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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Solution to your dandruff problem!

At 27, I remembered looking into the bathroom mirror of a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and noticing my thinning hair at the top under the glare of the strong lights.

There and then, I've made a decision to shave my head clean if it got serious.

No self-denial "comb-overs" for me! Who am I kidding?

So at 35, I went "kojak".

Tell you what, I turned more heads now than when I had "hair. But then, I could be biased... LOL!

Sorry. I digress.

I used to have a dandruff problem before 35. But this affliction "miraculously" disappeared after I shaved my head!?

So there! 

If you want a permanent cure for your dandruff problem, you may want to try shaving your head bald.

Do tell me if it works for you too. Perhaps we can partner and patent this dandruff solution together? Ka-ching!



  1. I thought shaving bald is a solution for dropping hair. Didn't know good for dandruff too.

    1. CW8888,

      Shaving bald is great for "extra hold" too.

      No matter taking roller-coaster or wearing a cap, my "hair" will always be "in place".

      Is my hair messy? (Tou fa you mei you run?)

      Problem no more!

      Ha ha!

    2. wow haha, hahaha...

      i though shaving bold is becos people are too lazy to wash and comb or visiting barber.

      luckily i didn't do it (for the wrong reason).

    3. Coconut,

      It's a high maintenance hair style. Every 2-3 days I must shave.

      The bloody hairs on the back and sides grow super fast!


  2. Ya! i always try to not to shave my moustache & beard but i only manage to do it only for 2 to 3 weeks. Perhaps i am still far away from the previlege of old age.(Not old enough not to shave but makes not much different when i have a clean-shaven look. At least to myself, now.)
    And yes, i always favour botak or at least crew-cut since very young. No price for guessing why. In fact i was tempted to look like the late Yul Brynner when i was young.
    --Permanent Botak...Viola, solve all the problem of hair -cut. Ha! Ha! Don't laugh! i was seriously then.

  3. alright, alright, i too do not shave my moustache & beard until my wife start nagging ok? usually 2-3 weeks haha.

  4. Guess when we don't need to go to office, shaving becomes an option.

  5. Ha! Ha!
    Wrong. Shaving is still not an option. Ask coconut why. Maybe SMOL has no such "problem". Ha! Ha!

  6. LOL!

    I no wife to nag at me, but I still must shave my moustache and goatee.

    My trying to look young "lao hero" phase not over yet. Still face black black when people call me uncle...


    1. ya based on my observation, there are typical 4 type of personality.

      first group are my kind, never bother to cut and shave (until someone kick their butt). they are the laziest of all. their motto is tomorrow always comes.

      second group are those who shave clean top and bottom. they usually wakes up the earliest and first thing is to the bathroom. their motto is bring them in, i'll take them with my bare hand! they are natural both leader.

      third group usually cut their hair often and shave clean, why? cos everybody looks like that. they are the most common and are natural follower. their motto, sorry mo motto.

      last but not least, those who shave their hair clean but leave their moustache & beard untough. don't ask me, they are chimp and least understood. ask them yourself but warning, don't tough them with your bear hand!

  7. Hi SMOL

    I am thinking of going crew cut as male pattern balding has started on my head...haha.. :-)

    The Kojak look projects a clean and lean look :-)

    Be well and prosper.

    1. Hi Panzer,

      It helps when handsome footballers, singers, actors now sport the clean and lean look ;)

      We're in!



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