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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Love in the City

Elizabeth gazed into the mirror as she glides her lipstick across her lips. Ah! That’s the final touch.

For a moment, her eyes caught the faint glint of loneliness behind those mascaraed eyes. She sat there staring into the pretty reflection. Although in her early 40s, she can still turn heads, and she knows it.

But here and now, she wishes James would be here by her side. To spend more time with her… 

Elizabeth married James 15 years ago when she was 28 and James 40.
James was a good catch. He has always been ambitious and driven. That’s what attracted Elizabeth to James when they first met at a party. James has successful built up a thriving OEM manufacturing company after striking out on his own at age 45. As his business has grown, he now travels 1-2 week out every month on business trips and conferences.

Elizabeth has recently bumped into her ex-boyfriend Peter - the University sweet-heart she dumped for James. Peter was with his wife and their two young children at the mall where Elizabeth had her facials. They looked like the happy family. Mid-level executive, public housing, Volkswagen car, working wife…

That could have been me… Elizabeth wistfully thought to herself. Her gazed lowered to her Tiffany diamond ring, and panned to the Rolex on her wrist.

Opps! I better get going! Grabbing her Prada bag, she slips into her Jimmy Choo and hurried out and sashayed into her BMW. As she drove out of her bungalow’s driveway, she smiles to herself. Life as a tai-tai can be lonely at times, but there are some things money can buy… 


James laid Linda’s head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm round her waist. Linda had a drop too much that evening entertaining their Japanese clients in Tokyo with James tonight. Like a pair of drunken sailors, James finally reached Linda’s room. As he laid Linda down on to the bed, James paused for a moment as he straightens himself.  His eyes meandered down Linda’s face. Moving onwards to her bosom, on to her tiny waist, her hips, and now to her legs…  

Linda is James’ personal assistant. She joined James’ company fresh from her graduation from junior college. From a dorky 18 year old, Linda has turned into a young woman of 28. She was with James from day 1 – soldiering beside him as he built up the company to what it is today.

To Linda, James is more than a boss. James is her mentor, her confidant, her best friend, her… 

Linda had a personality that puts everyone at ease and you can’t help but like her bubbly character. She lights up the room with her presence. However, Linda is not what you would call pretty… 

James thoughts ran amok as he looked at Linda lying there on the bed. He can recall the stimulating conversations with Linda during the many business dinners together. And Linda was there whenever James needed someone to listen to him when he’s feeling down.

James never had that kind of conversations with Elizabeth.  But Elizabeth is beautiful.  James always wears Elizabeth’s hand proudly as he introduces his wife to his business associates. He loved the look of envy in their eyes. 

James gave a gentle pat on Linda’s forehead, turned, and walks towards the door. As the door gently closes, a tear drop silently slides down Linda’s cheek…

Alfonso is 22, comes from Malacca, and has spent the past 2 years working in Singapore as a physical trainer. He dreamt of setting up his own gym in Malacca in a few years’ time, and expanding it to a chain of gyms all over Malaysia – KL, Ipoh, Penang, etc.

First he has to make and save up the seed capital. Although the salary in Singapore is a lot higher than what he could earn in Malacca, Alfonso soon learned of a more lucrative way to earn more. 

He discovered there were quite a few rich but bored or lonely tai-tais that visit the gym where he works. These women would ask Alfonso to be their private physical trainer. It’s another kind of physical workout, if you know what I mean…

Alfonso waves at Elisabeth as her BMW draws near the curb.


  1. Replies
    1. CW,

      Literature reflecting life; life inspiring literature.

  2. True a million times across the world...

    Still not clear on the 'so what': Become like Peter? Waste your hard-earned money on a tai tai? Or live the good life of Alfonso (not really an option for me, though... I doubt any woman would want me as a fitness trainer..)

    1. Jay,

      Welcome to Singapore! Hope you will find lots of fun adventures here in the Far East ;)

      Let me share a bit of my Eastern philosophy - 醉生梦死
      (come into this world in a drunken stupor; leave this world in a dream state)

      Sometimes it's better to be less "awake"; less "cerebral", less "precise".

      Celebrate in the technicolour of the various shades of grey ;)

    2. Hi Jared:

      Thank you for the welcome! In fact I have been here for 4 years now.. ;-) As I stopped my "one character a day" exercise quite early on I had to ask Google to help me translate.. ;-)

      Seems you travel in China a lot. I did that last year (also on a longer leave from work). It's a very exciting place but I wouldnt say it's my favorite destination in the region.. Give me Thailand and Japan anytime..


    3. Jay,

      And I am partial to tanned French girls (love the sound of that language!) and Danish blondes during my 3 years in Athens (look only; no touching)

      My attachment is to people; not destinations. LOL!

    4. Hmm, even then I would still say: give me Thailand and Japan any time.. ;-)

      But yes, definitely nothing wrong with (tanned) French girls and Scandinavian blondes... So why are you in SG then???

    5. When in Rome, I do as the Romans do.

      But I am very impressed with your choices ;)

      You sure know your way around Asia!

      Now I am back where home is :)

  3. Here is the true life story ..

    He was so happy as finally after many years of hard work the company recognized his ability. He was promoted and posted to Shenzhen as GM of the company's subsidiary there.

    After three years of playing Angry Bird with Shenzhen's mei mei, his wife gave up playing blind-folding and divorced.

    In the end, more fun or more hardship for loved ones or the hatred ones???

    1. CW,

      That's why there's a saying amongst married women that once a guy's pocket got money, he will start to be "funny" ;)

      At our age, I guess we have seen the price some have paid to achieve "success"...

      Fun or hardship? That's not outsiders like us to judge.

  4. Wah, didn't know you can write good stories too. Are you going to write a fiction book? Become the next J.K Rowling?

    1. Woah! Hold your horses hyom!

      Just a hobby. Nothing more.

      I like to think and reflect. Need an escape valve for releasing my mangled thoughts to keep things sane ;)

  5. We all make choices in life. As long as we are aware of the consequences and are able to live with it, we are ok or are we? What might be ok now might not be ok down the road.

    1. AK,

      True. Life is a serious of decision points we made along the way.

      Some turned out all right. Some will give us grief.

      I just keep moving forward and do my best not to look back too often.

  6. Reminiscence of the past, we neglect our present. Neglecting our present, do we have a future?
    In reality, we all have neither past nor future?

    1. temperament,

      Eh? You in a philosophical mood today?

      Your words ring a lot like Zen ;)


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