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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

For those of you unfamiliar with this fairy tale, you may want to read it here first ;)

This story is too classic and beautiful; I've no heart to butcher it with my own interpretation. So let's jump straight to the moral of the story!

By the way, have you ever wondered what's the moral of this story? What's your first impression when you first read/heard this story as a child?

Eat, sit, sleep, then run away! What the...???

As a child, I've always thought the moral was: If it's not our things, don't play or touch!?

Now that I've grown much younger-at-heart over the years, my life experiences show another possible viewpoint.

How do you find out if something is too hot too cold; too big too small; too hard too soft for you?

Yes! You've  got it!

Now look back how you made your previous investment decision? No, not that one 10 years ago. It's the one you made a few days/weeks/months ago. The latest one ;)


Got your "ah ha!" moment?

And just to mind fxxx with you, the recent personal misconduct case of the 2 top civil servants - who both did an experiential "comparison" on someone else's wife - jolted me back to my original thinking as a child.

You can't beat the innocence of a child: Not your things; don't play or touch! 
What talking me?

In my working career as a former purchaser, I've seen quite a few cases of 24 hours "resignations for personal reasons". And you may have read about lawyer using client's fund; doctor overcharging; hedge fund manager insider trading, etc.

What's this got to do with Financial Freedom?

It's your life, you got to do the walking yourself. I'm just the rustling of the leaves in the wind.


  1. The Moral of story ...

    If a man goes around screwing women surely one day he himself will get screwed.

    If a man goes around chasing stocks surely one day he will get burnt.

    1. CW8888,

      Life not fair... You got burnt twice with toilet paper, me once (Jurong Tech).

      But you got multi-baggers; I've got only 2 and 3 baggers the most.

      Hmm... I think I better put on more cologne and chase more stock skirts.

      Surely one of them can be my future sugar mummy!


  2. there is only one main causes of misconduct, money!

    moral of the story, if its not of money, hey go ahead and try it. you never know.

    if it is for the money, you should know the answer.

    1. Life is not always about money!

      There is lust, power play, hubris, and many more seductions that all conspire to make our lives all that more exciting?

      I've been caught with my hands in the cookie jar more than once! Lucky they were minor misdemeanors. I've yet to commit the serious ones - and hope I'll never will!

      Seriously, if a "married" Lin Chi Ling lookalike seduces me, I not so sure I will say no...

      If only I should be so lucky! Men will be men... Even to a flower monk!

    2. you and i know that with lots of money, you can get all you lust, power and all other seductions satisfied.

      its all about money. if you have lots of money, men and not just women will swam around you.

      oh you sound like a dangerous man haha.

    3. President Clinton don't earn a lot but still have jolly good fun with his cigars ;)

  3. oh sorry, misconduct cos of money are adults propeitary.

    children, they do it cos of fun.

    so moral of the story, do it (whatever) for fun and not for the money.

    1. Adults - have fun but don't get caught!

      Children - don't listen to Coconut! Some "fun" have serious consequences...

      And by the way, you shouldn't be reading my blog. Go outside and enjoy the outdoors. Don't be an "otaku".

    2. you are one who is "oh adults can do it, but children, you are too young to know" and "i learn my mistake when young, so you children must not do it hear me?"

    3. and who make the bigest mistake in human history, children?

    4. Somehow I was thinking about this 18 years old pretty sales girl who was pregnant (unplanned and unmarried kind) while I was working at IMM selling sofas.

      That was my idea of consequences...

      Some "fun" are best left when we are adullt enough to face the consequences ourselves. I hate it when I make mistakes, others have to suffer for it.

    5. somehow i felt that you should have got your girl when you in china.

      it just human nature of feeling sorry for others. i hate to say this but its kind of power showing. a gene that we want to control over situation.

      bring that mind set into trading and you can start counting the days.

      who can face consequences (mistake) better, children or adults? my answer is children. adults just swimming in their pride.

    6. don't feel angry when you see i use "you, you, you". i have problem using these terns like i, you, we, they....

      what i really meant is we as a whole that includes me haha.

    7. LOL! No worries!

      I speak Coconut remember?

      I'll take a rain-check on that question as children who make serious mistakes are prosecuted as minor...

      Although I am a big fan of trying out ourselves - if not how to know if it's too hot or too cold for us?

      But there are some fun adult and children alike should never "try" - like drug taking and unplanned pregnancies...

  4. i live for 50 years and i still don't understand what is Financial Freedom, can some guru help?

  5. I've been caught with my hands in the cookie jar more than once! Lucky they were minor misdemeanors. I've yet to commit the serious ones - and hope I'll never will!

    Seriously, if a "married" Lin Chi Ling lookalike seduces me, I not so sure I will say no...

