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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Singapore election 2011 - Wind of Change

I am glad I am witness to these interesting times in Singapore - albeit I am far away from home now.

Singapore is once again blessed that we can effect change with civility and respect for diversity.

I have not experiecend the blood and violence during Singapore's turbulent 50s and 60s - for this, I appreciate olders Singaporeans may have a different perspective on change.... And I am humbled by the energy and passion of younger Singaporeans who are voting for the first time.

One thing I am heartened - it's better to agree to disagree; than to have politcial apathy (bo chap attitude).

I personally don't think we are One People One Nation yet. But with this wind of change, we are making a stride forward.

Singapore is home to me.


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I wrote a short reflection on my facebook too. It goes like this:

    The good thing that comes out of this GE is the sudden political awakening in Singaporeans. I hear primary school kids talking about politics too, can you believe it? Yes, we took our sides, but how can we cannot truly own what is given to us without fighting for it? I think to love someone, you have to let him/her go. Likewise, to let Singaporeans love Singapore and to forge a national identity, we must let Singaporeans vote. Only after deliberating which party to vote and which issues to support, can we truly earn the joys of living in this great country. It just cannot simply be given to us without us fighting for it.

    So I do agree with you. Having any views are better than being indifferent, though having the right views are better than having any views. It's only when we know our views make a difference that we would care to make a view in the first place. Let this be the first step of a thousand steps to go :)

  2. Hi LP,

    It helps this time the opposition made the right tactical move by adopting a more active "attack" stance than the passive "defensive" by-election strategy of the past. This allows the majority of Singaporeans to exercise their civic duty for the first time.

    Your recent 2 posts can be applied to politics too:

    1) Know your limits, then break them.

    2) Outgrow your problems.

    By the way, I am glad you have come out of the "closet". Wink wink. I see you have added a new twitter toy to your blog.

    Eh.... Can't find the link to your facebook?

  3. Hey SMOL,

    Added you to facebook ;)


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