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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Less than Perfect - Pink

We are all flawed individuals. It's just that some are able to hide their flaws better than others.

(OK, I am probably wrong again... Men-in-white are perfect as usual - know what's best for us!)

This heartfelt song by Pink strikes a chord with me. We are no "less perfect" if we don't get the same grades as others, go to the "right" schools, get the "perfect" job, still single, don't have children, or just is "different" from everyone else... 

Whenever I hear people telling me "I just don't get it", and how I should do this or that, my mind just switches off. No way I would let these "well-intentioned" advice corrupt my mind! Lucky now I have this song from Pink to play in my heart as I let these "perfect" individuals go blah-blah-blah over my ears - not once have they asked whether I am willing to take their advice... Talk about hard sell!

Be yourself. Love yourself more. Be a little bit more selfish. Smile! Laugh! Be a little silly! Don't wait for a "perfect" age or financial goal to be reached to start being yourself. Start young! Tomorrow may never come...

For mature and young adults above 18, you may want to listen and watch the more hard-core version of this song below. 

For those who are 18 and below that ignored my "instruction" above, good for you! I wish you will remember it when you become like other adults one day... Will you one day also "over-protect" your next generation, or "burden" them with more "well-intentioned" advice and expectations...  


  1. if everyone is "perfect", our society will be in a mess. it is the "inperfectness" that leads to where we (human) are today.

    if our society is in a state of total chaos and lawlessness, i bet you that you and i are nearer to perfection. we will all be great traders.

    so the more we as individual is inperfection, the more our society will advance!

  2. Hi Jared

    An insightful post. :-)

    One of the challenges of living in Singapore Inc. is that the Singapore "dream" is widely held to be going to the right schools, getting good jobs and having 2 kids etc.

    Following other people's plans in our lives is actually quite common. I am guilty of it myself until I realised that I need to chart my own path towards my own dreams :-)

    Be well and prosper.

  3. the word "balance" comes into play again.

    we can't be totally free (free will). we are bound by everything. we want to be free (discretionary) but we must know where we stand in our society (follow the rules and structure).

    forget about happiness and financial freedom, its not going to happen in totality. (ask the businessman next door and he will tell you he need more money than you do)

  4. just like trading where you let the money comes to you. in life you too let the "happiness" come to you, don't chase them all over the place.

  5. wow sound like sifu taking haha, i mean thats what i'm learning to do and still trying to do, still trying.

  6. In the same spirit of things...


  7. 1) Hello Coconut,

    Sometimes I wish I am green - I just have to stand in the sun and I am nourished like the plants and trees :)

    2) Hello Panzer,

    We all walked in the shadows of people before us. It's just that one day, I decided that I want to see the sun for myself too!

    3) Hello Patty,

    Ah! The beauty and clarity of song and music! When we have music in our soul, we walk to the beat of our heart. Perfect!

  8. hahaha.. this AK really make everybody month melting haha.

    i wanted to congrate him but no "place" to write haha..

    his holding i believe in REITs amount more than 2 millions, wow thats a lot of stocks.

    so congrate, whats your line AK? doctor?

  9. i made the mistake by revealing my portfolio too, what a big mistake haha. you will have no time to sleep answering all those questions.

  10. just to be clear i'm only estimate about the size of AK portfolio.

    with average 6.5% yield, i'm taking 75k as half year dividend, so annual will be 150K.

    if dividend is 3 quater, then annual will be 100k. portfolio will be somewhere around 1.5 million.

    ok i want to stop trading and just receive passive income. what for "work" like shit.

  11. Hi Coconut,

    Yes, there are many obvious dragons and leaping tigers everywhere!

    If you have 100 million, you will still be trading Coconut ;) You just love trading! Money is just a way to keep score.

    That's why there are many millionaires and billionaires who are still "working" - it's not work to them - they are doing what they like (be it working for others or for themselves).

    And there are "fisherman" like me -fish 3 days; dry net 4 days. Enough can already!

  12. well said smol.

    so what are you fishing lately? just to share, i had been buying stocks lately on every dip, my tank is not full yet i can feel the buying is very strong dispite all the bad news came out from europe.

    i am all prepare to jump in just in case the market shot up, a real possibility.

    i also short gold since yesterday, 1820, 1815, 1788, 1794. stop at 1825 but my exit is 1810. will add until i got 15 - 20 lots. small lost for a big profit.

  13. Coconut,

    I not fishing now. My fish tank already half-full. Next week will go for 3 weeks vacation in Greece :)

    I wait till STI around 2300 then start taking out my net to look see look see.

    Good! Short gold down to USD1,500!!! I only vested in silver. Need to rebalance to some gold. Current gold prices a bit rich for me. I kiam siap.

  14. gold, can anyone enlighten me why gold is so expensive, 1800 an oz!

    safe haven, currency, store of value, oh please. its the most useless metal accept jewelry.

    and if you think there are such places as safe haven, good luck to you.

    haha i'm just trying to justify my shorts.

  15. what 1,500! i'm looking at 800/oz haha.

    just kidding, its depends on the market and myself.

  16. i'm out! cover 1806,1806,1808,1808 (day high). time to sleep haha.

  17. Hi Coconut,

    Ask your wife if she prefer gold or costume jewellery? Gold useless except jewellery? I think gold is the price its at because men are now learning from women - we now begin to understand what is "costume money".

    Ai yeah! Now cannot show that longs and shorts can be "friends" -if gold goes down to USD 1,500; I go long and you cover your shorts. Together we both make money!

  18. i just lost $2,000!! trying to catch a whale haha.

    gold has it place ofcos, being a safe haven with such low carrying cost right now.

    well better luck next time.


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