function and actually protects against cognitive decline, as does physical exercise.
      The human brain is able to continually adapt and rewire itself. Even in old age, it can grow new neurons. Severe mental decline is usually caused by disease, whereas most age-related losses in memory or motor skills simply result from inactivity and a lack of mental exercise and stimulation. In other words, use it or lose it."

      So coconut is a very good example to take as a sparring partner for stimulating your brain. Because it's a challenge to really know him.
      Ha! Ha!
      All screw-lose people are the same.
      Me too.
      How about you SMOL?

    15. temperament,


      I think I got one screw missing - the one concerning arithmetic... Some years back, the papers published 10 "tricky" PSLE math questions that some parents complained.

      I only got 4 of the questions right!? Lucky I can sell!

      coconut got no screws one! He is dyslexic, autistic, and god knows what more!? He is X-men. He is not one of us.

      You are right temperament! Trying to decipher coconut style of commenting will keep dementia away!

    16. my "autisum" only affact me when childhood, now i'm normal except speech and interaction/socialisation. my brain function perfectly, what no screw, how to function haha?

      temperatment is right on, "The human brain is able to continually adapt and rewire itself. Even in old age, it can grow new neurons", provided we know how our thinking works, keep thinking and the brain will wire itself.

    17. and you know what, i had been careful to choose my words and pretend to be polite, have lots of time to do it.

      but when i becomes impetient and go typing fast without thinking, all hell go lose haha.

    18. just few months ago, i went to a wedding dinner with my wife, something strigger me in the middle of it and i just walk out of the table and never return until my wife call me back half an hour later.

      she knows whats going go with me but others don't haha.

    19. many years back my whole family (4 of us) was watching the show "lord of the ring" (i forgot which episo) and in the middle of the show, without giving notice, i walk out of the cinima and sit in a nearby by coffeeshop waiting for the show to finish.

      so is not just people around but the enviroment too, which in this case was the show and the sound.


    20. my daugther put it best, i either love it or hate it, there seems to have nothing in between. my bet is she is having the same problem and yes she does.

    21. coconut,

      Who is to say what is "normal"?

      You who have no screws (unfettered by conventions and social norms) act on your feelings immediately.

      "Normal" people with all the screws wound tightly will grind and bear with their feelings at the dinner table or cinema.

      Some will remain quiet and develop ulcers. Some take it out on their wives. Some become psychotic. Some put on a brown paper bag and joust at cyber windmills...

      Jokes aside. You must have some special talent to be so lucky as to have found a wife who will stand by her man. (You did not kidnap her right?)

    22. talent?

      no, thats very easy for me, people who can "tolarate" me and my behavour and still stick around are the one i'm looking for, but very few.

      easy right?

    23. but but i only walk out when the feeling is unbearable, most of the time i'm ok.

      ofcos ok, usually i avoid those places or people what haha.

    24. every year my brokers had invited me for some kind of dinner, one even invite me to be in some kind of "reseach commettee" for improvement, i appreciate but

      wait long long...

    25. Peace be with you, my qian bei!

      Happiness is finding our own sweet spot.

      You have found yours :)

  4. Steven Hawking is one of the best example of
    "Proof of Brain still works even part of body is dying."

    1. temperament,

      A beautiful mind triumphs over a beautiful body; but this is apparent only when we are old and wrinkled...

      Nobody notices the firefly in the day; but in the night...

  5. To tell the truth, i am not that much different from what coconut describes about himself. Only i am much, much more less talented than him as a trader. Any things i don't like i usually will tell it to your face. Only now i am getting so much older and therefore weaker, i have to mellow to be wiser. Or else how can i stand a younger man's might. But "Older ginger is always hotter", you know.

    1. temperament,

      I the reverse.

      Young I kept quiet and boil inside...

      After 40, I had my mini-enlightenment like Confucius said. Now I poke back with sugar coated retort.

      Eagerly waiting for my 60th birthday. That's the age I can say and do whatever I want!

      If I don't say my peace now, I'll never will!

    2. hello!

      its 18 not 60(birthday)!!!

      but mine i think was 4 or 5 i can't remember haha.

    3. here is one incident i was told, i can't remember.

      when i was 4, i pick a fight with a big, my neighbor's dog!

      i punch and sretch the face of the dog and the dog return its favor.

      i end up in hosiptal and the its grave.

      p.s. i'm not the murderer ok.

    4. Confucius says:

      "At 15, I set my heart on learning; at 30, I firmly took my stand; at 40, I had no delusions; at 50, I knew the Mandate of Heaven; at 60, my ear was attuned to the truth; at 70, I followed my heart's desire without overstepping the boundaries of what was right."

      OK, I hands up on not following what Confucius said literally ;) I used agar-agar guesstimation - give and take 10 years. I lousy student. LOL!

      See? You are a very unique individual!!!

      Psst! Have you ever considered a career in the military? I think you will make a good ranger - bloodlust and fearless!

    5. my daughter call me "physco-path", she is not that far off! its a fine line i'm walking, got to keep my head cool.

      joint the army? you got to be kidding me! you are throwing a bomb into a fire!

    6. LOL!

      Off course no commander will let you near friendly units.

      But throw you solo behind enemy lines, imagine the Rambo like fear and damage you will cause to our enemies!?

      You don't fight according to the "rules of war" ;)

    7. ok this is the last shamful story i'm going to tell, same neighbor, but this time a little baby girl only 1 year old!

      i went into the baby room and scretch her face, she cry and i ran but was caught!

      everybody knew what i did but i don't, can't remember, i was only 2 years old.

      p.s. today she's my god sister haha.

    8. autism is very common among children today as in yester years. i have seen many many cases but problem is the parent either don't know or pretent not to know!

      i even in a few occasion confront the parent of them treating their children volently, in one time, i almost physically do it to a father who keep smacking the child head repeatly very hard knowing that he is autistic, a very young but very handsome looking child.

    9. but again i did not but just treaten him. i can see his pain and distress in his watery eyes too.

    10. smol, i almost recovered half of my losses incurred last month at its lowest point (drawdown), not bad hna? patient pays.

    11. coconut,

      1) You the man! I am learning much from your talk with Fat.

      Yes, let the trade come to us instead of forcing it ;)

      2) I am glad there is much more exposure and awareness on autism and dyslexia nowadays. Many young amongst our generation were wrongly labelled as stupid, slow, dull.

      Even today, I am so glad the primary 3 streaming were not introduced during my time (missed it by 2-3 years I think. Heng ah!). I would have been sent to primary 8.

      There's such a thing called late developers.

      Glad I turned out alright. Life isn't so fun if we don't fit into the cookie-cutter expectations of "normal".

      Kermit the frog once said: "It's not easy being green."

      I know...

    12. yes smol, you still have to have a system to rely on, be it mental or constructive.

      mine is more complicated as trading is not about single trade but a continue string of non stop signal to buy and sell. each buy order done will produce a sell signal and a buy signal after which, in multiple contracts.

      and in position trading, its about reactive (to market movement hence mechanical) rather then proactive most of the time.

    13. by the way, when i say position trading it does not mean you have a position in say 2 s&p contract.

      position means move, scale, cut, add to your original positions, or always re-position your positions, like position your chess pieces.

      having in and out in single trade is not my term "position trading".


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