Wednesday 15 February 2012

掌声响起- 凤飞飞

Besides 江蕙-美麗的交換, this song by by Feng Fei Fei plays in my mind whenever I receive accolades or compliments on my occasional sparks of "brilliance".

Behind each "success", there lie numerous setbacks, stumbles, and bruising come-backs...

At age 60, when most dream seekers are planning their next retirement phase of life, Feng Fei Fei has left us.
And the grace and dignity she handled her "moving-on" is something I find very inspiring.
I guess the moment of truth will be our first thoughts when we are told we have X more months to live...
Would I be more consumed with the bitterness and self-denial of "why me?". Or would I have the peace of mind and composure to focus on preparing my "good-bye" so that it leaves the least impact to the persons I love?

If I have lived a good life, what's there to fear or regret?

But if I have many regrets of should have, may have, what might have been, etc... I'll probably hurt those close to me by saying words like: "If not for you, I would have..."

Live for today.
Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow... Well, what if tomorrow never comes?


  1. Hi SMOL

    Life can be indeed short. There are people who lived tough lives but long. Yet others have fame and fortune but whose candles are snuffed out way before their time.

    We won't know when is our time to move on but timely to remember to love oneself and enjoy life a little while we can :-)

    Be well and prosper.

  2. A toast to our good life Panzer!

    Gan bei!

  3. Life is unpredictable. I have written my will and probates. Have you?

    1. YJ72

      Let's say my affairs are almost in order.

      The only "uncertainty" is the person I am entrusting to manage my puny left behind is currently not in Singapore.


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