    Hi Jared,

    As usual, I like your honesty. Even dare to admit to taking one extra cookie openly. Even though I have never taken extra cookies which are not mine, I am not sure if I am any better. This is because I am an engineer and you are a purchaser. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean engineers are more honest. Rather, they are less tempted.

    Staff with decision-making powers in procurement enjoy free sumptuous meals, free expensive gifts (if company policy is not too restrictive) from the suppliers. There are many more opportunities for them to earn extra pocket money. Some even enjoy sexual services like those two senior civil servants "caught with their hands groping at shiok shiok areas"

    In my earlier days, I was a naive engineer and thought this sort of things do not happen in Singapore. My colleagues in the Sales team told me stories how they were "pressured" to bribe buyers to make sales. Yes, some buyers demand bribes discreetly. If they could, I think some would demand openly.

    Even if there is no outright intention to steal, staff still may not act in the best interest of their paymaster if they take too many free stuff from the supplier. Occasionally, I do get free meals from suppliers even as an engineer. A free meal is like owing someone a favor. It becomes harder to say no to people whom you owe favors. Any decent person would want to return favors if he could. Companies should simply put in a policy "No free stuff from suppliers" to make it easier for their staff to say no to whatever "bribery"(be it free meals, free gifts) being offered.

  6. Seriously, if a "married" Lin Chi Ling lookalike seduces me, I not so sure I will say no...

    Haha. Same case for me.

    If a man says he could resist such temptation and guarantee it, he is a hypocrite. The best thing we can promise to our wives/girlfriends is that we will try our best to resist such temptation but nobody can guarantee it.

    This is such an important issue in life that I have already thought of a solution when faced in a similar situation.

    Here is the solution:
    If a Lin Chi Ling look-alike temptress drops her body onto me, I will immediately ask to be excused to the toilet. In the toilet, I will use my hand to unleash all that energy and shoot out like a mighty fountain. With all that energy released, there is no way I can fuck that woman. When I come out of the toilet, I will probably drop to bed like a dead fish. I am physically disabled from committing crimes against my wife. This solution is guaranteed to work provided one has the discipline to go to the toilet first.

    1. Hyom,

      Whoa! Lucky I've already asked the children to go away.

      I would probably use a metaphor like take a cold shower or DIY. And use the word "love" instead of "fxxx".

      Go easy on the graphic blow by blow details ;)

      It's funny from our writings we can see signs of our profession. You and your engineering details! LOL!

      And I write like a snake oil salesman!

      Yes, it's fun to worked on both side of the fence as a salesman and purchaser. But in my hearts of hearts, I still consider myself more of a salesman.

    2. I would probably use a metaphor like take a cold shower or DIY. And use the word "love" instead of "fxxx".
      Go easy on the graphic blow by blow details ;)

      You are right. Unfortunately, Blogger still does not have a feature that allows me to edit my comments. Now, my image is spoilt.

    3. Stop! You are making me laugh so hard now!

      It brings to mind this Hokkien word of wisdom learnt in the Army:

      Scared don't do; do don't scared.

      Who says NS is a waste of time? Looking back, I've learnt so much and had lots of fun!

      Minus of course the 2 times that I was almost charged with detention...

  7. Why do suppliers like to organize factory visits to Shen Zhen?

    1. Eh... To see how their factory operates?

      Perhaps another long-shot reason could be... Of course its all in my imagination. I wouldn't shoot my own foot, would I? LOL!

      Shenzhen is located within close proximity to Macao (casinos) and HK (international flight connections).

      There are also lots of golf courses with mei mei caddies around who carry more than clubs - they carry your egos!

      So whether the "convention" is in HK or Macao, Shenzhen is just like a quick ferry or ride away.

      One year when I was in Shanghai, some idiot and insensitive Japanese expats and businessmen organized an orgy in one of the Shenzhen hotels - they booked a whole floor and got the ladies of pleasure to romp around naked on that floor with them.

      It happened on the anniversary of the Rape of Nanking massacre...

      The press got wind of it and there was a big hoo-hah. Those Japs were "deported" out of China.

      There was much soul-searching for the Chinese. Why did the hotel management, pimps, and ladies of pleasure - who were Chinese - participated?

      Got money everything boleh?

      During my short 5 months stinct in Shekou (next to Shenzhen), I visited the famous mistress town and the "gay" park in Shenzhen. Everything is out in the open!?

      China (OK, only the first tier coastal cities) is more liberal than Singapore!

      How interesting!

    2. Much more interesting than what you wrote about your experience in Greece! Please share more.

    3. Hmm... OK.

      Give me some time to recollect and figure out which part to highlight.

      Thanks for reminding its time for a "Peeling the Onion" post!


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